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  • Missed a Sea of Thieves video or just want to watch one again? Well here's an organised list of all the videos from the official Sea of Thieves YouTube Channel.


    Cursed Sails Teaser Trailer

    Official E3 2018 Trailer

    The Hungering Deep Trailer

    Museum of More Pirate Short Trailer 3: The Legend of KattTruewalker

    Museum of More Pirate Short Trailer 2: The Legend of Lizalaroo

    Museum of More Pirate Short Trailer 1: The Legend of Pikaaroon

    Museum of More Pirate Full Trailer

    Gameplay Launch Trailer

    Everything You Need to Know About Sea of Thieves

    Closed Beta Trailer

    Release Date Announce


    E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough

    E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough (No Narration)

    E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer

    E3 2016 Cinematic Trailer

    Sea of Thieves Announce Trailer - E3 2015

    Tales from the Tavern

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #17

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #16

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #15

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    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #4

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #3

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #2

    Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #1

    Developer Gameplay

    Developer Gameplay #7: "All Aboard the Party Boat!"

    Developer Gameplay #6: "This is Not Going to End Well..."

    Developer Gameplay #5: "Pirate Olympics"

    Developer Gameplay #4: "Four Feathers"

    Developer Gameplay #3: "We Look Like a Bunch of Tourists"

    Developer Gameplay #2: "This is Unacceptable!"

    Developer Gameplay #1: "We Come Bearing Gifts!"

    Developer Update

    Developer Update: July 19th 2018

    Developer Update: July 11th 2018

    Developer Update: July 4th 2018

    Developer Update: June 20th 2018

    Developer Update: June 14th 2018

    Developer Update: June 5th 2018

    Developer Update: May 29th 2018

    Developer Update: May 22nd 2018

    Developer Update: May 15th 2018

    Developer Update: May 10th 2018

    Developer Update: May 1st 2018

    Developer Update: Week 1

    Developer Update: Launch Status

    Developer Update: Final Beta

    Developer Update: Scale Test

    Developer Update: Lore in Sea of Thieves

    Developer Update: The World of Sea of Thieves

    Developer Update: NYCC Panel Plans

    Developer Update: Ferry of the Damned

    Developer Update: Feedback

    Behind the scenes

    Behind the Scenes: Alliances

    Behind the Scenes: Expanded Universe & SDCC 2018

    Behind the Scenes: Studio Launch Buzz

    Behind the Scenes: NPC and Dialogue System

    Behind the Scenes: Skeleton AI

    Behind the Scenes: Xbox One X

    Behind the Scenes: Non-Verbal Communications

    Behind the Scenes: Revisiting Gunplay

    Behind the Scenes: Live Campaigns

    Behind the Scenes: PC

    Behind the Scenes: Sword Combat

    Behind the Scenes: Pirate Consultants

    Inn-Side Story

    Inn-side Story #29: Bilge Rat Adventures

    Inn-Side Story #28: Campaigns and Content

    Inn-Side Story #27: Solo Play

    Inn-side Story #26: Content Plans

    Inn-side Story #25: Customisation

    Inn-side Story #24: Skeleton Forts

    Inn-side Story #23: Small Ship

    Inn-side Story #22: A New Type of Multiplayer Game

    Inn-side Story #21: Cross Play

    Inn-side Story #20: Windows 10

    Inn-side Story #19: A Game That's Great to Watch

    Inn-side Story #18: Riddle Quests

    Inn-side Story #17: Shipwrecks

    Inn-side Story #16: Storms

    Inn-side Story #15: Phil Spencer in the Tavern!

    Inn-side Story #14: Resources

    Inn-side Story #13: The Voyage System

    Inn-side Story #12: The Wider World

    Inn-side Story #11: Acting on Feedback

    Inn-side Story #10: Co-Op Gameplay

    Inn-side Story #9: Become an Insider!

    Inn-side Story #8: Imagining Islands

    Inn-side Story #7: A World in Motion

    Inn-side Story #6: Sounds of the Land and Sea

    Inn-side Story #5: A Signature Soundtrack

    Inn-side Story #4: Let There Be Light

    Inn-side Story #3: Engineering Great Water

    Inn-side Story #2: Setting Sail on PC

    Inn-side Story #1: What is Sea of Thieves?

