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    Forsaken Shores Teaser Trailer

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    E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough (No Narration)

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    Developer Gameplay

    Developer Gameplay #7: "All Aboard the Party Boat!"

    Developer Gameplay #6: "This is Not Going to End Well..."

    Developer Gameplay #5: "Pirate Olympics"

    Developer Gameplay #4: "Four Feathers"

    Developer Gameplay #3: "We Look Like a Bunch of Tourists"

    Developer Gameplay #2: "This is Unacceptable!"

    Developer Gameplay #1: "We Come Bearing Gifts!"

    Developer Update

    Developer Update: November 7th 2018

    Developer Update: October 31st 2018

    Developer Update: October 25th 2018

    Developer Update: October 17th 2018

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    Developer Update: October 3rd 2018

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    Developer Update: Launch Status

    Developer Update: Final Beta

    Developer Update: Scale Test

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    Developer Update: The World of Sea of Thieves

    Developer Update: NYCC Panel Plans

    Developer Update: Ferry of the Damned

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    Inn-Side Story

    Inn-side Story #32: Visual Effects

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    Inn-side Story #14: Resources

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    Inn-side Story #1: What is Sea of Thieves?

    Short Haul

    Short Haul #8: Building Outposts

    Short Haul #7: Animating Skeletons

    Short Haul #6: Sounds of the Ship

    Short Haul #5: The Hurdy-Gurdy

    Short Haul #4: Visual Effects

    Short Haul #3: Creating Clouds

    Short Haul #2: Aboard the Ship

    Short Haul #1: Instruments

    Content Update

    Content Update: Forsaken Shores

    Content Update: Cursed Sails

    Technical Alpha Update: Smooth Sailing

    Technical Alpha Update: Taming New Seas

    Technical Alpha Update: The Quest For Gold

    Tavern Tunes

    Tavern Tunes: Cursed Sails

    Tavern Tunes: Summon the Megalodon

    Tavern Tunes: Be More Pirate

    Tavern Tunes: The Voyage of the Secret Shrine

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    Weekly Streams

    Weekly Stream: Gunpowder, Treason and Plot Highlights

    Weekly Stream: Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

    Weekly Stream: October 2018 Highlights

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    New York Comic Con 2018 Panel

    San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Panel

    E3 2018 Developer Roundtable

    Finding Crewmates Video

    Becoming a Pirate Legend: Progression in Sea of Thieves - Official Walkthrough

    New York Comic Con 2017 Panel

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    Official Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Sea of Thieves... So Far

    Talk Like A Pirate Day 2016

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    Play It First Fan Interviews

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    Play It First Contest Results

    Play It First Contest Announcement

    I aim to keep this up-to-date, if I've missed any just let me know.

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!

    Early into the development of Sea of Thieves, Rare Ltd. had decided that they wanted to create the 'ultimate Pirate game experience'. A game that would strive to be the most welcoming, fun and inclusive game available with a strong focus on the sacred bond between the crew, their teamwork and laughter.

    With those ideals set in stone, the team got to work...

    One way that Rare wanted to celebrate the amazing community was by actually having the community shape the world and 'leave their mark' on the Sea of Thieves.

    It was to the surprise of us all when we began to notice Pirates' immortalised in the game with in-game Easter Eggs.
    Each tribute has a story, a legend, a reason why that pirate made their mark on the development of Sea of Thieves.

    The below list is the confirmed list of known 'marks' found in the game.

    To discuss and help hunt down the remaining marks, check out this topic.

    Confirmed 'Community Marks' List

    @ArchAngel Aeon


    @Capta1n Cr0ss


    @Carson iz Pro

    @Clumsy George



    @Deckhands (original)

    @DE4TH fire


    @Fizzy f**y






    @IOnEI Falcon


    @Kato the Dog





    @Tartansnake 8

    @Taydoge Swift

    @Xboxx Addictt



  • banner forum

    sep up

    dev update

    sep v2


    sep v2

    Ahoy pirati!

    Qui sotto verranno inserite le traduzioni in Italiano dei Developer Updates di Sea of Thieves.
    Spero possa risultare utile a tutti gli utenti italiani che passeranno da questa discussione.

