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  • Missed a Sea of Thieves video or just want to watch one again? Well here's an organised list of all the videos from the official Sea of Thieves YouTube Channel.


    Cursed Sails Teaser Trailer

    Official E3 2018 Trailer

    The Hungering Deep Trailer

    Museum of More Pirate Short Trailer 3: The Legend of KattTruewalker

    Museum of More Pirate Short Trailer 2: The Legend of Lizalaroo

    Museum of More Pirate Short Trailer 1: The Legend of Pikaaroon

    Museum of More Pirate Full Trailer

    Gameplay Launch Trailer

    Everything You Need to Know About Sea of Thieves

    Closed Beta Trailer

    Release Date Announce


    E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough

    E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough (No Narration)

    E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer

    E3 2016 Cinematic Trailer

    Sea of Thieves Announce Trailer - E3 2015

    Tales from the Tavern

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #17

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #16

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #15

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #14

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #13

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #12

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #11

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #10

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #9

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #8

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #7

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #6

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #5

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #4

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #3

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #2

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #1

    Developer Gameplay

    Developer Gameplay #7: "All Aboard the Party Boat!"

    Developer Gameplay #6: "This is Not Going to End Well..."

    Developer Gameplay #5: "Pirate Olympics"

    Developer Gameplay #4: "Four Feathers"

    Developer Gameplay #3: "We Look Like a Bunch of Tourists"

    Developer Gameplay #2: "This is Unacceptable!"

    Developer Gameplay #1: "We Come Bearing Gifts!"

    Developer Update

    Developer Update: July 19th 2018

    Developer Update: July 11th 2018

    Developer Update: July 4th 2018

    Developer Update: June 20th 2018

    Developer Update: June 14th 2018

    Developer Update: June 5th 2018

    Developer Update: May 29th 2018

    Developer Update: May 22nd 2018

    Developer Update: May 15th 2018

    Developer Update: May 10th 2018

    Developer Update: May 1st 2018

    Developer Update: Week 1

    Developer Update: Launch Status

    Developer Update: Final Beta

    Developer Update: Scale Test

    Developer Update: Lore in Sea of Thieves

    Developer Update: The World of Sea of Thieves

    Developer Update: NYCC Panel Plans

    Developer Update: Ferry of the Damned

    Developer Update: Feedback

    Behind the scenes

    Behind the Scenes: Alliances

    Behind the Scenes: Expanded Universe & SDCC 2018

    Behind the Scenes: Studio Launch Buzz

    Behind the Scenes: NPC and Dialogue System

    Behind the Scenes: Skeleton AI

    Behind the Scenes: Xbox One X

    Behind the Scenes: Non-Verbal Communications

    Behind the Scenes: Revisiting Gunplay

    Behind the Scenes: Live Campaigns

    Behind the Scenes: PC

    Behind the Scenes: Sword Combat

    Behind the Scenes: Pirate Consultants

    Inn-Side Story

    Inn-side Story #29: Bilge Rat Adventures

    Inn-Side Story #28: Campaigns and Content

    Inn-Side Story #27: Solo Play

    Inn-side Story #26: Content Plans

    Inn-side Story #25: Customisation

    Inn-side Story #24: Skeleton Forts

    Inn-side Story #23: Small Ship

    Inn-side Story #22: A New Type of Multiplayer Game

    Inn-side Story #21: Cross Play

    Inn-side Story #20: Windows 10

    Inn-side Story #19: A Game That's Great to Watch

    Inn-side Story #18: Riddle Quests

    Inn-side Story #17: Shipwrecks

    Inn-side Story #16: Storms

    Inn-side Story #15: Phil Spencer in the Tavern!

    Inn-side Story #14: Resources

    Inn-side Story #13: The Voyage System

    Inn-side Story #12: The Wider World

    Inn-side Story #11: Acting on Feedback

    Inn-side Story #10: Co-Op Gameplay

    Inn-side Story #9: Become an Insider!

    Inn-side Story #8: Imagining Islands

    Inn-side Story #7: A World in Motion

    Inn-side Story #6: Sounds of the Land and Sea

    Inn-side Story #5: A Signature Soundtrack

    Inn-side Story #4: Let There Be Light

    Inn-side Story #3: Engineering Great Water

    Inn-side Story #2: Setting Sail on PC

    Inn-side Story #1: What is Sea of Thieves?