    Short Haul

    Short Haul #8: Building Outposts

    Short Haul #7: Animating Skeletons

    Short Haul #6: Sounds of the Ship

    Short Haul #5: The Hurdy-Gurdy

    Short Haul #4: Visual Effects

    Short Haul #3: Creating Clouds

    Short Haul #2: Aboard the Ship

    Short Haul #1: Instruments

    Content Update

    Technical Alpha Update: Smooth Sailing

    Technical Alpha Update: Taming New Seas

    Technical Alpha Update: The Quest For Gold

    Tavern Tunes

    Tavern Tunes: Summon the Megalodon

    Tavern Tunes: Be More Pirate

    Tavern Tunes: The Voyage of the Secret Shrine

    Tavern Tunes: Adventure Awaits

    Tavern Tunes: Maiden Voyage

    Tavern Tunes: We Shall Sail Together

    Tavern Tunes: The Sea of Thieves

    Bilge Rat Adventures

    Bilge Rat Adventures: The Sunken Curse

    Bilge Rat Adventures: Gunpowder Skeletons

    Bilge Rat Adventures: Skeleton Thrones


    E3 2018 Developer Roundtable

    Finding Crewmates Video

    Becoming a Pirate Legend: Progression in Sea of Thieves - Official Walkthrough

    New York Comic Con 2017 Panel

    EGX 2017 Show Floor Player Reactions

    Official Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Sea of Thieves... So Far

    Talk Like A Pirate Day 2016

    Comic-Con 2016 Art of Adventure Panel

    E3 2016 Accolades

    E3 2016 Xbox Booth Tour

    E3 2016 Superfan Reactions

    Play It First Fan Interviews

    E3 2016 Show Floor Player Reactions

    Play It First Contest Results

    Play It First Contest Announcement

    I aim to keep this up-to-date, if I've missed any just let me know.

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!

    Early into the development of Sea of Thieves, Rare Ltd. had decided that they wanted to create the 'ultimate Pirate game experience'. A game that would strive to be the most welcoming, fun and inclusive game available with a strong focus on the sacred bond between the crew, their teamwork and laughter.

    With those ideals set in stone, the team got to work...

    One way that Rare wanted to celebrate the amazing community was by actually having the community shape the world and 'leave their mark' on the Sea of Thieves.

    It was to the surprise of us all when we began to notice Pirates' immortalised in the game with in-game Easter Eggs.
    Each tribute has a story, a legend, a reason why that pirate made their mark on the development of Sea of Thieves.

    The below list is the confirmed list of known 'marks' found in the game.

    To discuss and help hunt down the remaining marks, check out this topic.

    Confirmed 'Community Marks' List

    @ArchAngel Aeon


    @Capta1n Cr0ss


    @Carson iz Pro

    @Clumsy George



    @Deckhands (original)

    @DE4TH fire


    @Fizzy f**y






    @IOnEI Falcon


    @Kato the Dog





    @Tartansnake 8

    @Taydoge Swift

    @Xboxx Addictt




    div iniziale
    sot it
    pic trofeo doug
    div galeone
    Ahoy pirates, the Douglas Cup is getting to an end, and those merciless crews will be going through quarter finals, so come along because the latest and bloodiest battles are about to begin and they will be streamed on our official Twitch channel! The winner crew will receive 2 keys for One Month of Xbox Pass and 2 keys for the Onyx Compass.
    batt navale pic
    div skull


    • Restricted Battle Area
    • 150 Cannon Balls
    • 50 Bananas
    • 50 Wooden Planks
    • There can only be 2 Explosive Barrels on the ship, nothing tell about taking others during the battles...
    • Cursed CannonBalls cannot be used!
    • After the crews filled their resource's barrel, they need to get near Old Boot Fort and there they can start the battle on sight;

    Coppa Douglas is a ship battle 1 vs 1 with direct elimination divided in 3 stages:

