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  • as title says, i mostly play as a duo crew, and we use the brigrantine, is there any chance the kraken can attack the ship? Also many times a megalodon has spawned near the ship but he never attacked us, can you clarify this?

  • Apologies if this is a repeat topic. I did a search and got 900+ threads for 'Pirate Code Trolling Report'.

    This has nothing to do with crew-to-crew relations. Specific example: On a galleon in open crew, we had just finished a Skeleton Ship battle and had the 4 skulls and 4 stronghold chests aboard and sailing to the outpost. Our fourth member dropped off and got replaced with a player who wore ghost clothing. This player immediately climbed to the crows nest. Found nothing there and came back down. Did not say anything in chat or voice. And then proceeded to dump every loot item on board overboard. I was adjusting sails when it started. When my crewmate discovered what was happening, we immediately tried to drop anchor. The toxic new member grabbed it before it hit bottom. We had to coordinate sending him to the brig at this point to stop his actions. But now the damage was done. By the time we turned the ship 180 and sailed back slowly in the dark, we were only able to get back one skull. The trolling player had left immediately after getting brigged. I would assume that since his immediate actions were to troll us within the first minute of playing, he went to find another crew to do the same.

    I went back to research the pirate code and found the entry that states if you troll your own crew, you will get sent to the brig.

    But there is also mention of reporting behavior that breaks the pirate code. So, the question is, is it worth capturing video and nametag of players this toxic? Will Rare do anything about these types of players? Or is brigging the only solution?

    Just want to know for future occurrences. I am already used to 'living' with certain behaviors on the seas. Just want to know if I need to add this one to the list of "it is what it is".

  • Need to stop, or they need to segregate the PC/Xbox population. I get called a cheater at least 10+ times per week but today was the first time I got called a cheater by my own (open crew, random) teammate. I was supposedly "botting" or "auto aiming". I was sniping people who moronically kept coming down to the legend cave, it was easy pickings. Good thing I got the whole thing on video and it just makes people look pathetic.

    Just because you're not good at the game doesn't mean other people are cheating. Keep that in mind folks.

  • As title says, is there any fix for the ingame mic for PC being quiet for everyone? Its forcing players to use the xbox group chat instead of the ingame chat. The headset i'm using is the hyperx cloud2. It is a usb headset and has its own sound card meaning I cannot adjust its levels and boost in windows options.

    The game needs an option to adjust the input volume of the mic.

    EDIT: To clarify my mic (on PC) is very quiet to anyone in game chat. The volume is fine through the xbox chat, or any other application for that matter that gives me the option to adjust the input volume.

    EDIT 2: As I stated below, Ive purchased a 3.5mm to mic / sound splitter and should be here in a few days. This will bypass the headset sound card and hopefully allow me to adjust the sound in the windows settings.

    EDIT 3: The 3.5 mm splitter does work but the sound quality is much worse as you need to raise the volume and boost the sound which gives a lot of background noise.

    I am now thinking about just buying a sound card to install into my PC. Will update if I do.

    I'm repeating this, the game needs an option to adjust the input volume of the mic.

  • I'm on PC. Whenever I load in since the update I get stuck in black screen when the crew is fighting against the skeleton ships. Is anyone else experiencing this and if so, will Rare ever release an update that doesn't break a ton of stuff? Testing...what is that?

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  • So yesterday I was solo-ing in my sloop and I was heading towards the outpost, at which point I deviated course towards a shipwreck I spotted closer to the edge of the map. While getting closer to the wreck, I heard a strange noise and I looked back to see the Megalodon behind me. It circled my ship and then went away when I got next to the shipwreck and disappeared. I thought "oh that must have been the timid Meg."
    After quickly finding a skull on the wreck and departing towards the outpost (Ancient Spire Outpost, just in case you're wondering) which was pretty close/visible from the wreck. At which point I heard a strange noise again and long and behold: the Megalodon was behind me again!
    It circled around me like before, but as it seemed to be doing a second circle, it suddenly turned and attacked me (after circling without attacking I wondered if it was the timid one again, and it that moment of doubt I didn't load the cannon on the side that it attacked me). I was knocked off the sloop and the mermaid spawned close to where the Meg was. At which point, I noticed that the Meg had almost slowed to a stop and was not following my ship, instead he was staring at me.
    So with that story, I was left with many questions about how does the Megalodon work? How does it spawn? Is it at random, near a player and then it despawns (as in disappear like when near the shipwreck)? Or is there a Megalodon in the server at all times just roaming about? If so, why did it chose to stalk me? Also, why did it leave me when I got near the shipwreck? Why did it return afterwards? Why was the first encounter passive while the second was more aggressive? I thought there was two Megs with different personalities (a "timid" one and an aggressive one) but this gave the impression that it was only one, so why did it change behavior? Or was I just unlucky to have both Megs spawn on me mere moments from each other? And why did it stop to stare at me instead of continuing to stalk my ship?
    Thank you so much for your time, for answering my questions and for reading my tale.

