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Ahoy pirates!

Battered and broken by the cannon fire of an entire sea of adversaries, the Hungering One has returned to the depths and can no longer be summoned. Does this mean the waters are safe to sail again? Not for long. She may be the mightiest of her kind, but she is not the only one of her kind. From the next patch, the surface will be breached by others following in her wake. A new age of predators has dawned and things will never be the same again...

For now a different kind of thrilling adventure has arrived! The first of our regular events introduces Skeleton Thrones. Patch 1.1.2 also brings further improvements for our colourblind pirates and multiple fixes for known issues.

Bilge Rat Adventures - Skeleton Thrones

Do you consider yourself a well travelled Pirate who knows the map of the seas like the back of their hook? Combine this with eagle-eye precision with your cannon skill and you may well earn your crew some fine booty this week!

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  • Skeleton Thrones Event – The Skeleton Thrones are the latest addition to the world of Sea of Thieves. These thrones require a good sense of discovery to find, and for some an even steadier aim to reach. There are 5 small Thrones and 5 large Thrones, the small requiring just one pirate to sit on, but the larger requiring pirates to be sat on it from more than one crew. Look high, look low, and look within…
  • Bilge Rat Progression Screen - Bilge Rats now have their own dedicated progression screen! This information can be found on the front page of the progression screen via the [Menu] (controller) or [Tab] (keyboard) buttons. Chart your progress through the Skeleton Thrones event on this screen, not to mention getting some important clues as to the location of these elusive thrones.
  • Bilge Rat Doubloons – The Bilge Rats trade in their own currency, they don’t have time for gold or any of that official stuff. Each Commendation in the progress screen details the amount of Bilge Rat Doubloons it unlocks with a total of 100 Doubloons available through the Skeleton Thrones event.
  • Bilge Rat Cosmetics – Spend your Bilge Rat Doubloons on exclusive time-limited items too! You have until the 26th of June to purchase the Bone Crusher Hat, Jacket and Dress – priced at 20 Doubloons per item.
  • Bilge Rat Trading – If you’re feeling a thirst for a little extra gold in ye’ pocket or fancy some Reputation in any of the three Trading Companies, the Bilge Rats can also pull a few strings and allow you to trade your Doubloons towards a bit of progress. These latter progression items will be a permanent part of the Bilge Rat shop and aren’t time limited, so make your choice wisely!
  • Bilge Rat Titles – Completing five of the smaller Skeleton Thrones will unlock a unique Pirate Title, and finding all ten will unlock a unique Pirate Title. These titles will unlock straight into your Vanity Chest for maximum bragging rights.


  • Colour Blind Accessibility - Filters can now be applied from within settings to assist with red-green and blue-yellow colour blind pirates.
  • Merrick's Shanty - Merrick's shanty has been added to the list of playable shanties.
  • Sailor Drum - The Sailor Drum has been given to all players. Find it in the second page of your item radial.
  • Sailor Speaking Trumpet - The Sailor Speaking Trumpet has been given to all players. Find it in the second page of your item radial.

Customisation Variety

  • Drum selection - Admiral, Bilge Rat, Sea Dog and Sovereign drums have been added to the Equipment Shops on their respective Outposts!
  • Speaking trumpet selection - Admiral, Bilge Rat, Sea Dog and Sovereign speaking trumpets have been added to the Equipment Shops on their respective Outposts!
  • Rainbow flag - A new flag has been added to all pirates' flag inventory! Article 1 of the Pirate Code states that, "Everyone is welcome on the Sea of Thieves regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality or creed."

Performance Improvements

  • Further improvements to load times and streaming of islands.
  • Multiple server and client crash fixes.
    Further improvements and optimisations for all platforms are ongoing.

Fixed Issues

  • Players will no longer continue to endlessly hear the capstan audio upon visiting the Ferry.
  • The armoury will now correctly have an 'All' tab.
  • Pirates will no longer appear cut-off when previewing items in the vanity or equipment chest.
  • Flame VFX on campfires and lanterns will now appear correctly.
  • The option to lock FPS to 90 now correctly appears in settings.
  • Equipping the Majestic Sovereign Dress no longer applies a strange mark to the back of your Pirates neck.

Known Issues

  • Some players travel in an unintended direction, when fired from a cannon.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox One:  916MB
Xbox One X: 916MB
Windows 10: 942MB


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