    • Quarter Finals - Their occurrence will not be shown and they will be at direct elimination, so prepare yourselves pirates, you'll only get one chance! This first part of the tournament will be organized all by the crews themself.
    • Semifinals - They will be streamed on our official Twitch Channel, these too are direct elimination,
    • Finals - They will be streamed on our official Twitch Channel, but those will be at the best of 5

    battle area
    imamgine area
    pay attention

    • in case of a Meg encounter the battle will continue,
    • In case of a Kraken encounter the battle will pause untile the ship gets out of it and is ready to continue the battle,
    • in case of other ships getting too close they will be told to leave the area, and if they won't every ship participating will attack the outsiders in unison. After the threat is gone, the staff ship will refill the participants with the resources used,
    • the stream time of the battles will be announced down here as a comment as an update of the post!
      prima immagine dei bicchieri strani
      div down
  • hi i have played many a game where pirate legends pick on small children during the game waiting around outposts to steal their treasure ,or skull fort after ,can we please have outposts with royal navy galleons or french navy galleons that protect theft from the smaller players in the game ,then they to could enjoy the game as well ,i had to play a game with a kid nearly in tears because a pirate legend had stole his treasure after the kid had put a hour into the game ,hardly fair .
    not really played the game since this experience ,might look at the update ,but i'm pretty much done after listening to this kid cry !!!

  • Choc des Océans Logo

    Le Choc des Océans aka The Clash of the Seas!

    Ahoy everyone! I'm here today to talk about the #1 event in the french community of Sea Of Thieves: "Le Choc des Océans" (aka "The Clash of the Seas")!

    What's this event about?

    Organized by the Sea Of Thieves French Community Discord, this event regroups made-up teams together for some fun activities! Defending Tina's latest lengendary grog shipment at her famous tavern "The Captain's Head" from blood thirsty pirates, or even 3 brigantines fighting each other with cursed cannonbals retrieved from one of Wanda's shipwreck: "La Belle Poule" (aka "The Pretty Chicken")!


    Latest event: L'Escarmouche de La Belle Poule!

    L'Escarmouche de La Belle Poule (aka The Skirmish of The Pretty Chicken) was our latest event. During this event 6 teams of brigantines fought around Old Salts Atoll. The last living soul brings victory to his team! Cursed Cannonballs were retrieved from the wreck of the ship on the island. And they are used to blow up ennemies vessels!

    Before the fight, one member on each team is pick out to be their champion. The winner of a blade duel, agility or drinking skill shall have the privilege the choose cursed cannonballs from the pool firstly. An explosion and a shot of cannon from the referee ship mark the beginning of the fight! Every 10 minutes, a pool Cursed Cannonballs was put on the island by the referee team.

    A wonderful and shiny treasure along with some giveaways from the Sea Of Thieves's shop await the fearless crew that will crush all their ennemies!

    Want to see this event in action? Here's the video!

    LCDO Screenshot #1

    LCDO Screenshot #2

    LCDO Screenshot #3

    LCDO Screenshot #4

    LCDO Screenshot #5

    We hope you like this event and don't forget to join us on the Sea Of Thieves French Community Discord! See ya!

    (Special thanks: @Valdaghan @TerraS77 @VOIDFACTORY)

  • Yesterday was the first time in ages I jumped into the SOT for a bit of piracy gaming. I hit up my old ship mate from the Netherlands and he stuck down an OS voyage and off we sailed on a Brigantine. Just the two of us.
    Firstly the inventory changed and there were these red flags appearing all around the map so all that had to be explained to me as we went. Deciding not to take charge as I usually did being out of the loop for so long, I let my friend more or less captain the ship...Before long we arrived at our destination...Devils ridge, Beached AND ANCHORED in the firing line of a cannon manned by a skelly on one of the island's bluffs looking out over the coast. After much struggle, patching holes, bailing water and attempts at raising the anchor, I recalled the best course of action was to get that skelly off the cannon and so I took the initiative, we salvaged the situation and sailed round to our bounty - cursed skelly's of all varieties, time to collect skulls.. I remembered how to do this! Just cannon them from the ship while my mate runs around on the shore, it'll be quick and we'll be on our way to the next in no time...No, no one was looking out, no pre-planning was done and I was still oiling all my rustiness, A sloop comes out of nowhere, bombards us with cannon balls, we are boarded and swiftly executed and we lose our ship and what skulls we did manage to get lol.

    Now I know how my many victims felt back in the day when we were rolling around double crossing teams or ambushing ships at skelly forts...

    It was fun but I was a little peeved that we lost our stuff not even an hour into the game. lol. Its all part of the game though.