  • Someone said at 3am pst

  • First off I did not see an option for searching this forum group to see if something you are interested in has been discussed.....
    So I have MANY of my achievements, cept many of the skelly ships (wife, child, full time job).
    One thing I would like to see is them to turn up the mermaid statues just a bit. It was mentioned that they would remain but you would not get dubloons, but sincerely they are NO WHERE! I would love to opportunity to at least get the commendations for this, but seriously when that event finished, they cut them down to nothing

  • So more often than not on a Galleon, people enter the game, f*** s*** up, then leave. Few examples from my games this evening...
    *guy joins the team, throws our hard earned loot over board or hides it.
    *two guys join our team, constantly dropping the anchor and raising the sails so we cannot get anything done or move anywhere.
    *guy joins the team, kills our pigs that we spent half hour finding and catching.

    In your opinion. Should these people be banned from the game (or given a warning) or are they not breaking any rules and are within their rights to ruin the game for genuine players?

  • Ahoy scallywags!

    Did you miss out on the Founder tag as well? Well then, as soon as the Founder content is announced, join me in my quest to murder every Founder on the seas! Whether it's just a Founder peg-leg or an awesome Founder sail that they get, we newer players be burning their ships until every Founder player ship on the horizon is a burning Founder ship on the horizon!

    Yarr! Ye Founders are gonna cop it next Tuesday!

    Yes, seriously, I am going to be destroying their ships whether it is with cannonballs or gunpowder barrels. Ye all going to suffer for what ye done to us newer players who hadn't heard of the game until recently.

  • With RDR2 now in my hands, fallout and bfV to come I am raising the sails to SoT for the last time. It's been fun from day 1 but timed events and cosmetics can only take me just shy of PL. Just not enough to keep me going unfortunately. Thanks Rare x

  • This new alliance system will break SoT. Let me summarize my first experience in Cursed Sails:

    My crew of three try to enjoy the new Brigantine. We complete the story line and set off to our first skeleton ship fight. We get there and start battling in a crazy storm that lasted forever. We then notice no skeletons are present on the ghost ships. This goes on for a few waves when an eight man alliance shows up. They sink us and we join there alliance recognizing an 8vs3 situation being near impossible.

    We sink the final skeleton ship as an alliance. Not more than a minute later, we are killed and the alliance is disbanded. They form a new alliance and my crew gets nothing. The alliance system is going to cost Rare a lot of fans at this rate with its trolling potential.

  • And when the go-to solution for 90% of this game's problems is "don't play with randoms", that's pretty hard to dispute. In fact, the only way to reliably get anything done is to forsake the entire community by playing either alone or strictly within the confines of a closely-guarded sub-community.

      This game is only 6 months old, but it's already far too complex for your typical Open Crew player to simply "jump in". Let's face it, this whole "community learning" thing that you were going for isn't working anymore. Having to explain fundamental game concepts (such as the difference between the types of skeletons, or why angling the sails is helpful) is a daily occurrence. The overall quality of your average player hasn't improved one bit. These people can barely manage to keep a ship afloat unsupervised in ideal conditions, and now you expect them to do so in a literal firestorm? C'mon, man.
      This game needs a proper tutorial; something more in-depth than eating a banana and looking at a map. Furthermore, you need to separate new players from the general population until they show an understanding of core game mechanics. Doing so will benefit new and veteran players alike. Learning is more organic when everyone is discovering together, which is why community learning worked so well in the betas. Nowadays, though, people who have been with the game since the betas are getting sick of babysitting rookies, and answering the same questions they've been answering for over 6 months now. It's a very basic form of skill-based matchmaking, but it would be invaluable in not only streamlining the experience for veterans, but also in recapturing the glory days of community learning.
      Additionally, You need to centralize your information, and make it accessible from within the game itself. The most we get is whatever you can squeeze into 2 lines at the bottom of a loading screen. If you want patch notes, scheduled maintenance reminders, and dev updates & livestreams to be accessible to everyone who plays the game, make them accessible from within the game. Stick some buttons on the main menu, or loading screens, or options menu. Xbox has free apps for youtube, twitch, and mixer, so there's no reason not to.