    Short Haul

    Short Haul #8: Building Outposts

    Short Haul #7: Animating Skeletons

    Short Haul #6: Sounds of the Ship

    Short Haul #5: The Hurdy-Gurdy

    Short Haul #4: Visual Effects

    Short Haul #3: Creating Clouds

    Short Haul #2: Aboard the Ship

    Short Haul #1: Instruments

    Content Update

    Technical Alpha Update: Smooth Sailing

    Technical Alpha Update: Taming New Seas

    Technical Alpha Update: The Quest For Gold

    Tavern Tunes

    Tavern Tunes: Summon the Megalodon

    Tavern Tunes: Be More Pirate

    Tavern Tunes: The Voyage of the Secret Shrine

    Tavern Tunes: Adventure Awaits

    Tavern Tunes: Maiden Voyage

    Tavern Tunes: We Shall Sail Together

    Tavern Tunes: The Sea of Thieves

    Bilge Rat Adventures

    Bilge Rat Adventures: The Sunken Curse

    Bilge Rat Adventures: Gunpowder Skeletons

    Bilge Rat Adventures: Skeleton Thrones


    E3 2018 Developer Roundtable

    Finding Crewmates Video

    Becoming a Pirate Legend: Progression in Sea of Thieves - Official Walkthrough

    New York Comic Con 2017 Panel

    EGX 2017 Show Floor Player Reactions

    Official Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Sea of Thieves... So Far

    Talk Like A Pirate Day 2016

    Comic-Con 2016 Art of Adventure Panel

    E3 2016 Accolades

    E3 2016 Xbox Booth Tour

    E3 2016 Superfan Reactions

    Play It First Fan Interviews

    E3 2016 Show Floor Player Reactions

    Play It First Contest Results

    Play It First Contest Announcement

    I aim to keep this up-to-date, if I've missed any just let me know.

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!

    Early into the development of Sea of Thieves, Rare Ltd. had decided that they wanted to create the 'ultimate Pirate game experience'. A game that would strive to be the most welcoming, fun and inclusive game available with a strong focus on the sacred bond between the crew, their teamwork and laughter.

    With those ideals set in stone, the team got to work...

    One way that Rare wanted to celebrate the amazing community was by actually having the community shape the world and 'leave their mark' on the Sea of Thieves.

    It was to the surprise of us all when we began to notice Pirates' immortalised in the game with in-game Easter Eggs.
    Each tribute has a story, a legend, a reason why that pirate made their mark on the development of Sea of Thieves.

    The below list is the confirmed list of known 'marks' found in the game.

    To discuss and help hunt down the remaining marks, check out this topic.

    Confirmed 'Community Marks' List

    @ArchAngel Aeon


    @Capta1n Cr0ss


    @Carson iz Pro

    @Clumsy George



    @Deckhands (original)

    @DE4TH fire


    @Fizzy f**y






    @IOnEI Falcon


    @Kato the Dog





    @Tartansnake 8

    @Taydoge Swift

    @Xboxx Addictt



  • AHOY, Maties!

    Burned out and want to venture to those Outer Shores?

    Care to just put aside the boots and relax at the tavern?

    Come on in and get to know yer fellow pirates with a good ol' game and movie nite!

    Feel free to post Suggestions and Feedback about Events and keep a weathered eye fer any Event Updates


    .. Jackbox Games ..

    • Fibbage
    • Quiplash
    • Bomb Corp
    • Earwax
    • Bidiots
    • Drawful 2
    • Quiplash 2
    • Trivia Murder Party
    • Guesspionage
    • Tee K.O.
    • Fakin' It (might have to be adapted for Non-Couch Co-Op)


    • Still free fer you
    • Come and Visit the Bunny Captn's Cabin
    • Ye only need an account if you want to customize yer 'flair' or get notifications
    • Movies shown are rented through YouTube or Netflix
    • Ye can use Text chat or A/V while watchin'
    • Room can fit ~20 pirates
    • Tharrrs a short list of Animated Emotes but plenty of Emojis ye can type up


    Up for Suggestions R')

  • banner forum

    sep up

    dev update

    sep v2


    sep v2

    Ahoy pirati!

    Qui sotto verranno inserite le traduzioni in Italiano dei Developer Updates di Sea of Thieves.
    Spero possa risultare utile a tutti gli utenti italiani che passeranno da questa discussione.