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!

    The voyage to Pirate Legend may be a long one but for me the Sea of Thieves has brought with it so much like friendships, tales of laughter and intense pressure... not to mention gold. Lots and lots of gold.

    Well, for a while now I wanted to share with you all the tales of Buck, my pet banana.

    Actually that's not fair, he's more than a pet. He is his very own Pirate Legend and I thought it would be fun to document his adventures across the Sea of Thieves alongside me.

    So join me in introducing Buck, the Banana Buccaneer!

    Say hi Buck!


  • when me and my friend play we can hear each other but i cant hear anyone else in the game. anyone know what i can do to fix this

  • banner forum

    sep up

    dev update

    sep v2


    sep v2

    Ahoy pirati!

    Qui sotto verranno inserite le traduzioni in Italiano dei Developer Updates di Sea of Thieves.
    Spero possa risultare utile a tutti gli utenti italiani che passeranno da questa discussione.

    Questa discussione verrà aggiornata nelle risposte, settimana per settimana, con i vari Dev Update, con le relative date

    Buon divertimento e...ricordatevi di passare dal server Discord di Sea of Thieves Italia

    sep v2

    For other people who are not Italian, we are sorry to post here in our language, but we are simply helping the Italians Players, translating the Developer Updates

    sep v2


    Per tutti i Developer Updates precedenti a quello del 04/07/2018, potete consultarle direttamente dai Developer Updates del server Discord di Sea of Thieves Italia.
    Da quello del 04/07/2018 saranno presenti anche in questo post, come risposte, oltre che nel server Discord

    sep down

  • logo sot ita



    Ahoy pirati!!

    Qui sotto verranno inserite le traduzioni in Italiano delle Patch Notes di Sea of Thieves.
    Spero possa risultare utile a tutti gli utenti italiani che passeranno da questa discussione.

    Questa discussione verrà aggiornata nelle risposte, settimana per settimana, con le Varie Patch Notes

    Buon divertimento e...ricordatevi di passare dal server Discord di Sea of Thieves Italia

    separator v2

    For other people who are not Italian, we are sorry to post here in our language, but we are simply helping the Italians Players, translating the Patch Notes

    separator v2


    Per tutte le Patch Notes precedenti alla 1.1.4, potete consultarle direttamente dalle Patch Notes del server Discord di Sea of Thieves Italia.
    Dalla 1.1.4 saranno presenti anche in questo post, come risposte, oltre che nel server Discord


  • Stand Up for Copyright in the Digital Age Members of the European Parliament need to hear from you.

    Copyright is back on the agenda in the European Parliament. Will you call Members of the European Parliament and tell them we need copyright laws that promote competition & innovation online?

  • AHOY, Maties!

    Burned out and want to venture to those Outer Shores?

    Care to just put aside the boots and relax at the tavern?

    Come on in and get to know yer fellow pirates with a good ol' game and movie nite!

    Feel free to post Suggestions and Feedback about Events and keep a weathered eye fer any Event Updates


    • Ye don't have to buy anythin'
    • YUP. Yer playin' is totally free
    • Just need to Watch and Participate

    .. Jackbox Games ..

    • Fibbage
    • Quiplash
    • Bomb Corp
    • Earwax
    • Bidiots
    • Drawful 2
    • Quiplash 2
    • Trivia Murder Party
    • Guesspionage
    • Tee K.O.
    • Fakin' It (might have to be adapted for Non-Couch Co-Op)


    • Still free fer you
    • Ye only need an account if you want to customize yer 'flair' or get notifications
    • Movies shown are rented through YouTube or Netflix
    • Ye can use Text chat or A/V while watchin'
    • Room can fit ~20 pirates
    • Tharrrs a short list of Animated Emotes but plenty of Emojis ye can type up


    Up for Suggestions R')

  • Inspired by something on twitter, it sounds a great way to discover more about the diverse Sea of Thieves Community!

    Not my top 5 favourite games but those I think represent my overall tastes, except I didn't have space to add anything creative grrr, I love games which include building or level creation possibilities like the Dimensions in Rift, Beseige or Creativerse - oh and Sea of Thieves... ;)

    Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
    Fallout:New Vegas

    Let's read about yours!