      As if finding competent players wasn't enough of an obstacle, we face the added task of finding players who also have similar goals (which is harder than splitting a pizza with a vegan). It sure would be nice if there were a system in place to automatically pair up players based on similar goals and/or skill level. You know, the kind of system that just about EVERY other multiplayer game has? Instead, I have to take the extra steps to find my own crew from 3rd party sources before I even load up the game. Even at that, the people on the other end of these 3rd party sources are essentially just more Randoms. There's no guarantee these people won't get bored of doing what was outlined in the post 10 minutes after joining, or that they won't be insufferable pre-pubescent racists, or that they were being honest about their competency, or that the entire post wasn't just one big troll trap to begin with.
      Xbox LFG is a mess. You can spend an hour waiting for a good post to pop up, only to have your request be completely ignored.
      Forums are useless. It's all take-everyone megafleets, which, again, equates to nothing more than a smaller selection of Randoms.
      Any time I try to make a post on these services, I either get ignored completely, or I only get replies similar to "I know you specifically said competent & mature players, but I'm neither, will you carry me?"
      I don't have access to Discord when I play Xbox, so I haven't tried there, because I don't feel like inviting the headache of having to explain that to every. single. group.

      You regularly offer up new and interesting content, but with each update comes a new way to abuse it. Abuse that you've done absolutely nothing to rectify, mitigate, or even acknowledge. These griefers are driving people away from your game. That's their entire goal, they are ACTIVELY TRYING to make people stop playing your game, and you're repeatedly handing them the means to do so on a silver platter.
      Alliances are a prime example (yet another thing that your typical Open Crew player doesn't know how to use, or what it even does). The alliance flag may as well be an invitation-only Reaper's Mark with how frequently it's abused.
      Cursed Cannonballs, another good example. They bring such a welcome level of depth to ship-to-ship combat. Except... Better not store them in your barrels, or else some random is going to join your crew, scoop up your entire reserve (because you can carry like, 500 at a time for some reason), and log out.
      Reporting another player needs to be a much more streamlined process. Currently you have 2 options: Through the xbox guide/app, or here on the forums. Neither of these is an immediate solution by any stretch of the imagination. Not to mention, things that violate the "Pirate's Code" may not violate Microsoft TOS (or vice-versa), so you either have to pull double duty and report a player twice, or pick one and hope it works out. If the person you're reporting isn't on your crew, well... hope you can manage to spell their gamertag, 'cause chances are they're not going to show up in your Recent Players list, which is literally the only record of your encounters with other crews.
      As for as the brig, well.... Correct me if I'm wrong, but last I checked, the brig wasn't entirely inescapable. Yet another abuse you've completely neglected since the betas. I know you know about it, I saw the video that was removed from your forums months ago.

      You folks at Rare like taking on community challenges, yeah? Well, I got one for ya: Change your gamertags, & take down your Rare sails so that nobody recognizes you. You are not allowed to let other players know you are affiliated with Rare under ANY circumstance. Each of you start your own separate Closed Crew session, and do not allow friends to join. Start an Athena's voyage. This is the ONLY physical interaction that you, yourself are allowed to have with the game world; No operating the ship, no collecting resources from barrels, no fighting skeletons, no digging for or carrying treasure, no touching cargo. Now, change your crew type to Open. Your goal is to complete the voyage by instructing whatever random player joins the crew.
      Even if you don't stream this (which you absolutely could, since I can almost guarantee it's going to take 3 hours minimum), you really should do this for a better understanding of what your community is capable of, versus whatever you think it is.

    This last one doesn't have anything to do with the community, but since I'm already standing up here on this soapbox...

      Rare, we need to talk. You have a long-standing history of making games that are beautiful to look at, and engineering exploration that's just enticing enough to be rewarding, but not too distracting from the overall objectives. But when it comes to your methods of difficulty scaling, your art is... less elegant. While that may have been excellent for business back when every death cost the player 25 cents, nowadays it's just frustrating, and needlessly so. Death in Sea of Thieves equates to nothing more than sitting in time-out for a free heal, free ammo, and a free ride back to your boat. So to counter that, you float the idea of a Death Tax? Game Over. Insert 25 gold to continue. Yeesh. Talk about clinging to glories gone by.
      These skeletons.
      Are you serious with this bull[self-edit]? With their spawn rates of 2-3 groups per chest (and that's just when you're still digging it up), their Psycho-Mantis-esque timing on the sidesteps & cutlass blocks, their ability to somehow always shoot you a millisecond before your cutlass staggers them, their endless supply of ammunition and bananas, their ability to cancel your lunge with a single blow when it takes up to 3 to cancel theirs, their ability to switch targets without resetting their aim timer... Not one single aspect of fighting Legendary-level skeletons is genuinely difficult, OR fun. It's all blatant disregard for the set of limitations that you, yourself, imposed on combat in this game, specifically for the sake of balance.
      But we, the PIRATES, are the ones who have to fight fair?
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  • I noticed in one of my games today that there was a notice in the tavern that I hadn't seen before. "Beware [insert name] the notorious Pirate Killer"