    Questa discussione verrà aggiornata nelle risposte, settimana per settimana, con i vari Dev Update, con le relative date

    Buon divertimento e...ricordatevi di passare dal server Discord di Sea of Thieves Italia

    sep v2

    For other people who are not Italian, we are sorry to post here in our language, but we are simply helping the Italians Players, translating the Developer Updates

    sep v2


    Per tutti i Developer Updates precedenti a quello del 04/07/2018, potete consultarle direttamente dai Developer Updates del server Discord di Sea of Thieves Italia.
    Da quello del 04/07/2018 saranno presenti anche in questo post, come risposte, oltre che nel server Discord

    sep down

  • Ahoy there, you lovely lads and lasses!

    Join @trixz2007 , @eredhar and a special guest on Sea of Thieves, on perilous journeys to seek treasures for those who need them the most. Through the help of Gamers Outreach, we plan to provide aid for the little ones that are having difficulties gaming, may these be physical, mental or social. The goal is to rise $100 for them throughout the charitable stream.

    “Gamers Outreach is a 501(c)(3) charity organization that provides recreation to children in hospitals through the power of video games and the gaming community. Hospitalization can often be a lonely, isolating, and scary experience for young people. We ease those burdens by providing equipment, technology, and software that help kids cope with long-term treatment.” - Gamers Outreach

    @trixz2007 has been a streamer on multiple platforms for over 8 years, playing a wide range of games. He first set foot on Plunder Outpost around a year ago and since then he fell in love with Sea of Thieves. We have been discussing having a charitable stream to raise awareness and money for fantastic causes, and here we are now!


    Just doing a lovely charity stream is not enough for us, so we will be hosting a little contest for you too. During the session, we will be challenging all of you to solve a couple of riddles and the winner the lucky pirate will receive the book “Tales from the Sea of Thieves”!

    I am hoping to see as many of you as possible on

    Thursday, 15th of November, 2018

    over on Twitch to help those in need.

    Smooth sailing,

  • Hi everyone,

    Some of you may remember me from the early days of Sea of Thieves where I answered questions in stream chats and wrote a fan story here on the forums. I'm writing this post today because there's poison in the sea of thieves and it's not being mentioned. I've had the misfortune of running into this each time I've attempted to get back into a game I used to love.

    I'm talking about toxic players. To let you know what I mean, this isn't players who attack anyone on sight or taking their things. This is a pirate game where attacking and thieving pirates are to be expected. What I'm talking about is players who will take a 4-man crew from a galleon, jump aboard a sloop and grief the solo player or duo by killing them repeatedly, spouting taunts and overall nasty comments over voice-chat and stopping a scuttled ship from sinking fully.

    I don't expect the developers to do anything about this because I don't know how to fix this and I don't think they give a [Mod Edit - Swearing]. I do however believe this needs to be known as a phenomenon within your beloved game that has the potential of leaving a foul taste in the mouths of new players and veterans alike.

    As much as I once loved this game, these kinds of players are far too frequent for me to ignore, so this will be my final interaction with this game and its community.

    So long pirates, fair winds to ye.

  • Our wonderful Khaleesi will be leaving Rare at the end of this week....

    I know that I for one was very saddened to hear the news, she will be missed, she has been a strong and fearless leader of the Community and guiding light for the Deckhands.


    We wish you nothing but success, love and luck and a wonderful future wherever you roam!

  • Ok, saw this on twitter and thought we need this on the forums!

    Post yours below!

    Here's the Fleet of Eoland .... @eredhar


    sep up

    the arena

    • L'Arena è stata creata per i fan del PvP.
    • La nuova compagnia i Lupi Di Mare sarà guidata da DeMarco dai fumetti di SoT.
    • L'Arena avrà una sua taverna apposita, che funge da luogo di ritrovo dove si può comprare di tutto.
    • Le ciurme verranno piazzate in una classifica in base all'ammontare d'oro guadagnato nel tempo.
    • L'idea di base è quella di creare una caccia al tesoro competitiva tra ciurme.
    • L'Arena avrà le sue caratteristiche particolari come sarà per la modalità avventura.
    • Ogni giocatore avrà le stesse identiche mappe del tesoro nelle varie isole.
    • Non hanno ancora deciso se si potrà giocare da soli o si sarà forzati dentro una ciurma.
    • Vi sarà una progressione (in termini di livello) condivisa in entrambe le modalità.
    • Saranno disponibili le palle di cannone maledette.
    • I Lupi di Mare avranno un loro set di elementi cosmetici apposito.

