The Partner Programme, packed with goodies, is now open to established streamers who embody the spirit of Sea of Thieves. Pirates with their ears open (and not ringing with the sound of exploding gunpowder) will already have heard of the Creator Crew, which launched this month to encourage and inspire budding creators to share their Sea of Thieves content.

Now, we're proudly introducing our Partner Programme – a tier devoted to established, dedicated and regular streamers who embody Sea of Thieves' values. The Partner Programme features some additional perks, such as Ancient Coin giveaways and closer contact with Rare, for those creators who make the cut.

While the Creator Crew is open to everyone, the Partner Programme has entry requirements that must be met. These are subject to change, but the requirements are currently as follows:

•    15 hours of Sea of Thieves streamed per month
•    Sustain 10,000 hours viewed per month
•    A professional and interactive streamer
•    Must be a member of the Creator Crew
•    Must abide by the Sea of Thieves Community Code of Conduct

•    20,000 subscribers
•    3000 daily average views
•    Regular video uploads (judged on a case-by-case basis)
•    Must be a member of the Creator Crew
•    Must abide by the Sea of Thieves Community Code of Conduct

Should you meet these requirements, you're eligible for Partner Programme consideration! Simply submit yourself for inclusion, at which point we will review candidates on a case-by-case basis (please note this does not guarantee acceptance).

Accepted partners can look forward to some fantastic perks:

Partner Perks
•    VIP support
•    Studio contact
•    Behind-the-scenes access/info
•    Merch packs
•    Ancient Coins (monthly)
•    Giveaways (codes, merch)
•    Inclusion in partner directory on official website
•    Collaboration opportunities
•    Regular loot drops (e.g. Twitch Drops)
•    Invitations to stream with developers
•    Priority show/event access
•    Early access to promo materials

Join up and you'll be in some splendidly piratical company!

If you think you're eligible and would be interested in joining the Partner Programme, make sure you're signed up to the Creator Crew and then drop us an email, including an introduction to yourself and all your social links, to be considered.

If you're not yet eligible but you'd like to be, we encourage you to make use of our Creator Crew resources to help build up your streaming presence – we'll be looking through submissions from newly eligible creators on an ongoing basis!

Please remember that submitting your interest and meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee acceptance into the Partner Programme, and that the selection of partners is at the full discretion of the Sea of Thieves team. Additionally, the perks and requirements above are subject to change and these lists should not be considered exhaustive or guaranteed.

We look forward to hearing from our most dedicated and talented creators. See you on the seas – and on the streams!