    Does this notice actually list the players name? What are the conditions of getting your name on one of these posters? Either way, this is a really cool feature :)

  • When I launch Sea of Thieves, I get the Skull logo only for the application to close withing a few seconds without any errors.
    I've tried several ways to fix the problem, but without success.
    I would appreciate any help that might fix my problem. :)

  • Played the early alphas, betas, scale tests ect., no error. Got the game, installed, and the game is unplayable for me, it's just closes randomly. So no crash or anything, just closes like i alt-f4'd. Anybody got a problem like that?


    It still does not working after the 20GB Update.

    GTX850M - i74710HQ - Win10 Pro - PC

    Drivers are up to date, reinstalled the game twice.

  • this game is dying,I have a million gold i have nothing to buy,the game is just for the look ! nor is it adapted to that,what is my appearance when only four people see me on board? after buying everything I can not see the reason to play, I regret the 70 euros I paid! the game is empty,if the game does not get at least any of the mmorpg elements it will die completely

  • In my opinion I feel the game needs a more of a progression system to keep me coming back to get more gold. I would like to see your banana belt to be upgraded as well as your cannon ball belt even if you make it so it costs 10,000$ for like 2 more bananas or cannon balls. Maybe a bigger gun clip again paying for like 1-2 extra bullets for your gun. Or perhaps better swords that don’t do more damage to other players but do more damage to skeletons and snakes. I also would like to see a crouch button because it is damn hard to get cover from and skeletons that are shooting at you. Plus why can’t you hog tie other players and feed them to sharks, I thought I was a pirate.

  • cool ideas for S.O.T (sea of thieves)

    1. add a new traitor that sells bananas wood all cannons and all the cursed cannons you can all so sell all all that stuff back to him for cash and buy full crates as well

    2. potions things light night vision jump boost health speed potion ect and a potion shop

    3. lanterns that you can pick up and move around

    4. catapults on island so you can put thing light chests so it is more easier to get it back to your ship

    5. change inventory so you can carry 10 cannonball 10 bananas 10 wood

    6. have a chest that drops snakes randomly

    7. have a chest that make a tiny storm around your ship randomly

    8. monkey that gather bananas and stash them some where and then you can take the stash but the money will try to kill you

    9. once you have reached level 100 on gold hoarders you can make your own sail skins

    10. once you have reached level 100 on order of souls you can make your own Figurehead

    11. once you have reached level 100 on Gold Hoarders you can make your own ship skin

    12. to trade money between players through the gold holders

    13. a take all button for the barrels

    14. a discord sever for all

    15. and a place to submit ideas on the discord severe as well as the web page

    16. able to customise the steering wheel on the ship like different skins for it link for image (

    17.wooden swords to battle your team mates for fun

    18 to change your eye colour of your character

    19 to change your character like at the start of the game when you first log in but you can do it when ever you want

    20 a big crab boss that pick up your ship and throws it and it has a small skeleton fort on top of it and you get a cool crab chest for defeating it

    1. for forsaken shores need to have less Volcanic rock (the rocks that shoot out of the volcanoes) there are to many
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  • This topic is deleted!

  • I wrote this whenever some idea popped up, its not structured and some ideas might not be amazing. Since the game has not been released yet, there may be stuff that would be redundant, added already or conflicting with other stuff in the game.
    But I do believe that some ideas would make the game so much better than it already is.

    Character selection on PC requires you to press the scrolldown button to get more options. But laptops don’t have extended keyboards with those buttons. Please change it to something else or make it clickable with the mouse.

    Would also like a bit more options.
    I understand you don’t want to give full customization to the player, but a bit more is appreciated. From what I have seen a lot of characters look way too much like each other right now.

    In quest where you need to hold the lantern up high it would help if the lantern was clearly higher after right clicking. Right clicking kind of seems to do nothing because it moves very little on the screen. It's one of the things I see let's players/streamers often not understanding because they didn't notice they can.