    sep classico

    shouded spoils

    • L'intenzione generale è di aggiungere numerose piccole novità per migliorare la qualità della vita.
    • Verrà aggiunto un nuovo agente atmosferico che complicherà di più la vostra vita, la nebbia.
    • Espansa la personalizzazione della Nave.
    • I barili di polvere da sparo degli scheletri ora valgono molto di più e hanno un raggio esplosivo 3 volte maggiore.
    • Bottino ottenibile uccidendo il megalodonte e il kraken.
    • Le navi degli scheletri ora girano liberamente.

    sep classico

    universo espanso

    • Diversi personaggi arriveranno nel mondo di SoT (Stitcher Jim, DeMarco,...).
    • Per coloro che sono interessati approfondiremo ancora la storia fuori dal gioco.

    sep classico


    • La Rare si sta concentrando sul rilascio di versioni più stabili per i Pioneer.
    • Vista la creazione di due modalità differenti, il gruppo di lavoro si dividerà in due e procederanno in maniera autonoma.
    • L'espansione dopo L'Arena si concentrerà nell'aggiunta di nuove missioni guidate e nell'introduzione di una storia in game.
    • Shelley il granchio si merita una canzone creata dalla community.
    • Tenetevi pronti per nuove meccaniche per passare i vostri momenti liberi.
    • Continueranno a lavorare sul gioco fino a quando non morirà definitivamente.
    • Aggiungeranno una taverna dei Lupi Di Mare nella modalità avventura.

    sep down


    sep up
    The Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream: Gunpowder, Treason and Plot was fantastic! We put the Rare guys to the test.
    They published their version of the live, now it's up to us to publish ours! Argh!

    We thank seaofthieves for the fun and Gigamojito for the editing.

    We are always available to give you a rematch!

    sep down

  • Ahoy pirates old and new!

    I am slowly returning to here after a large hiatus and am seeing many a friendly face and many more new ones! I'd like to get us all to know each other a little more! So I ask ye, peg-legs and eye-patches alike, say hi, introduce yourself, and answer me some of these questions so we can get to know eachother more!

    1. What be yer human name?
    2. What attracted you to these seas?
    3. Who be yer favourite pirate? (Be it fictional or not)
    4. What would ye rather, a hook hand or peg leg? and why?
    5. What got you into gaming?
    6. Favourite pirate game/movie? (not SoT)
    7. How do you rate your pirate skills on a scale of 1 - 10?
    8. What is your favourite feature currently in game?
    9. Who is your best crew mate?
    10. What was your first in game SoT memory?

    Bonus question is, if you were to become famous in the Sea of Thieves, what would you be famous for?

  • Ahoy pirates!

    I have two Spinal Tap figurehead codes that I don't need so I will be giving them away to two lucky members of the Sea of Thieves community. The winners will be chosen at random on Friday, November 9th. To enter, simply reply to this thread with an answer to the following question: What has been your favorite Sea of Thieves update (big or small) and why?

    Best of luck!

  • I MADE IT!

    So it took me seven months, a lot of time in different crews, one main crew who have slowed down recently and of course, the boatswain crew, who are hands down, some of the finest Pirates you are likely to sail with if you ever get the chance.
    I won’t go into all of the details of how I made it, but I was ready for the next challenge and Duke was involved – some will not like that, some will, but it worked for me and it’s a mechanic that I am pleased Rare put in.

    Now for the crux of the matter – retention of a player
    This game has held me like NOTHING else before it. I do not play games for long at all – I play them for a few weeks, maybe a month, rinse them and then I’m done.

    I played Sea of Thieves every week, as my main, if not ONLY game, since day one!

    That is testament to the game that Rare have built, that is testament to the majority of players you find out there on the sea, that is also testament to updates and improvements that we have constantly seen since launch. I have made true friends from this game, people I speak to daily, people who I share my life with and they theirs with me – the comradery is amazing!

    I tried to hit Legend and spend my first hours in a decent, upstanding Bosun way, so I dropped into a random game, saw a few Pirates working hard together, then dropped then an Athena and went on my way after ringing all the islands for them.

    I am not done with this game – I can now enjoy what my crew want to do without thinking “I’d really like to get some more Merchant done”. No, now I can just sail and earn loot to buy those nice shiny Legendary cosmetics!