  • My mates and I were doing simple merchant alliance quests when BOOM! the Kraken spawns on us. This is today by the way 9/8/2018. I was under the impression that they disabled the Kraken until further notice. Where is the notice? By the way, the Kraken is louder now, and if you get wrapped up by the tentacles in a Brig, you are dead in the water. The two deck boat doesn't stand a chance against the re-configured beast!

  • I've seen more people which are aggressive at outposts, even tough I tought the outposts are like safe-zones, no aggressive fights, or fights at all. Am I wrong and understod the code wrong or are the people just idiots? Im really annoyed by the thing that Galleons attack sloops in outposts. you cant really do anything in that situtation.

  • I see the founders received some founders items for helping in development. Is there a plan for pioneer rewards or we're the ones sent out for both.

  • This topic is deleted!

    Hi, my name is Hayden, my Gamertag is Haydensolo, you may call me what you wish! I would like to find a good crew to help me grind to pirate legend, and just have some fun! Thank you in advance for reading this! I’m pretty chill, not very talkative, and I play anywhere from 4-10 Central.

  • JESSETATTOO HERE some of you may remember me from such Youtube videos as "How to be a solo pirate" "rickroll Kraken" "rowboats" etc...
    Anyways Im not looking for a crew ATM but I figured this the best place to post this I am however looking for more TATTOO CREW mates, I not only do youtube but I run an awesome growing discord full of helpful and solid crew memebers...
    Also Id like to just take a moment and Thank you as a community as a hole as many have been very supportive of what I do and towards this game we all love. and an even BIGGER thanks to all the hard workin folks at RARE whom bring us such a fun sandbox to live out our fantasies in

  • This is a community awareness!
    [mod edited] was on a ceew that joined our Alliance and after we kindly defeated the skull fort they decide to blow up all the ships that were sharing the loot.
    I understand it is a pirate world, and we could have easily barreled them as they arrived....but we try to do this RARE alliance and but friendly pirates, but with players like this i am now going back to kill everyone and thier boat on contact.
    Beware of [mod edited]! Watch you backs!
    Sail with the wind friends!

  • It took a moment ot figure out what to do when I got to 50/50/50 but then nothing happened.

  • Hello! today, like all who loves sea of thieves, i watched the Xbox Gamescon, for some game and obviusly sea of thieves. Then some friends that watched it too had received in their inentory the Huntress's figurehead, but when i go in, there isn't any new figurehead. My Mixer account it's connected (and i used it to log in in mixer when i use it). How cna i do to obtain it?

  • Hello everyone,

    Are you looking for a PvP driven Sea of Thieves Discord Server? Join Sea of Misfits Discord, we are an 18+ community that focuses on the PvP side of SoT. It's a great way to find other PvP players to play with. We are also looking for admins for the server, so if you are interested in that just let me know.



  • I'm here looking for more mates to sail the seas with but also like minded, mature streamers to help bullis the community and bring more pirates to the seas!! So please comment and leave feed back I cant wait to sail with you all!!!!

  • So, I have a group of Like 15 friends or so, we are all getting this game.
    I mean, Maybe not Party, but can multiple ships just stay together?
    Thats a real deal breaker for us as a Clan. We've been thinking that we woudl just sail side by side. But if there is gonna be some system preventing us from that, It wouldnt be worth our time and effort of organizing our group. LIke we unfortunately already have.

    Any one have any ideas or similar worries?

    I have created a new post that I think better touches on this.

  • The aim is to provide a meeting point where Pirate Legends can connect with all those seeking them (regardless of Skill Set) for the purposes of finding Crew Mates and Pirate Legend Voyages.

    I have set it up on Facebook, XBOX and Discord and am also looking for people who would like to be signed up as a Mod.

    If you are interested please visit one of the links below!

    Facebook Group

    Discord Invite

    XBOX Club
    Sea of Thieves The Pirate Legend Hangout

  • Well it is 5.40 am. Our ship is just randomly transforming into a submarine and we are looking for our friend the kraken. We was at the end of an legend quest and just needed to find the legend quest and some other captains chest and there was a raid with no ships... man that was funny but also time waste.