    Bounty hunter NPC.
    At this NPC you can place a bounty on other players, costs 100 coins plus an extra 100 coins placement fee.
    A bounty can only be placed once per day on a maximum of 4 different players. A killed player with a bounty on his head will leave a skull that can be redeemed at the bounty hunter NPC. When you or one of your teammates pick up your own skull it disappears making it impossible to redeem your own bounty, Skulls disappear after 5 minutes if not picked up by a player. Bounties will stay active until that player gets killed and the skull is redeemed, even if that player logs off. Strong popular players are likely to receive a bounty, making them more famous across the seas.
    You can receive nameless bounty posters at the bounty hunter NPC. But only from those that are online in the same server. You will need to match the looks of the players to find out if they are on the list or not.

    On the website of Sea of Thieves will be a rank list with names:
    Famous pirates - Ranks players by the total bounty ever put on their name, but that doesn’t mean there is an active bounty. Active bounties can only be found in game by face.
    Famous bounty hunters - Ranks players on how much bounty they redeemed.

    Many players will likely want to have bounties on their heads because of the rankings.

    Merchandise store on the website allows you to buy an official wanted poster printed with your character + name + total bounty.

    Main focus should be on the current mode. But I would love to see more game modes
    My suggestions is a hardcore mode and combat only.

    Hardcore server
    No respawn at the ship, making it possible to steal a ship with the full loot on it, but also make it easier to lose everything.
    I personally love a challenge and this is perfect for a challenge once I get a little bit better at the game. It will keep the crew alert on possible hijackers. And makes risk and reward something the full crew needs to decide. It will also create true sad moments when a crew member dies.

    Combat server
    No treasure to be found, islands only function to restock, all that matters is ship combat. Smaller map or more players per map to make it easier to find enemy ships.
    This will likely make shorter play sessions fun as well.

    Can be made from 5 planks.
    When your ship sank while being on an island you can get back to an outpost using that to sell your treasure. It's a nice way to rescue yourself, it’s very easy to be taken down because its slow, doesn’t allow you to hide your loot and only requires 1 hit to break.
    Has a place to stand on and a sail, can set sail length and angle, And has a stick to use as a rudder to steer, but lacks all other ship features.
    The option to make one will only come if you stand at the edge of the water with planks in hand.

    More ship types

    3 man ship
    2 sails, 2 cannons each side and a size a little bit smaller then the Galleon.
    Sometimes you want to play with 2 friends, but don’t want a random 4th player and the Galleon is too big for 3 players.

    And maybe some different configurations on the current ships.
    Like removing 2 cannons but having a stronger bow for ramming other ships.
    Or a ship with more wood/cannonball/banana storage and an extra ammunition chest, but slower travel speed.
    Or sacrificing ramming damage and 2 cannons, for 1 forward cannon at the bow.

    does the same damage as a cannonball. Can be used to damage ships without cannonballs, but is hard to use against players.
    If you equip bombs you will fill up 1 of your weapon inventory slots. It has only 1 ammunition. You can light it by holding right click for 5 seconds, once lit, it will explode 15 seconds later. And cannot restock until it exploded to prevent spamming bombs inside enemy ships. You can throw it using the left click, the longer you hold left click, the further you will throw. A bomb on the ground can be defused with the use button making the bomb disappear. A lit bomb gives sparkles from the fuse, making it easy to spot in the dark.

    Portable cannon
    Can be found randomly on islands, like gunpowder barrels and chests. It’s rare to find one. Must be carried like barrels and chests. Once placed you can use it like a normal canon. But its smaller, so it has less reach, will deal less damage to players and can’t be used to launch players.
    You can use this on an island or place this anywhere on a ship to get extra canons. Because it weighs more you can only walk or swim at way slower speed (which makes it hard to sneak one into an enemy ship to destroy it from the inside).

    Shooting 5 times with a gun at the same spot also makes a hole. If it already had a hole but that hole is patched up it will only take 3 shots. If you shoot a hole while its being repaired it will interrupt the repair process. It will be hard to damage a ship without cannons, but it will be possible this way. The blunderbuster will only damage if your close to the ship, to prevent the big spread to do be abused.

    Chest of blood
    attracts more sharks then normal. Requires a well parked ship or teamwork to transport in the water.

    Skeleton chest
    When held changes the looks of the full crew to skeletons and enables friendly fire. Which might confuse the crew to kill each other. Also makes it harder to fight real skeletons because of the confusion.

    Chest of death
    Temporarily lowers health to 1hp and lowers walking speed. When you let go your health returns to the previous value.