    There are people who have been with me since day one:
    @o-Pixel-Pixie-o – My crewmate since day one and always there when I needed a crew
    @Reedski – the frustrated Captain
    @Fakelamselaar – the Great Dane himself
    @FishSt1ck – the one and only – the man who brought me over the Discord!
    @PersonalC0ffee – our Legend and guide
    @LucianSanchez82 and @Octopus-Lime - my Bricktop buddies!
    @SpecialAdvisor – the silky voiced announcer who is a calming influence for shipmate!
    @boatswain – I can’t name you all here, but Sirio, Monkey, J4y, Music, Thor, Lotus, Reddy and all of you guys, you make playing more fun!



  • What's this? A 6-item giveaway?! Yes indeed! You know what... we never got to know who in the Sea of Thieves designed the tattoos so why not design one yourself! Want to win this code? Get on Instagram and simply draw a new tattoo design and tag it with #SoulStreamGiveaway and #SeaOfThieves! Winner will be announced December 1st in my discord channel!

  • So I won myself an awesome bit of artwork, and am very proud to receive it and place it on display with the other piece we have. Honestly @lizalaroo thank you so much, your competitions and craft work are outstanding.

    Also had to take a pic of it next to in game version, that's how realistic and superb talent is !

    alt text

    alt text

  • What makes this game great?

    I have pondered this question for some time, it is something that I have discussed at length and to be honest there is one simple truth – one reason why so many people keep coming back to the Sea and why we are seeing Legends born every day, even months after the game has been released and when others around us have been there long before us - THE JOURNEY

    People refer to the GRIND of the game, but there truly is no grind in my mind, or at least there shouldn’t be, there should be shared experiences, voyages that make you laugh, make you cry, make you want to hurl your controller through the TV screen so it hits that damned Pig who keeps running into those bushes over there - NO – over there – THAT ONE – IT KEEPS HIDING FROM ME!

    Seriously though – whilst I would like to see Lore in the game more and persistently (don’t hit me @personalc0ffee) the main reason I have come back to the game over the past second months has been to enjoy the game, not to make Pirate Legend. Athena doesn’t interest me so much, I doubt I will reach, or aim to reach Athena 10, but I keep coming back to have fun and make new friends.

    What I find amazing is the community that we have here – one that if we take a step back for a moment and remain calm, can be one that is such an excellent place to be. Those who were here prior to launch will know what I mean – a place to share ideas, to share excitement, to share stories. I love this part of the community and I will remain here as long as the lights are left on in order to keep those stories coming. To keep those positive posts coming – not to be a ”fanboy”, “Rare employee”, “white knight” but to simply show folks that there is another way – one that doesn’t involve entitlement or demanding content, one that simply thinks – “hey – that’s a cool idea, I can’t wait to try that”, or “hey, that’s an interesting name for a content drop – what do you think might be coming”.

    So enjoy the game, enjoy the stories, enjoy the JOURNEY – avoid a grind, please, it won’t make you enjoy the game! I certainly never tried to grind and as such I am happy to go back to the seas this evening and see what new adventure awaits.

    And remember – that Boatswain title some of us hold is not there for anything special – we just try to play by the rules and help folk out where we can – we don’t even have a closed number – ANYONE can join us, and do regularly when the powers that be recognise you for your awesomeness – so keep the community there – keep posting, keep smiling!

    Captain Sshteeve – not my pirate legend.

  • spada sep up

    spada assoluta

    Arhhh, as usual, you're here drunk doing nothing! You are a disgrace to the Pirates, as always I will have to give you a nice wake up!

    So, listen to me and start sharpening your swords because the Third Edition of 'La Spada Assoluta' is about to begin!

    The Tournament is open to everyone, from the most fearless Pirate to the freshwater sailor!

    • Registration will start from 08/10 and will end on 18/10
    • For partecipants.... get ready the day 19/10, with your sharpened blade and a strong desire to win!!

    Event trailer: --> <--

    sep squalo

    foto spada assoluta

    sep galeone

    How to participate:

    • Private crews will be able to deploy a maximum of 2 participants with at least 2 reserve names as a backup in case of no presence of the officials members or in case the total is not reached to start the tournament.
      The presentation must be indicated by the 'Crew Manager' with the format below in the example

    Participants: gametag 1, gametag 2.
    Reserves: gametag 3, gametag 4.

    • Those who are not part of a private crew can fill in their registration as follows:

    -gametag- sign up as a participant

    Those who are part of a private crew will access the reserved seats directly. For those who sign up without a crew, a draw will be made among all those who submitted the registration until completion roster.