    10 out of 10 good russian submarine

  • So why is it little kids can be little punks and lock their PL who has the Athena in the Brig with one quest left before the legend chest and decide to sink the boat and not be able to get out of the brig? This is the 2nd time this has happened and wasted 4 hrs for nothing?? RARE you need to create ranked playlist so we dont have to deal with little kids doing this. If it continues this can kill your game due to a toxic community. Who else Agrees?

  • Im not getting the download option for the new patch, Normaly in the store it says Download, Buy as gift, Pin to start, theres no Download it just says Play ... W*F .. Cant play as im getting Game version mismatch (LightbeigeBeard) .. However on my other pc (i have 2) it went strait to downolding the new patch... W*F

  • This topic is deleted!

    Anyone doing the dancing Skelly ship and got an open spot, send me and invite

  • I be lookin' for a crew of salty sailors.

    Okay but really, everyone I play with is in a different time zone than me. I need a crew that doesn't necessarily have mics but can at least communicate with game chat, as I'm on PC and can type: Sometimes I prefer game chat, especially late at night.

    If you are great at communicating, and are looking for someone to grind with who knows what they're doing, let me know!

    Keep a weather eye on the horizon, mates

  • Hi please help, when the skeleton ships appear, all players on the ship can see them except for me. Another player jumps on the skeleton ship and I see them floating in mid air above the water. I can still get drunken cannon ball effect, hear everything etc


    We are proud to present Brigatta - A Fortune Race!

    Inspired by the creativity and ingeniosity of our Italian Comrades, @SeaofThievesIT, we have decided to concoct our very own Racing Event!

    This Event will bring together some of the most involved Communities revolving around Sea of Thieves, in a contest of skills and mastery.

    We are happy to welcome, once again:

    This is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of the Brigantine and the newest Sea Terrors.

    alt text

    • Rules:

    Pirates need to complete the race before the other teams. Four Objectives will have to be completed and the Official assigned to the Crew will approve.

    The Objectives will be given out AN HOUR BEFORE the Start of the Race.

    The Race Details will be given out AN HOUR BEFORE the Start of the Event.

    All of the lights on the ship should be turned on at all times, unless the Ship is anchored.

    All Weapons will be in play.
    All Cannons & Cannonballs will be in play.
    Boom-booms will be in play.

    Pirates cannot board an opposing ship.

    Pirates cannot blow up the opposing team's Crow's Nest.

    Pirates are not allowed to Fire their Weapons from their Crow's Nest.

    When the ships are anchored, no one can attack them. The ship must signal it is anchored by turning off all of the lights. If an attack is made, the Official will sit on the anchor of the Offending Ship until 15 seconds pass.

    If a Ship sinks, the Crew is out of the Race!

    • When does it happen?

    The Brigatta is scheduled to happen on Saturday, August 4th 2018

    5PM EDT
    2PM PDT
    10PM BST

    • Where can I see this!?!

    Every Crew will provide a dedicated streamer and every Official will be streaming their point of view.

    We will post the links as soon as we can! Stay tuned!

    • Prizes!

    We will be offering a series of small prizes for the completion of certain objectives and the Grand Winner of the Event will win 3 Months of Xbox Live Gold!

    • How can I show my support ?

    You wish to support your team? You're a diehard Hooligan and wish to make it known? Easy! Wear your favourite team's kit and post a picture here!

    Fortune favors the Bold!

  • Looking for a crew that can help either tonight 1am PST or tomorrow afternoon at 1pm PST. Please let me know if you would be available its the last that I need. Gamertag: Paranoidraven

  • alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    divisore galeone 6

    Ahoy Bucanieri e duellanti!
    L'antico torneo a fil di spada è arrivato alla sua seconda edizione. Ci sarà uno spadaccino all'altezza del campione attualmente in carica?
    Chi riuscirà a strappare il titolo di @🗡️ Spada Assoluta ?

    • Lunedì 23/07 ore 00:00 fino a Sabato 28/07 ore 23:59 avrete tempo per inserire le vostre candidature nel canale #la spada assoluta
    • Domenica 29/07 verranno pubblicati i sorteggi e alle ore 21:00 avrà inizio l'evento e per tutti gli altri bucanieri assetati di sangue, che non potranno partecipare, potrete seguire la live dell'evento sul canale ufficiale di Sea Of Thieves Italia.Non perdetevi il massacro, godete della morte dei vostri nemici, e brindate insieme al vincintore!!
      Qui trovate il contenuto dei developer update;
      Qui trovate le traduzioni delle Patch Notes offerte da noi!