    I love the system to play your own music, but it’s few songs get repetitive fast. More music to play would make it so much more amazing.
    And please add 2 more instruments, making a full crew band possible.
    My suggestions: a flute for the melody only and a drum for the rhythm.
    Maybe you could also make the different models of the same instruments in the shop also sound a little bit different. Metal/shiny looking ones with sharper tones, shorter notes and a bit more volume balance on the high pitches. Wooden/older looking ones with warmer tones, longer connecting notes and a volume balance that increases the lower frequencies.

    Islands with platforming parkours that you need to jump to get to the chest. Some moving platforms and hazards would make it even more interesting.

    Islands with b***y-traps to protect the chest

    Uncharted islands that sink underwater during the day But are invested with skeletons during the night. So you either dive trying to find random chests or fight hordes of skeletons on the hope to find them.

    Uncharted turtle island. On the back of a giant turtle is an island that moves around the map. Because it moves around you will need someone to let the ship follow the turtle, otherwise it swims away from your ship making you unable to get of the island safely

    Islands with the legend of zelda type of puzzles to solve instead of riddles only. Would be best if they also have a slightly randomized layout each day, that would keep it interesting even if you already seen the island.

    The official European price of the game is 70 euros, while the American price is 60 dollars. 60 dollars are actually worth about 50 euros, so it’s 20 euros cheaper to buy in a different currency. On one of the biggest tech sites in the Netherlands people already complained about the 70 euro price tag, not realizing that they can save money by buying it in dollars. If I didn’t play the free stress test before knowing the 70 euro price, I would have lost interest myself and not even bothered to try.
    Make it 50 euros, matching the dollar price and it would result in way more European purchases.

    Flying skeleton ship
    A rare sight like the planned kraken. Its flying in the air hidden in a storm. When lightning strikes, you can sometimes see its silhouette in the clouds. Once you get close it will go down into the water and attack you. It’s an extra large ship with 5 canons each side with 10 skeletons on deck. If you kill a skeleton it will respawn in 2 minutes until you sink the ship. Has a few high value chests inside the captain’s cabin, but also a stronger captain skeleton that will only attack when someone enters the ship. Once sank it will drop the rest of the chests.
    Below decks is blocked of for simplicity. If you don’t attack it fast enough it will automatically repair 1 hole every 10 seconds. If no ships are around it will fly back into the clouds.

    Will be hard to take down with one crew, if your skillful you can try to steal from the captain’s cabin then run, will likely require multiple crews to take down. especially because the storm also makes it hard.

  • Spend 2 hours digging chests on 1 island went through about 5 different crew members. I had 3 grogs, 1 captain, 2 mauraders, and 1 captain's. Finally got them all and 2 new crew members join vote to cancel my mission and all my chests disappear. [Mod Edit - No profanity]

  • I bought SoT digital version on xbox one and I've heard you can also play it on PC if you have the digital version. Is this true?

    Thank you

  • I can't talked these people serisully Call all Pirate Legends and Call all Sailors it sound like Calling all Auto Bots lol

  • (TLDR version skip past the wall of text to the pictures...)

    alt text

    There's plenty of forum posts discussing Merchant Alliance in a negative light. Same sentiment from players on Reddit too. People are saying it would seem that the Merchant Alliance is poorly designed or giving suggestions for making the Merchant Alliance more engaging and I'm all for streamlining and enhancing the experience of this Trading Company but if we're being realistic about expectations they're not going to change or overhaul anything drastically at this stage in development and probably won't change something that isn't broken post launch either when they have a road map for additional content they want to add in addition to the launch content already.

    I honestly don't agree with the negativity in regards to this Trading Company being overly tedious or incredibly boring compared to the others.

    It's fine how it is, it's just more intricate and takes more to set up in advance. (Gotta grab excess crates/cage/coops/etc.) Sure it isn't quite as straight-forward and simplistic as the Gold Hoarder's voyages are where you just go to an Outpost, talk to NPC, buy a voyage, vote for the contract on the ship to start it and start sailing using the map or named island (riddle) that it AUTO gives to you to locate a often-not-so-remote island destination. Once you sail there you solve the riddle or find the X marks the spot and dig up the treasure chest(s) then you can return to 'ANY' Outpost on the map for your reward in gold. That is A to B then return to X, Y, Z or any. It's easy and anybody can understand that in a matter of minutes.

    The Merchant Alliance voyages are a bit tedious and aggravating with how you gotta buy the voyage contract from the NPC at the Outpost, go to your ship to vote to start the voyage at the table, then go back off the ship to the merchant again to get the required items to collect the animals from the NPC and you're only able to carry one at a time so you're making multiple trips to and from your boat whereas the Gold Hoarders quest items – maps(s) – simply spawns in your inventory when you vote for and start the voyage each time.