    From Monday 08/10 until Thursday 18/10 23.59 you will have time to post your entries in THIS POST!

    • The maximum number of participants is 16.

    sep classico


    • Direct knockout tournament with random coupling of the participants.
    • Each challenge will be at best 3 matches.
    • Only and only use of the sword and no other items of the game is permitted.
    • It is allowed to use only 1 dash for each round, in case the move does not hit your target you have a second chance, but it should not be consecutive to the first and should be attempted after at least 10 seconds.
    • It is allowed to use the morphology of the arena within the limits indicated by the staff before starting.
    • The maximum duration of each fight is 3 minutes.
    • At the end of the time the judge will award the victory to the most deserving.
    • Any type of trick that results in an unsuitable tactical advantage will be punished with disqualification.

    sep squalo


    • As already announced in the last edition, the finalist of this edition will have to challenge the holder of the title of '@Spada Assoluta' to try to unseat him and in turn get the much aspired aknowledgment.


    • 3 slots in the roaster will be reserved to external members of the SoT ITA Community!

    sep galeone



    spada sep down

  • Ahoy everyone! I've been lurking around the forums for some time just reading everyone else's posts. I had an interaction in-game this afternoon that tickled me so much that I just had to share it because I appreciate the unique interactions that can take place in the game.
    So I am solo-ing in my sloop & I spawn at an outpost. I'm just going around... buying a couple things from Duke. I get myself killed by a shark so I can get a blue lantern flame and I spawn back in the tavern. I walk back out to my ship... change all lanterns blue... and I see a galleon coming towards me. I panic a little and raise anchor fast and drop sails to get out fast. I run up to crows nest and put up the alliance flag hoping they're friendly. They accept the alliance so I swing my ship around and drop anchor and stop and just start waving and all of them... I think there were 3 in total.... board my ship. None of them did anything hostile so I wasn't worried... then one of the guys starts talking... He says "we normally kill people on sight, but we've got a soft spot for solo sloopers... so we're going to let you live... but you've gotta play our game first. Do you agree to play?" I agree to it and one of them begins playing the tense music from Who Wants to be a Millionaire ... guy asks me 3 pretty simple trivia questions... I get them all right... they let me live, leave an epic quest on my quest table, and they go on their way. As they're leaving they are broadcasting w/ the speaking trumpet the upbeat victory theme from The Price is Right as they're sailing off... it was absolutely magical!!

    These are the kind of moments that really make this game shine for me! I wish I had taken screenshots of the guys names or captured video as it went down, but I was too lost in the hilarity of the moment to think about it.

    Love this stuff! Cheers!

  • The latest Community Spotlight shines on stream star and travel aficionado Jackie!

    Remember the first stream where @xbox4Jackie made an appearance?

    Here's the latest Community Spotlight where we get a chance to find out a little more about this well travelled pirate!

  • alt text

    Introducing Galleons Gambit, Sea of Thieves premier PVP fleet combat event.

    Born from the ashes of "The Thieves Gauntlet", Galleons Gambit is a polished Galleon v Galleon double elimination tournament Produced by the Pirate Council and hosted by The Blue Devils featuring 8 elite crews from around the world seeking to officially crown themselves as Sea of Thieves #1 fleet.

    Event Trailer: Galleons Gambit Teaser

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    What date is this being held

    Saturday January 19. Times will be updated closer to the event.

    What is Galleons Gambit?

    Galleons Gambit is the peak Galleon v Galleon competition outside of national team matches. Like the title of Mr Olympia, there is no greater honour than being Galleons Gambit Champions. Unlike other GvG tournaments such as "The Thieves Gauntlet", "The Byron Bay Bash", "The Douglas Cup" or "Turkey Brawl" (who admit all fleets regardless of ability), this tournament is limited to 8 skilled teams for organisational and quality purposes. It also features limited ship resources, a shorter match timer and limited cursed cannonballs.

    How can my fleet participate?

    Participation is open to any fleet, crew or ship, though teams will be interviewed to ensure they are capable of competing. While spaces for teams are limited, each team is composed of 6 players (4 main, 2 ringers). Players have the opportunity to sign onto the event as an individual, where a crew in need can recruit you directly from this point.

    What Information do I need to register with?