    Questa discussione verrà aggiornata nelle risposte, settimana per settimana, con i vari Dev Update, con le relative date

    Buon divertimento e...ricordatevi di passare dal server Discord di Sea of Thieves Italia

    sep v2

    For other people who are not Italian, we are sorry to post here in our language, but we are simply helping the Italians Players, translating the Developer Updates

    sep v2


    Per tutti i Developer Updates precedenti a quello del 04/07/2018, potete consultarle direttamente dai Developer Updates del server Discord di Sea of Thieves Italia.
    Da quello del 04/07/2018 saranno presenti anche in questo post, come risposte, oltre che nel server Discord

    sep down

  • my friend is downloading the game 2 days and first it showed him that it is 24 gb big and next day it is still downloading and it shows now 37 gb.

    what is wrong ? he just wants to play the game

  • logo sot ita



    Ahoy pirati!!

    Qui sotto verranno inserite le traduzioni in Italiano delle Patch Notes di Sea of Thieves.
    Spero possa risultare utile a tutti gli utenti italiani che passeranno da questa discussione.

    Questa discussione verrà aggiornata nelle risposte, settimana per settimana, con le Varie Patch Notes

    Buon divertimento e...ricordatevi di passare dal server Discord di Sea of Thieves Italia

    separator v2

    For other people who are not Italian, we are sorry to post here in our language, but we are simply helping the Italians Players, translating the Patch Notes

    separator v2


    Per tutte le Patch Notes precedenti alla 1.1.4, potete consultarle direttamente dalle Patch Notes del server Discord di Sea of Thieves Italia.
    Dalla 1.1.4 saranno presenti anche in questo post, come risposte, oltre che nel server Discord


  • I pressed cancel on new update and its deleted game on Xbox I was level 30 on everything I’m gutted , I’m Havin too reinstall game does that mean I’ve lost all progress?

  • Jolly Roger - AAARGH! We be after ye booty
    White Flag - The True French Flag
    Black Flag - I'M BATMAN!
    Red Flag - The Flag used to be White
    Blue Flag - SOTPD pull over!
    Yellow Flag - We support Bananas
    Checkered Flag - Let's Race
    Rainbow Flag - We be after ye booty, but not your gold.
    Bilge Rat Flag - Hiccup, Hold my Grog.
    Shark Hunter Flag - The Head, the Tail, the Whole Darn Thing
    Legendary Flag - Look in awe you scallywags.

  • @Deckhands where do I need to submit a kinda critical bug that I see people exploiting?

    thanks :D


    sep up

    logo evento

    Vele lacere e sconosciute appaiono all’orizzonte, nuove ciurme scheletriche sono pronte a portare ulteriori pericoli nel mare di #SeaOfThieves con il nostro nuovo update gratuito: Cursed Sails.
    Preparatevi per una nuova avventura nel più vicino Avamposto a partire dal 31 Luglio.

    sep v2

    img rilascio dlc

    Sea of Thieves uscì a Marzo, il suo primo aggiornamento contenente nuovi contenuti, intitolato The Hungering Deep lo seguì in Maggio, ed ora che Luglio è giunto, è arrivata l'ora di rilasciare quello che, fino a questo momento, sarà il più grande update. Cursed Sails uscirà il 31 Luglio, e come gli altri aggiornamenti (DLC) sarà gratuito per tutti coloro che possiedono il gioco.

    sep v2

    gif statua

    Cursed Sails cambierà per sempre le cose su Sea of Thieves, poichè le vele che avvisterete all'orizzonte non saranno più solamente giocatori. I ponti sotto quegli alberi ora potrebbero essere di un equipaggio di scheletri predoni tornati a navigare nei nostri mari dalle loro tombe. Tutto quello che mantiene in vita questi digrignanti terrori è una sete di battaglie che li porta a terrorizzare gli Avamposti e richiamare difensori a combatterli sulle onde.

    sep v2

    gif statua 2

    Fortunatamente, la minaccia di queste navi-fortezza degli scheletri giunge in compagnia di aiuti per i pirati di Sea of Thieves. Il Galeone e la Sloop ora avranno compagnia sotto forma di Brigantino, un nuovo tipo di barca creato per le ciurme da tre persone. Abbiamo aggiunto anche un sistema di Alleanza che incoraggerà la formazione di flotte unite sotto una singola causa, pronte per affrontare sfide più grandi e condividere i guadagni.

