Should Griefers be banned?

  • Report them to Xbox live. Griefing is not tollerated on Xbox live and the only reason it's happening to the extent that it is in SoT is SoT brought in a bunch of new players who are not familiar to Xbox live and it's robust reporting feature. Just like cheaters, the griefers will eventually be weeded out, but we can speed up this process by using the report features provided to us by Xbox live.

  • It would be funny if they temporarily got banned to a server with other griefers only. Like, The Karma Server.

  • No. What they should do is allow players to lock their boats from random players rather than allocate resources and manpower to manage the endless list of griefers in the game. Ban cheaters not griefers.

  • Yes they should be banned.

    Sick of trolls ruining my loot and have none to show for hours of gameplay

  • griefers shouldnt be banned, the player base is suffering atm enough. what however should be banned is server hoppers and exploit users.

  • No, we just need reserved slots...

  • @eat1bread i don't believe an enemy pirate can be a griefer...

  • Tonight had a guy join our game, we already had a few skulls a chicken and a Chest. Bringing 2 gun powders on board and he shoots them both killing 2 of our players and damaging the Ship. I immediately tell the other 2 to brig him. He then sits in brig for next half hour spamming the chat and earning gold from our quests.

    The brig should be removed from the game and swapped for "walk the plank" forcing them off our team.

  • Yes.

  • Not banned straight away, but it would be good if a proper report system could be implemeted, so that RARE could investigate players with many reports of griefing and other toxic behaviors.

    The upcomming change allowing private crew will certainly help with this either way.

  • @scrubber89 your example is 100% greifing and yes they should be banned. It’s really the only type of griefing In this game.

  • That has happened to me quite a few times. However all I can say is you need to be ultra wary of having your crew type set to Open. Need to keep in mind if it's open then you are opening yourself and your ship and crew to trolls/griefers, or possibly getting someone good.

    If you would rather not run the open crew type which many don't all I can suggest is closing your crew type (yes it can be voted on), and friend every good player you come across so that you always have a crew you can potentially join or have join you.

    Other than that just gotta keep your head on a swivel, keep those ears primed for that splash of items in the water or people jumping overboard with things. And keep tabs on your crew at all times. Otherwise to the Brig with them!

  • @scrubber89 No for the same reason it’s not griefing in other games. It’s avoidable, and it could lead to further restrictions on what a player can do in a sandbox game. While I agree that what happened to you may be considered griefing, I’ve been called griefing for simply ignoring alliance invitations and sinking them instead. Everyone has a different subjective view on griefing so Rare can’t and should not use bans to enforce one definition of griefing over others.

    Sandbox game allows you to do anything, some people use it to annoying things.

  • @wetworksrpg That is actually already a feature in game.

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49 out of 50