    Teams will need to provide a Ship / Crew name and team uniform. A captain & champion must be designated (these can be the same person), and all members must provide their discord ID and microsoft gamertag.

    Individual players only need to provide their discord ID and microsoft gamertag.

    A template can be found in the comment section, you may register interest below.

    Are streamers invited?

    Streamers are encouraged to participate within this tournament by registering their own crew, or as an individual (the pirate council will assist streamers by finding them participating crews if required).

    Am I guaranteed to play?

    Spaces are extremely limited for this first season of Galleons Gambit, so many people who register will not get the opportunity to play. However, future seasons will be open to more teams.

    What should I expect from a double elimination tournament?

    Teams will play a minimum two games. "The Gambit Round" will consist of 8 teams in 4 matches. The winners will progress into the "Seas" bracket while the losers will progress into the "locker" bracket. The winner of the Seas bracket will be crowned "Champions of the Sea" and Galleons Gambits overall winner, the winner of the Locker bracket will be crowned "Champions of the Locker" and will have the opportunity to battle the Sea bracket champions in an exhibition match for bragging rights.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text


    Other tournaments have previously relied on long, detailed lists that can be difficult to read at times. Galleons Gambit has learnt from these experiences and bases this tournament on seven rules + common sense.

    #1: The Crew - Each crew is made up of 6 registered players who may interchange throughout the tournament. A "Captain" and "Champion" must be labeled. A full Uniform must be outlined.

    #2: The Ship + Combat - Both Galleons are only allowed spawn cannon (45), plank (15) and banana (15) resources at the start of match. Players must not gather more than these resources. Explosive Barrels are expressly forbidden. A select few cursed cannonballs will be made available. Players may use any combination of weapons and techniques, without limitation, to aid them in battle.

    #3: The Arena - Game play is limited to a 2 x 2 grid known as "The God Hands" located at J-K 13-14. Leaving the area for more than 30 seconds without making reasonable efforts to return will result in DQ.

    #4: The Setup - Crews position themselves at the NE and SW corners of the playing field. Anchors and sails are to be raised. On hearing a cannon fire, play commences.

    #5: The Timer - Crews have 10 minutes to successfully sink the other ship. Failure to do so after this point will result in sudden death.

    #6: Sudden Death - Each crews "Champion" fights 1v1 on the main deck of a Galleon. All weapons and techniques allowed. No healing. Last representative standing wins.

    #7: The Unexpected - Weather events, Beasts, and floating barrels are all fair game. We will not stop play if acts of god occur.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    The Galleons Gambit champions will be bestowed the undisputed title of "Champions of the Seas", Sea of Thieves highest Galleon tournament honor. In addition to officially being able to call your Fleet/Crew the #1 PVP Fleet on the Sea of Thieves, the winning team of 4, including their 2 ringers, will each receive a unique Sea of Thieves themed prize to commemorate their victory. These prizes, with the potential for more, will be showcased closer to the event.

    alt text

    More announcements will come closer to the event, if you have any questions please leave them below. If you wish to register, please do so below.

    Happy Sailing!

  • To celebrate the launch of the Festival of the Damned why not share your Halloween pictures, from past or this coming Halloween.
    Love to see those costumes, creations, decorations, pumpkin carvings etc.

    Here is one of my Halloween photos from a few years ago - Alice in Zombieland!

  • Yes, this has been done before but a long time ago now and since everyone loves seeing cute animals, thought I would start a new thread.

    Feel free to share some pictures or even funny stories of your real life pirate pets or perhaps just post some cute animal pictures :)

    I will start by introducing my two cats Link (brown) and Zelda (grey) who are forever getting into mischief and either like to sleep on my lap while I sail or Zelda in particular likes to be a pain and climb the TV while I’m trying to play.

  • Reminder that we'll be heading out trick or treating on our weekly stream later! We're kicking off slightly later than usual so head to Mixer, Twitch or YouTube from 6pm GMT tonight to tune in!

    So don't forget to follow todays stream!

  • Ahoy me mateys!

    Tis time to give away another of me Sea of Thieves inspired props!
    To have a chance of winning this tiny Clothing Merchant Sign all you have to do is impress me with your favourite choice of clothing and interesting place whilst wearing them.

    I shall be picking the winner on Halloween.

    So buddy up and get your shipmate to take your photo! Whether it be flying out of a cannon or deep under the sea I am sure you pirates can impress me with yer shenanigans!