    sep v2

    gif nave che scompare

    Le ultime settimane hanno visto sfide e ricompense offerte nelle avventure dei Topi di Sentina, ma persino q**i fuorilegge da quattro soldi metteranno le loro richieste e i loro giochi in attesa mentre gli eventi di Cursed Sails si svolgeranno.
    Meglio che iniziate a rinforzarvi prima che la rivolta scheletrica arrivi, e prima che la loro ultima sfida volga al termine. Quindi torna a bordo di Sea of Thieves nelle prossime 2 settimane per provare il nuovo aggiornamento Cursed Sails, che arriverà’ il 31 Luglio.
    Portati dietro tutto quello che hai, perchè sarà una battaglia all’ultimo osso per la sopravvivenza dei pirati, e nessun lembo di mare sarà più un luogo sicuro.

    sep down


    We are proud to present Brigatta - A Fortune Race!

    Inspired by the creativity and ingeniosity of our Italian Comrades, @SeaofThievesIT, we have decided to concoct our very own Racing Event!

    This Event will bring together some of the most involved Communities revolving around Sea of Thieves, in a contest of skills and mastery.

    We are happy to welcome, once again:

    This is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of the Brigantine and the newest Sea Terrors.

    alt text

    • Rules:

    Pirates need to complete the race before the other teams. Four Objectives will have to be completed and the Official assigned to the Crew will approve.

    The Objectives will be given out AN HOUR BEFORE the Start of the Race.

    The Race Details will be given out AN HOUR BEFORE the Start of the Event.

    All of the lights on the ship should be turned on at all times, unless the Ship is anchored.

    All Weapons will be in play.
    All Cannons & Cannonballs will be in play.
    Boom-booms will be in play.

    Pirates cannot board an opposing ship.

    Pirates cannot blow up the opposing team's Crow's Nest.

    Pirates are not allowed to Fire their Weapons from their Crow's Nest.

    When the ships are anchored, no one can attack them. The ship must signal it is anchored by turning off all of the lights. If an attack is made, the Official will sit on the anchor of the Offending Ship until 15 seconds pass.

    If a Ship sinks, the Crew is out of the Race!

    • When does it happen?

    The Brigatta is scheduled to happen on Saturday, August 4th 2018

    5PM EDT
    2PM PDT
    10PM BST

    • Where can I see this!?!

    Every Crew will provide a dedicated streamer and every Official will be streaming their point of view.

    We will post the links as soon as we can! Stay tuned!

    • Prizes!

    We will be offering a series of small prizes for the completion of certain objectives and the Grand Winner of the Event will win 3 Months of Xbox Live Gold!

    • How can I show my support ?

    You wish to support your team? You're a diehard Hooligan and wish to make it known? Easy! Wear your favourite team's kit and post a picture here!

    Fortune favors the Bold!

  • Happy World Snake Day Everyone!

    Now I know everyone loves the snakes in SoT as much as I do, so to celebrate World Snake Day 2018 I’m going to run a wee competition.

    It’s pretty simple; just post your best picture from SoT that includes a snake(s).

    Only one entry per pirate. If you change your mind please edit your original post, rather than creating a new one, before the competition closes.

    I’ll lock this thread at midday Friday 20th July (BST)* to give you some time to get that perfect image before I getting some dirty pirates to judge.

    I aim to announce the winner over the weekend and will post the winning GT here.

    Oh ... and for a wee bit of motivation, the winner will receive a t-shirt of their choosing from the Sea of Thieves store. Subject to store availability / inc. pre-orders.

    So grab your instrument** of choice and happy snapping.

    *or soon after depending on my memory web access at the time.

    ** I won't be held responsible for any bites, you take part it this competition at your own risk.

  • Hey,

    It's been a while since I posted on the forums. For those that don't remember me, I've been very active on here during the alpha, then moved on to Discord late 2017. I founded Crew of Thieves and the website in November. Currently, I am one of the admins of the Sea of Thieves Community Discord with over 31k members and owner of the Crew of Thieves Discord with over 2k members.

    Now one of the last real posts I made on the forums was about problems with the Insider Programme. Back then it got a lot of attention and I believe it changed the game and community a bit, so I'll try to do it again. I have spent a lot of time as Content Creator, Community leader and playing the game myself, as well as talking to others in similar positions before writing this post. The issues listed here do not only affect me and the team behind Crew of Thieves but are rather present for all dedicated people around Sea of Thieves.