    Yeah they are more in-depth but like the complexities of them. Let me explain, I like that they do less hand-holding and require the player(s) to know the game world better. You gotta know where or what islands will spawn chickens. What Islands don't spawn animals or don't have the right ones. And trust me after just a short while of doing these voyages you will start to remember and just know which islands you wanna make a beeline towards.

    How to best multi-manage these voyages is doing more than what they are asking of you. Players just have to learn how to best do them is all...

    🌊⛵🌊|🌴🐔🐷🐍 Here's how you do it. 🐍🐷🐔🌴|🌊⛵🌊

    Step 1 : Visit any Outpost and talk to the Merchant Alliance NPC on the dock.

    Step 2 : Buy 3 Voyages from him/her.

    Step 3 : Return to your ship and vote to begin one of these voyages.

    Step 4 : Return to NPC and collect the cages and coops she will give you. Grab one and drop it on the dock right beside them, grab the next one do the same until no more. They only give you what the active voyage needs.

    For Example: 1 Black Pig, 2 White Chickens. They will give you 1 cage and 2 coops.

    Step 5 : Bring each of these back to the ship. You can only carry one at a time but work as a team and move much faster. Try to park the ship as close as you can.

    Step 6 : While on the ship, vote to cancel the voyage.

    Step 7 : Propose another voyage and vote for it.

    Repeat this process over and over again, gathering up all the excess Cages/Coops you want or that you have enough gold for since you'll be re-buying voyages a lot.

    Step 8 : Start another voyage and go to a larger island and capture EVERY animal you find. Store them on the ship. You'll eventually use them for completing a voyage.

    After awhile you can start to be picky and choose your voyages.

    You'll want to look at what you have on your ship first, then vote to cancel voyages and choose voyages to keep based on the stockpile of animals you have already on board your ship. Choosing based on what you already have for animals means you can sail straight to the outpost and turn it in for fast progression. Skip the gathering step. Eventually you'll need to stop at an island again to gather more animals when you run out but you should be able to chain together a couple at least. When you run out of voyages stop at any Outpost or do it when you are completing a voyage while you're already there to start over at Step 1 and refill your supply of cages too.

    For Example: You know you have 2 white chickens, a red speckled chicken, 3 black chickens, 2 gold chickens, and 2 black pigs on board your ship. You propose a voyage and it requests you get 1 pink and black spotted pig, 1 black chicken, and 1 white chicken. Instead of completing this quest and going looking for the pig you vote to cancel immediately and propose another. The game randomly generates another request and now they want 2 black chickens, 1 black pig, and a white chicken. You have all of that already so you mark the map and sail to the desired Outpost to complete it.

    That's how it should be done.


    I prefer to do this in a sloop and sail alone. By myself I don't have any hindrance with playing with randoms that can possibly mess up my flow and efficiency but that being said if you got one friend (or 3...) that can work together effectively you could divvy out the different tasks at hand and go much faster when acquiring the animals from the islands and/or re-supplying the ship with crates at the Outpost. It can all be done solo but you take more time as it requires multiple trips.

    ⚓🏴☠️ TLDR VERSION ☠️🏴⚓

    Vote... Vote... Vote....

    Figure 1a : Make sure everyone votes to start the voyage, if your sailing alone this process goes much quicker.

    Figure1b : Go back to the Merchant Alliance NPC on the dock and grab all the coops and cages from them. They only give you what you need for that one voyage that you just started. Carry them back to ship one by one or leave em on the dock and carry them back later before leaving.

    Figure 1c : Return to ship and cancel the voyage. This destroys the voyage contract so you'll have to keep repurchasing more. You repeat the process by placing another one down on the table, voting to start, go back to NPC and getting the cages over and over again until you have no more voyages left to place down. Then you BUY more voyages! Yeah it's a lot of trips back and forth from the NPC to ship but this is da wae.

    Figure 1d : You can only carry 3 voyages at a time. As the old saying goes... You have to spend money to make money. Don't let this deter you though. This is the best way to do it. Buy the voyages and vote them in and out by canceling. It isn't that costly. It'll run you a couple hundred gold but the few hundred you spend you'll more than make up on voyage completion. Completing a voyage gives you at least 500+ gold and at higher levels up to thousands of gold back so you make out ahead in the long run anyways.

    Figure 1e : It's been brought to my attention it might be better to not purchase Promotion(s). This is due to the Level 1-4 voyages costing you 0 gold and also they only request chickens. Since the game is designed in a way (at least as of the Final Beta) that you can still progress and level up and the gold is fixed based on what animal and color it is you don't really need to promote yourself. Just grab 100 coops, go to any islands with chickens and take them ALL. Then start chaining voyages completing them left and right. Just focus on ones with Gold Chickens for the most gold and veto any voyage that isn't asking for one by canceling it and proposing another right away. No need to have a banana supply to keep pigs alive with as chickens stay alive forever.

