Cursed Sails Voyage Help

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    The arrival of skeleton ships has all but blockaded the Outposts, leaving the local traders in a tight spot. Something caused this new and personal threat to the pirate way of life, so why not ask your friendly, local Bilge Rat in the tavern if he’s heard any rumours? In this time-limited campaign, investigate the tale of a missing merchant and uncover the origins of the undead armada to unlock unique rewards!

    Discuss clues and share tips to objectives here! Want to be spoiler free? Beware of reading the comments below!

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  • No one has posted anything yet :/

  • @seldros I guess no-one needs help this week?

  • @khaleesibot Or noone wants to see spoilers. ;-)
    I'll take on the quest this evening, maybe there will be the first questions.

  • Oooh, that's a really good point @sirliborius! Not everyone can play right away. I suspect we'll see some questions pop up over the weekend when people have a bit more time!

  • I'm going to teach you how to finish the quest. Firstly, you have to ... starts talking

  • Ok, i really have to start asking. -.-
    After finding the 3 journey books, i reported back and was told the name of the next island i had to visit.
    PS: the pun within the islands name could be one of my (very bad) jokes.

    I looked around the island for over an hour and didn't find a single clue. What did i miss?
    For my bad luck i found a message in a bottle earlier which spawned 3 skeleton captains, that didn't speed up the search obviously. After killing them i drowned myself to respawn in the hope that maybe something would reset, but still there was nothing.
    I saw a mention of a community member at least, but that didn't help me with the quest in any way.

    Also a side note: the hint for the last journey book is very random, there are several locations fitting for this description.

  • @sirliborius on wanders refuge you go to the cave in the middle (it has a small river in it) and just check out the walls of the cave, there is a very well hidden small crack that you can go through

  • @martijngamer12 I was looking around in this tunnel a couple of times, looks like i missed this detail.
    Thanks alot, i'll have a closer look around there again.

  • Random and I don't know if its been mentioned before (too lazy to look) but Meg can actually attack the skeleton ships lol

  • The wind has been against me on the way to every single destination. Very tedious and can’t possibly be a coincidence?

    @melbufrauma said in Cursed Sails Voyage Help:

    Random and I don't know if its been mentioned before (too lazy to look) but Meg can actually attack the skeleton ships lol

    Yeah, Meg was taking chunks out of me and two skellie ships the other day. Awesome!

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