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Modalità di partecipazione:

    • Le ciurme private potranno schierare massimo 1 partecipante con 2 nomi di riserva che coprano in caso di mancata presenza degli ufficiali o nel caso in cui non si raggiunga il totale previsto per far partire il torneo. La presentazione dovrà essere indicata dal @ Gestore Ciurma con il formato sotto in esempio

    Partecipanti: gametag 1
    Riserve: gametag 2, gametag 3

    • Chi non fa parte di una ciurma privata potrà compilare la propria iscrizione come segue:

    -battletag- si iscrive come partecipante

    Chi fa parte di una ciurma privata accederà direttamente ai posti riservati. Per chi si iscrive senza ciurma , verrà fatto un sorteggio tra tutti quelli che hanno presentato l'iscrizione fino a completamento roster.

    Da oggi, Lunedì 23/07 fino a Sabato 28/07 23.59 avrete tempo per inserire le vostre candidature nel canale #la spada assoluta

    Domenica 29/07 verranno pubblicati sorteggio e accoppiamento
    Domenica 29/07 avranno luogo le sfide

    • I posti disponibili saranno limitati a 16


    • Torneo ad eliminazione diretta con accoppiamento casuale dei partecipanti.
    • Ogni sfida sarà al meglio di 3 incontri.
    • Non è consentito l’utilizzo di banane o armi da fuoco.
    • E’ consentito utilizzare la morfologia dell’arena entro i limiti indicati dallo staff prima di iniziare.
    • La durata massima di ogni incontro è di 3 minuti.
    • Allo scadere del tempo il giudice assegnerà la vittoria al più meritevole.
    • Ogni tipo di escamotage che risulti in un vantaggio tattico non idoneo verrà punito con la squalifica.


    • Come già annunciato nella scorsa edizione, il finalista di questa edizione dovrà sfidare il detentore del titolo della @🗡️ Spada Assoluta per tentare di spodestarlo ed ottenere a sua volta la tanto ambita riconoscenza.

    sep down

  • alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    divisore galeone 6

    Ahoy Buccaneers and fighters! The ancient and sharpest tournament has arrived to his Second edition. Who's going to be swifter and lethal than the current Champion? Who will manage to get the @Spada Assoluta role? Monday 23/07 from 00:00(UTC+1) am to Saturday 28/07 time 23:59(UTC+1) pm you'll be able to register in the #la spada assoluta discord channel; Sunday 29/07 the roster of the tournament will be out and at 21:00(UTC+1) pm the event will begin.
    You can follow the tournament in a Live Stream on Sunday the 29/07 on our Twitch Channel below!
    Below you can find the trailer!

    alt text
    alt text

    alt text

    How to Enter:

    • The Private Crews are ONLY allowed to register 1 partecipant with 2 other names as a backup to fight if the main fighter is missing or in case we don't reach the maximum number of fighters in the tournament. The subscription must be done by the @Gestore Ciurma (Crew's Capitan) with this format:

    Partecipants: gamertag 1
    Backups: gamertag 2, gamertag 3

    • If you are not in a Private Crew you can compile your subscription as follows:

    -gamertag- signs up as a partecipants

    For who enters without a Private Crew, we'll sort all the partecipants until the roster is completed.

    Starting from today, Tuesday 24/07 util Saturday 28/07 23.59(UTC+1) pm you'll have time to sign up in our channel #la-spada-assoluta.

    Sunday 29/07 we'll publish the results of the sorting and the matching on our Server Discord.
    Sunday 29/07 The Challange will take place.

    • The maximum slots are 16.


    • A Sudden Death Tournament with random matching.
    • Each challenge will be at the best of 3 fights.
    • No banana or firearms will be allowed.
    • It is allowed to use the morphology of the arena within the limits indicated by the staff at the beginning of the tournament.
    • The maximum duration of each fight is 3 minutes.
    • In case of time limit draw the judges reserve the right to assign the match to the worthiest.
    • Any cheat or trick that results in an unsuitable tactical advantage will be punished with disqualification


    • As already announced in the last edition, the finalist must challenge the current mighty Champion in a final fight to try to overthrow him and win the Title.

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