    Only one photo per pirate please, any duplicates or vids will be removed.

  • logo sot ita



    Ahoy pirati!!

    Qui sotto verranno inserite le traduzioni in Italiano delle Patch Notes di Sea of Thieves.
    Spero possa risultare utile a tutti gli utenti italiani che passeranno da questa discussione.

    Questa discussione verrà aggiornata nelle risposte, settimana per settimana, con le Varie Patch Notes

    Buon divertimento e...ricordatevi di passare dal server Discord di Sea of Thieves Italia

    separator v2

    For other people who are not Italian, we are sorry to post here in our language, but we are simply helping the Italians Players, translating the Patch Notes

    separator v2


    Per tutte le Patch Notes precedenti alla 1.1.4, potete consultarle direttamente dalle Patch Notes del server Discord di Sea of Thieves Italia.
    Dalla 1.1.4 saranno presenti anche in questo post, come risposte, oltre che nel server Discord


  • Hello everyone :)

    I have seen a fair bit of negativity in the forums of late, and I wanted to take a moment for us to celebrate the great people who brave the waters in game. I consistently find dedicated, nice, hard working and fun people online.

    I would like everyone to share screenshots in game of great people they have met, of teams achieving their goals and of having a great time in game.

    I would like to share a screenshot from a few nights ago.
    These 3 people were all random matchmaking pick ups, we braved the DR together and completed an Athena, declaring ourselves the "best friend squad" from the start.
    This screenshot was from just after we had completed and handed in our Athena chest together.

    alt text

    (Image link for those on incompatible browsers)

    So please, take a moment and share with us all a great moment from in game :)

  • basically wanted to go do some pvp went looking for a crew in lfg, fallout beta pops up and theres almost double the amount of post then sot, I guess ill solo sloop for a while :(

  • This topic is deleted!

  • sep up
    logo ancora
    Tournament start: 11 November at 17:00 BST - 10 PDT, Break at 18:30 BST - 11:30 PST, Re-Start at 20:00 BST - 13:00 PDT.
    Sign ups starts from 29 October, ends 4 November at 22:59 BST - 15:59 PDT(2 free slots)
    div skull
    Control - conquer the zone
    Crews invited in the event: Naglfar, La Banda Del Buco, Thousand Sunny, The Blue Devil's.
    div skull
    Old Salts Atoll

    pic location
    div skull
    The team that will raise up the anchor first win, in case raise the anchor in time,there will start a bonus stage at the discretion of the Admins.

    • Every weapon is permitted.
    • It is not allowed to use cursed-normal cannonballs and explosive barrel*.
    • Cannons can be used to be fired.
    • Bananas are not allowed.
    • Player can respawn within the first 10 minutes since the start of the match, then who dies cannot respawn anymore and by an advise from the staffer, there will start the "bonus stage". This one consist in getting a skull placed in the center of the island that once picked up and moved, will proclaim the winner team of the round. IT'S NOT POSSIBLE to interact with the skull until the bonus stage will start.
    • The 4-players team at the start must be on their ship, if someone leave the ship before the start it will be called "false start" and the team warned and the round restarted.
    • Fighting is allowed everywhere on the island, around it and around the ship.
    • It is not allowed to take stuff from any boxes or barrels from anywhere from the beginning to the end of every single round. It is allowed to reaload ammo and change weapon everywhere.. If one player will violate the first part, the team will be subject to sanctions.
    • *Barrels that spawn with the skeletons ARE NOT allowed to be picked up, but you can use them as "mines"(killing skeletons if necessary) WITHOUT damaging the ships.
      div skull
    • Warnings are collected within the whole events(an amdonition suffered in the first match will be counted for the next matches).
    • The third admonition will disqualify from the tournament.
    • The warnings could bring the round from re-started to loss.
    • The Staff can assing warnings that brings different action in game.
      div skull
      tourn type
    • Cup Structure, 8 slots with 2 "Dummy slots".
    • Match: Finals Quarter: direct elimination, semi-finals and finales(Best of 3); if there will be enough time, there will be the finals for the 3rd and 4th slot.
    • Ranking: the three team from Coppa Douglas will be already arranged in the roster, The Blue Devil's and the other 2 team will be sorted and placed randomly the next week after the closure of the subscriptions.
      div down
  • The button does not load anywhere. I have checked in locations where a button would previously load and it does not appear there.