    I do not want to talk about issues with the game itself here. There's quite a few of those, but they aren't even the main problem at this point.

    Let's start with Rare:

    When I first joined the forums, Rare seemed like very genuine developers that care a lot about both the game and the community around it. A lot of the dedicated players have defended them for months, even when the game got a lot of hate. Sadly, Rare never seems to value the people that have put time in to make their game more enjoyable for others or to give feedback on it.


    This is a very recent issue, so I'll start with it. A lot of the pioneers were also the most dedicated people to this game. It is absolutely justified to start the programme up again and invite new people or kick inactive ones out. However, Rare broke their own rules and lied to the pioneers in the process, which is the real problem. This is everything but a respectful way to treat those that helped get this game to where it is now.

    Rare promised to inform anyone before kicking them out of pioneers, which didn't happen. You can tell us that it now is a "new" programme and that the old one was closed, but we all know that this is no excuse.

    We all kept our badges after the original pioneer forums were closed and got told that it isn't the end of pioneers. A week ago all of our badges suddenly disappeared. Support straight up lied to us when they got asked about it.

    And the statement @khaleesibot posted later completely ignores the fact that the pioneers aren't just some people that got to test new features, they are people with hundreds of forum posts, hours in the game and a ton of dedication to it. We do not demand the right to stay pioneers indefinitely, but a simple email to inform us about the changes would've already come a long way. This is not about the technicalities and we care little if you say this is a new Programme, it's a matter of respect.

    This is sadly not the first time Rare has shown a complete lack of understanding and respect for the dedicated people around their game. Giving easter eggs to a lot of people that have done great things and then giving one to a random streamer for doing something a lot of others have done before. The absolute Disaster which was the way they created their own Discord.

    Next big point is just the sheer amount of false promises Rare made and the unprofessionalism they have shown since the final beta.

    So many times dates for updates were announced (Hungering Deep as the most prominent example) and then changed or delayed. If you know you can't keep to it just don't announce a clear date in the first place.

    So many features that were promised to come (You can go through old dev videos and you are going to find a ton of them) aren't in the game.

    Sea of Thieves' social media situation is a lot of things, but not professional.

    The ideas of death tax and 4 man sloops showed a lack of understanding for the own game, as well as just a major disconnection from its community

    Hyping the Kraken up right before launch on Reddit when they knew it was absolutely underwhelming

    Looking at those things one-by-one they don't seem like too much of a problem, but if you really dedicate yourself to the game you'll realize how often they let you down or don't keep to what they say. Praising them for "taking their time to fix things" has its limits.

    Content Creation

    Rare really advertised Sea of Thieves as a great game for Content Creators. In-depth Mixer Integration, Support for fan websites, a dedicated Content Creator contact were promised to us.

    Guess how much of it ever happened?

    Nothing. Rare has pretty much not offered any support for content creators since launch. There's a reason why there's barely any websites dedicated to this game. Content Creators, which have created hundreds of videos on the game prior to launch have had relatively little support and can often be seen creating content for other games after a long record of Sea of Thieves only.
    The user, subscriber or viewer numbers show that Sea of Thieves isn't exactly a successful game on the Content Creators side. Again, we've been let down by a long record of false promises, ignorance and no support whatsoever.


    By now there are quite a few big communities formed around the game. They give players the option to find like-minded pirates to play with, a place to talk about the game and share fan creations. Without these communities, a lot of people wouldn't be playing Sea of Thieves or would at least enjoy doing it a lot less.
    But once again there are problems.

    Most communities struggle to build a solid core of users. Sea of Thieves as a game offers little incentive to keep playing once you reach Pirate Legend or even Athenas 10 if you want to grind some more. This not only impacts players, who lose interest in the game even if they liked it but also communities. Often times, activity there is more based around the frequency of new users than around anything else. People stay dedicated to the game for a rather short amount of time, so clans and fleets have to fight for new people to fill the ranks as quickly as possible. This makes it hard and frustrating to build a solid community dedicated to the game.

    Again, communities receive barely any support from Rare. Events which take hours to prepare and run do not get any official recognition. These events are often a lot of fun for hundreds of participants, yet Rare can't even be bothered to respond to emails or help out at all.

