A World of Teamwork

A True Shared World

Any ship that comes coasting over the horizon in Sea of Thieves could be crewed by real players on their own voyages. It's up to you how you interact and what kind of crew you choose to be. Create allies or enemies, be benefactors or betrayers, exchange banter or broadsides – you make the call! Of course, what you can't know in advance is how other ships' crews will react upon seeing you...

Keeping in Contact

Chatting and calling out bearings and tactics is the most efficient way to co-ordinate with crewmates. But if that's not for you, Sea of Thieves' non-verbal communication system has you covered with a spread of easily accessible phrases and gestures. Your opinions count in other ways too: when voting on which voyage to undertake next, and when deciding whether or not to punish troublemakers with a stint in the brig.

Community Spirit

Appropriately for an outing with an emphasis on playing together (supporting both cross play and Xbox Play Anywhere), Sea of Thieves is created in lockstep with the community. Rare's own crew regularly conveys updates to active pirates while feedback floods in from social channels, fansites and Forums, so if there's something you're desperate to see or do on the Sea of Thieves, it may well be on the way! Launch day was just the beginning...