    Hoarding Animals

    Figure 2a : Now you got a nice big stockpile of all the different cages and coops. You're ready to go then so head for any large island nearby and start collecting animals.

    Figure 2b : Next visit an island and capture EVERYTHING! not just only the ones you need for the active voyage. Grab everything there. You can save them on your ship and have them at the ready for upcoming voyages. Eventually you can vote to cancel any voyage that isn't requesting stuff you already have in your possession. Or hopefully you have 2+ of everything and then it doesn't matter.

    Figure 2c : It won't be long before your Sloop or Galleon starts looking like Noah's Ark as you stockpile animals of every color on your ship. Eventually you can just chain-complete voyages one after another without going looking for the requested animal.

    Figure 2d : Deliver the requested animals/gear to the specific Outpost in time.

    Figure 2e : Propose and Vote to start another voyage. Now check your Quests received paper to see the Registry of Goods requested. If you don't have the requested animals then instantly vote to cancel and try again until you find one you already have in stock. (or until you find one that gives better rewards such as Golden Chickens/Golden Pigs.)


    Pigs require a little more overhead than chickens to keep them alive for long periods of time since you gotta feed them bananas to keep them alive. If you're going to stockpile pigs on your ship make sure you are picking up all the 🍌bananas 🍌from the barrels you come across and try to keep at least a 30+ supply in your ship at all times.

    When they start to squeal and sit down as shown in figure 3a that's when you need to feed them. This feeding process is straightforward but sometimes you will see the feed pig prompt but it doesn't work. You just need to move closer or scoot around until you see both prompts like in figure 3a and 3b in order for the game to register your feeding them. You will know it registered by the feeding animation seen in figure 3c. The squealing stops and they stand back up in normal stance as well.

    Pro Tip : Banana Crates are another requested item from time to time for these voyages but they can be extremely useful to keep instead of turning them in. You can place them down anywhere on your ship for quick access to bananas. I like to keep them where i keep the captured pigs so you can feed your pigs quickly. Better yet carry and place them ashore which allows for you to transfer more than 5 bananas which was previous max you could take back to your ship barrel. This is extremely helpful for doing Skeleton Forts too! They hold 50 bananas so whenever you see barrels make sure your grabbing bananas emptying back into your ship barrel or crate.

    alt text
    Figure 3a : The difference between a pig who needs fed and one who doesn't. Poor banana...

    alt text
    Figure 3b : Move closer if feeding is not working. You need to see both the 'Feed' and 'Pick Up' prompts for it to work.

    alt text
    Figure 3c : Orville here is being a real pig and getting bits of his banana everywhere.

    Use this map to quickly get your bearings on the Outposts and what direction to head for. Since Merchant Alliance voyages have specific Outposts to turn in at you can save time by marking them on the map before sailing away or just have this up on your phone or another screen if you got a multi-monitor set up like me. I just glance over at this map when I cant remember the location or name and it takes all of like 5 seconds to find it and know where i gotta go. Northeast to Galleon Grave Outpost. Okay got it. 👍

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Also you can use this as a aid for where to look. It's not 100% but it does work a lot of the time as a list for where you can find possible locations for snakes, pigs, and chickens. Once you've played for awhile you'll start to remember what islands have what.

    Generally though I've noticed the LARGER the island the more animals that i find. Most medium to large islands will have 2 animal types and plenty of them.

    The small tiny islands either have one or the other or none.

    For example: Tiny Island will have chickens but not pigs. Or Tiny Island will have pigs but not chickens. And a lot of the times Tiny Island will have no animals.

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  • This topic is deleted!

  • Anyone not recived theres yet

  • I was in a game just a few mins ago with a crew of 5. I don't know how it happened but we some how had a 5th member. We had been like this for a while now. So, I was about to take a picture of the crew looking for a clue but then I got kicked. It was really fun to be in a group with that many people. I really would not mind if we had a 5 pirate crew max in the game.

  • Is there an anti-cheat system in place?

    If there isn't, when will there be? If there is, what work is being done to improve it?

    Recent news of the game includes confirmed examples of cheating systems being implemented on PC. Being able to see the locations of items, chests, players, etc. Aimbots and other combat assistance cheats. Hopefully this gets taken care of, because this game would turn to rubbish if the cheats become widespread. Just one cheating crew on a server could make for a very unpleasant experience.