    Overall, Rare has shown little respect or support for those that dedicate themselves to their game. Whether it is Pioneers, Content Creators or Communities, a lot of us are very frustrated by now. The people that moderate communities, produce funny videos, run the subreddit, give feedback and write guides are the ones that make it enjoyable for thousands of others. There's only so much we can do and only so many times we can be let down before we move on. It has come to a point where people with thousands of forum posts, hours in the game, community members and created videos are leaving the community.

  • It's amazing the world we live in. There is no day that I play without racist comments. And I'm not talking about children precisely, although in one ear and out the other but they are an embarassment.

    I don't want to generalize but they are always from the same country. I hope that RARE can manage this, or like in the real world, set borders, that kind of people love them. That way they will have to be more original with their insults among them.

  • ... of you not knowing what a great pirate you are! ;)

    Have a good day!

  • So I redeemed one of the codes for chips ahoy to get the onyx compass. I used the code that was emailed me on my account. But when I log in the game there is no compass. I checked both the equipment chest and the merchant, but nothing. Could anyone help.

  • Personally, I don't think that bildge rat items should be limited time because if you not bought any of it, then you can't get it again! For example, lets say someone goes on holiday and misses out on one of the bildge rat adventures, then they can't get the items. Then they would have missed out and thats just a bit unfair. I believe that they should be put into another category in the dukes inventory called the archives or something where everything is sold for double the price, please share your thoughts

  • As a kid I used to go sailing with my grandfather in his little yellow sailboat down in Galveston, TX. He would tell me stories of French pirates sailing those very waters... and it was always one of my favorite things to do and still is among my favorite memories. He was a stoic, quiet farmer with a huge imagination. He was a woodworker and would make little pirate ships, and sail boats to give me as presents. We would also play mario kart and diddy kong racing ALL THE TIME and he was obsessed with beating his records. My family moved from town to town a lot, so he was my best friend for a lot of my childhood because he would always come visit and take care of me no matter how far away he was. He passed in 2001 wayyyy too young I still feel like I was robbed of more of his imagination and adventures. When I started playing this game, I immediately felt it was something he would have loved. I mean, he would have ripped apart any non-realistic aspect of sailing I know that for sure - but everything else he would have loved. Anyways, I never realized how much a video game developer could help me connect both as a child and an adult with my late grandfather. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, if anyone ever manages to read this who had any part in making this awesome game. You have a grateful fan for life- even if you let PC players beat up on us xboxers.

  • Just a quick and pointless question but, if you were using a island (excluding forts and outposts) as your base of operations and ultimately, your hideout, what island would you pick.
    I'm thinking either cannon cove (because of the small cave and the docks), thieves haven (because it's just basically a giant base, with resources, cannons and vantage points) or mermaid's hideaway (because of the underwater cave system and cannons)
    You know what, how bout you put your top 3?
    Looking forward to hearing what other people's opinions are :D
    (Also, when you do post, can you @ me so I get notified on them?)

  • wanted to share with everyone. It has been a long grinding road, I didn't server hop really or anything like that. I am a true blue pirate legend that can get to most islands without looking at the map. I also avoided anything about the hideout once peole started getting to it, so that was really awesome for me. And with this I pledge to be able to be more of a giving pirate, I feel like I have always been pretty nice on the seas, but now I might even share my treasure here and there.

  • Hope you like it!
    Was gonna bamboozle the guy but ended up sharing a bond.

  • This topic is deleted!

    Any advice on what to do? I've tried everything I can think of.

  • I see this in alot of threads, people complaining about PvP and how the game is unfair because some meanie came and took your loot, those people really annoy me, here is why PvE servers would be just plain rubbish:

    1. PvP is one of the main aspects of the game, with only the people who want to do PvP, it takes out the danger
    2. There would be no way your boat could be defeated (unless you rammed it into a rock on purpose)
    3. It is easy to avoid PvP, all you have to do is to look out for other ships
    4. without PvP, the game just becomes sailing, finding treasure and killing skeletons.
    5. Your loot is not yours until you sell it! You have to be careful and wary about enemy pirates, if you meet someone, befriend them but then they stab you in the back, thats your fault, you can't get angry with betrayers and ruthless killers in a game about PIRATES!

    some points may have repeated themselves but most are different. Please share your thoughts down below

  • Need three or so to play with right now. Cant find a good galleon crew so who wants to own the seas with me and rake in the gold? Message Blitz Fierce on xbox for invite! or invite me :)

  • We all try to take screenshots of strange things that happened to you in a game, or the gorgeous scenery that we love to see.