  • Hello everyone,

    Are you looking for a PvP driven Sea of Thieves Discord Server? Join Sea of Misfits Discord, we are an 18+ community that focuses on the PvP side of SoT. It's a great way to find other PvP players to play with. We are also looking for admins for the server, so if you are interested in that just let me know.



  • I just ate a Snickers bar and I'm debating getting another one. How are you all doing today?

  • Hello! My name is YoungCh0p and I am proud to introduce my new Fleet called "Fleet of The Cursed." This is a pvp community and it's a Xbox club of course. I invite all to join who are the best pirates who love blood and gore on the seas! Club name is Fleet of The cursed. Send a invite and I'll be sure to accept you in and you can be on your way down a path of greatness lads!

  • Hello everyone.

    I am not sure that i am right here but i stuck in the Loadingscreen with my "privat" information about the Trade company the green Thing is roatating and my friend can join the game but i cant ... any fixes?

  • alt text


    The Pirate Council desires to celebrate the discovery of the Devil's Roar with a friendly tournament of SKULLBALL! We will establish ourselves on the Forsaken Shores and hold the Region's Very First Skullball Tournament!

    alt text

    alt text

    • What is Skullball?

    Skullball is a sport invented by the Fortune Union. Essentially, the goal of the game is to take the Skull to the Opposing Team's Crow's Nest. For the FORSAKEN SKULLBALL Tournament, each community will bring forward a Brigantine Crew to battle it out!

    • Rules

    Teams are composed of Looters and Watcher.
    Having a Watcher is optional.
    There can only be 1 Watcher per team, at a time.
    Watchers have to stay on their Respective Ships.
    Looters can only use a Cutlass and a Flintlock.
    Watchers can only use a Cutlass and an Eye of Reach.
    When a team scores a point, the opposing team starts the new round with the Skull. Once the Skull is off the ship, the starting team cannot return on their ship with it.

    Looters are not allowed to access the opposing team's lower decks.
    No Bananas are allowed, other than the ones you can pick up on the island.
    No Cannons.
    No one is allowed on the Sails or on the Crow's Nest, other than the one carrying the Skull.

    If a Watcher is found off their ship, the round will be paused, and the Watcher is killed as the round is resumed.

    If an Opposing Looter is found fighting below decks, the round will be paused and the deck will be cleared. The Opposing Looters that were on the ship at the time of the penalty will be able to resume on land, by the ship.

    When a penalty is called, Players on the Ferry will have to remain on the Ferry until the round is resumed. If a Player spawns back while there is a Penalty Call, they will be executed and will return to the Ferry.

    Intentionally harming the Ships will result in immediate disqualification.

    All Penalties will be dealt by the Referees & ShoutCasters alone.

    (Rules and Penalties are subject to possible change.)


    Your team gets a point when you carry the Skull to your Opposing Team's Crow's Nest.

    The team who reaches 3 points first, or has the most points after 15 minutes wins.

    If there is a stalemate, an additional Sudden Death round occurs. Once a player dies during the Sudden Death round, they will not be allowed to spawn back.

    If there is a stalemate during the Sudden Death round, a single duel will settle the matter.

    • Where can I see this?

    You will be able to follow the FORSAKEN SKULLBALL Tournament by tuning in to our Official Shoutcaster @ELLISisBEAST with Special Guest @Thor-Von-Blitz

    • Can my crew participate?

    If you and your crew wish to participate, leave a message below with your crew details and a way to contact you. Space is limited but we welcome new and friendly faces!

    • What is the Pirate Council?

    The Pirate Council is is a coalition of fleets and organizations that share a common passion for Sea of Thieves. With different perspectives, we believe that we can influence the tides and bring a positive and impactful experience for our community members and the larger Sea of Thieves Community. If you wish to know more, don't hesitate to contact us!

    We are:

    Iron Fleet
    The Blue Devils
    Fleet of Thieves
    Crew of Thieves
    DADS Pirates
    Steve Irwin's Revenge
    Sea Of Thieves ITALIA
    Tactical Fleet
    The Dread Fleet
    Angels of Death
    Rogue Legends

    alt text

  • as at this patch i been full on tittle and achivements/commendations done in bilge rats.
    and now i missing like 3 tittles. have i missed any thing hidden :S

    becurse i like being full out on both titles and commendations

    yes i have done every commendations the whole way with them. but now im missing 3 so its 16/19

    WATH im missing