Sea of Thieves Fifth Anniversary

Sea of Thieves Fifth Anniversary

Sea of Thieves reaches another milestone! As our fifth anniversary approaches, we’ve been putting together a veritable cornucopia of events for pirates to get involved in, with streams, sales, a Community Weekend and rich rewards up for grabs.

This Event Has Ended

Thanks for checking in. Unfortunately, the time-limited Event described on this page is now over. Please visit the main Sea of Thieves Events Hub where you can find out about any imminent or active Events, get an overview of Daily Deeds and more!

Get Your Anniversary On

Get Your Anniversary On

To make the most out of celebrating a staggering five years of piracy, we’ll be hosting anniversary events across a range of different platforms and days, so check in here for a rundown of everything that’s happening.

Marauder’s Medley

The key to a successful celebration is in the anticipation. Enter the Marauder’s Medley Event, with Challenges that revisit updates and additions from Sea of Thieves’ last five years over the course of 10 days. Drop in regularly to complete Goals and unlock cosmetics!

Community Weekend

The core of Sea of Thieves has always been its community, so we can’t let an anniversary pass by without a chance to celebrate all the players who make the game what it is with a special Community Weekend from March 25th–27th!

Pirate Emporium Sale

You can’t have a party without dressing up! If you’re seeking something new, we have good news: the Pirate Emporium is hosting a huge sale from March 17th–28th, including some classic ship sets, costumes, weapons and Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life cosmetics.

Anniversary Selfie Spot

Capture the moment! Following the anniversary on March 20th, New Golden Sands Outpost will boast a temporary new addition in the form of a picture wall, put in place ready for you to strike a pose and celebrate your finest gear, treasure, emotes, crewmates...

Twitch Drops

Anyone hoping to grab some free gear should head on over to their Sea of Thieves Twitch stream of choice from March 16th–20th. Just a few hours of viewing will help pad out your cosmetic chests nicely!

Sea of Thieves Television

We won’t be celebrating alone: later in March we’ll be teaming up with crews run by popular Sea of Thieves creators, watching them all compete in challenges on Sea of Thieves TV for the right to a tournament title.

Figurehead Freebie

Joining in with the festivities may be its own reward, but just in case you still need a little push, any players jumping in to sail the seas from March 17th–22nd (10am UTC) will also be awarded the Lustrous Legend Figurehead!