Marauder’s Medley 

March 6th - March 16th (10AM UTC)

While Sea of Thieves’ anniversary isn’t technically until March 20th, who’s stopping us from starting the celebrations early? Between March 6th and March 16th, we’re inviting you to reminisce over past years’ developments on the Sea of Thieves with daily Challenges to earn rewards!

How Does It Work? 

The Marauder’s Medley Event is divided into five distinct Challenges, each lasting 48 hours. These celebrate five years of Sea of Thieves history, each with their own Goals to test your pirate skillsets. 

The Goals are split across easy, medium and hard difficulties, with scaling rewards of gold and Renown for each one. Complete any Goal to earn the anniversary-themed reward for that Challenge: this includes the new Fabulous Five Eyepatch and previous anniversary cosmetics you may have missed, such as the Golden Sailor Wheel and Cannons, Prosperous Captain's Sails and X Marks the Spot Eye of Reach. Then tick off the remaining Goals for extra gold and Renown!

This Event Has Ended

Thanks for checking in. Unfortunately, the time-limited Event described on this page is now over. Please visit the main Sea of Thieves Events Hub where you can find out about any imminent or active Events, get an overview of Daily Deeds and more!

Sea of Thieves Fifth Anniversary

The Marauder’s Medley Event is only a prelude to more exciting things to come! There’s plenty more to get involved with in the next couple of days. For details on everything that’s going on, check out our dedicated Fifth Anniversary page.

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