    I think it would be awesome to see your fave screenshots, ones of you and your crew!

    Here are a few of my all time fave shots of some of my best crewmates.
    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Hey all, I am trying to find a pirate I met on the ferry of the damned today. He is a pirate legend and his galleon managed to sink our sloop, while we were both in the ferry he told me he had seen me on here loads of times and remembered my name!

    Unfortunately I can't do him the same honour, I only remember his last name (GT) was Butts (I think!)

    Mr Butts, make yourself known :D

  • Hello fellow pirates,

    I'm having troubles with hearing crewmembers/ other crews members. I do see the chat balloon popping up when someone is saying something, yet I hear no sound. I've checked my audio settings with the settings of a friend who doesn't have this problem, but we have everything exactly the same, yet I still dont hear anyone.

    I've searched on google about this problem and I came on a page of Sea of Thieves itself which explains how to fix this problem.
    But this didn't help me at all. So this is the only thing Sea of Thieves could say about that:
    "If You see this and still hear no talking then you may have your audio setup incorrectly through the OS."

    After that I checked my audio setup of my pc, and my pc says everything is up to date. I'm kinda stuck now on how to fix this.
    Did anyone have this problem and solved it? Please tell me how you solved it so I can try that too!


    The Clyff

    PS: Yes I reinstalled the game.
    PSS: Yes I tried turning it off and on again.

  • Hi mateys :)

    It came to my knowledge that an event is currently underway in the US to get unique items in the game, in partnership with ahoy chips (

    Apparently there is no need to buy these chips, just check the package and take a picture of the code then redeem it. Apparently it takes 4 codes to receive the 4 items.

    Because I'm french I'm asking if someone, currently on the American soil, would it be able to retrieve a bunch of codes (4 ideally) in order for me to receive these exclusive items? Again, no need to buy, just to walk around a supermarket and snap some...

    In any case, I wish you all a fine cruising.

  • Today,
    five to six Gallion crews who did not know each other prior and it happened at different times today were cheated on and game ruined by the situation below.
    a sloop with ONE person, over the course of four or five hours took on Gallions with good crews , with at least four onboard. This individual would park a sloop four blocks away and three minutes later be on the gallion and killed the whole crew until they spawned some other place. I and seven others watched him ALONE take out and sink at least five fully loaded galleons and their crew. The crew had NO newbs on it. All were level 25 or above. The first part of his name is Blake. He goes for skeleton forts and the last part of the name we could not read. You can review MacDaddy , myself and others . We have all signed off the game for today as I know we need to let you know. All Gallion crews ended up signing off as there was no way to kill him. In all those battles he died once. He parks way away from the skull fort and then magically appears on board your ship. I hope this is resolved by tomorrow and I know it will be.

  • alt text

    Entra con noi a far parte della più grande comunità italiana di Sea of Thieves.

    alt text

    Abbiamo lavorato sodo per unire tutti i principali portali in modo da costruire la più grande comunità italiana di Sea of Thieves!

    alt text

    Salpiamo insieme, raggiungici su questi portali:

    Pagina FACEBOOK (la più seguita d'italia)
    Gruppo FACEBOOK (il più numeroso d'italia)

  • Each time there is ANY kind of post, wether it be new weapons, new cosmetics, or new quest ideas, we get a TON of fights in them. Everyone bashes one another, no one gets along. And then all those threads get locked. Why are people on the forums like this? It doesn't do anyone good!

  • Ok, this is response to the thread Iare a few days ago:
    As you noticed, there underwent a huge political debate because I suggested the first design for the U.S flag being in the game. After that, some good comments, then it went to huge debates. Which caused it to be locked up. And sadly I can't make another with a different poll, because I would be "duplicating threads"

    Just... what the heck? I didn't want the thread to have any politics! I wanted to ask rare to help us celebrate independance day! I mean they celebrated a very specific group before saying Rule 1 of the cose. And according to thay code, that could mean Independence day should get a flag too. "Everyone is equal no matter the sex, orientation, nationality, or creed." I am trying to follow that yet keep my opinions.

    Sadly when anyone suggests stuff like U.S flags, it sparks huge political debate and gets multiple people banned, and threads locked. And now most likely Rare won't see the suggestion. So I need to ask a favor. Stop being disrespectful to one another, agree to disagree, and don't bring politics to threads with good ideas. Because I'm sick of the political debates where good ideas are played