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  • I was worried about this adventurr at first but i just took down one of belles flags from a fort and two sloops in an alliance came rushing from the horizon to take it back and it was a pretty fun fight with 3 ships circling the sea fort. This adventure definately did something right. Just wanted to share how happy i am that im getting organic pvp for once lol

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  • Honestly something like this could deal with alot of the woes of pure pve players i think.. if players interested in fighting always had control points to fight over i think theyd get pretty consistent action

  • This is ultimately how to push interaction the least destructive way.

    There isn't really anything structurally flawed in the design so it's a solid fit for the environment

    People can spread out, they can fight over something, it's a healthy way to lean into interaction imo.

    I think the last adventure was an example of how to do adventures well as a tale tale type of experience and I think this adventure is an example of how to lean towards interaction without creating a big mess.

    No cooperation requirements, no over the top rng requirements

    and this adventure didn't bring in any massive bugs that break pve which is a very significant improvement when it comes to some new content being added.

  • @wolfmanbush yes my thoughts exactly on it pushing interaction! And imo it is really fun to get into a fight at one of those forts because of all the cannon encampments. I know skullforts have cannons and some islands have a few but the seafort is basically a 360 degree stationary cannon platform while its being contested and i love it all of our crews kept going on the fort and shooting the cannons and bringing kegs off it was chaos 🤣

  • Honestly, this adventure is genuinely one of the best to me, its not as wild or complex as the rest, but thats what makes it nice, just run around for your side, then turn in! For how simple it is, there has been a lot of roleplay i have seen on the seas as well! i love every bit of it! Reapers are at peace with other reapers when they meet up at the hideout, and athena and reaper players are having fun fighting each other and declaring glory for what ever side they are on!

    I dont think they could have done an adventure any better, my buddy i was sailing with the other day had even theorized since season 8 is pvp based, he was theorizing that maby season 8 would be this very event, but scaled up because of how well they made this adventure!

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