[CLOSED] Athena's Fortune Contest

  • Athena's Fortune Contest

    To celebrate the launch of our lore-expanding novel Athena’s Fortune, in true Sea of Thieves spirit, we wanted to squeeze in a cheeky contest. We know that your pirates and their crews have a tale or two to tell from adventures out on the seas, so now’s your chance to tell them!

    What we're asking for

    From October 25th to December 6th, we want you to write a short story set in the world of Sea of Thieves. We want to hear the tales of adventure that you and your crew have embarked upon. If writing isn't your thing, fear not, you can still get involved as we're also inviting all the artists out there to take part!

    Why are we looking for stories and fan art, we hear you ask? Well, we're aiming to put together a very special physical book comprised of short stories (all non-canon of course) that tell tales of our community’s time at sea – and a community-led book wouldn't be complete without some awesome artwork for the front cover, right? Yes, your short story and fan art could feature in a Sea of Thieves book that we're calling… Mariners’ Myths!

    To help you get those creative juices flowing, be sure to join us on October 29th for a live Q&A on the Forums with the author of Athena's Fortune, Chris Allcock! Chris will be with us from 17:30 GMT until 18:30 GMT to answer your questions surrounding the novel.

    We have quite the bounty up for grabs in this competition. The winning writers will loot themselves a copy of Athena’s Fortune signed by the author himself, one of our limited edition Sea of Thieves controllers, 20 Bilge Rat Doubloons and a copy of Mariners’ Myths that includes their own work. The winning artist will take home the same haul, with their art featured on the front cover of Mariners’ Myths. Not bad, eh?

    The Rules

    Members of the Sea of Thieves team will be judging your written and artistic submissions based on the following criteria: Creativity and Originality.

    There are a few rules you must stick to for this competition:

    1. Written submissions must be a minimum of 2,000 words and a maximum of 3,500.
      Please keep your written entries within the word limit.
    2. Submission must be family-friendly.
      Please keep your written submissions free from bad language and sexual content. Your art submissions should also be free from bad language and sexual content.
    3. Submissions must have been created by you.
      Please only submit pieces of work that you yourself have created.

    The Prizes

    There will be three main prize winners from the fan fiction submission pool. Each main prize includes the Athena's Fortune novel signed by Chris Allcock, a Sea of Thieves Limited Edition Controller, 20 Bilge Rat Doubloons, your work included in Mariners’ Myths and a copy for yourself.

    There will be two runner-up prize winners from the fan fiction submission pool. Each runner-up prize includes the Athena's Fortune novel signed by Chris Allcock, 10 Bilge Rat Doubloons, your work included in Mariners’ Myths and a copy for yourself.

    There will be one main prize winner from the fan art submission pool. This main prize includes the Athena's Fortune novel signed by Chris Allcock, a Sea of Thieves Limited Edition Controller, 20 Bilge Rat Doubloons, your artwork included in Mariners’ Myths and a copy for yourself.

    There will be two runner-up prize winners from the fan art submission pool. This runner-up prize includes the Athena's Fortune novel signed by Chris Allcock, 10 Bilge Rat Doubloons and a copy of Mariners’ Myths.

    How to Enter

    • Fan fiction: head over to our dedicated submissions thread on the Forums and upload your short story.
    • Fan art: tweet your submission to us on Twitter, post it on Instagram or leave it on our Facebook wall. Include the hashtag #AthenasFortuneContest to ensure we see it.

    The winners and runners-up will be contacted on January 21st and announced on our social channels and website on January 27th.

    This contest opens at 00:01 GMT on October 25th 2018 and closes at 23:59 GMT on December 6th 2018 (the “Entry Period”). Entries received outside of the Entry Period will not be considered. Click here for full Terms & Conditions.
    Good luck, pirates!

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  • There once was a pirate from Nantucket....

    ...wait...not that kind of contest....

    Good luck to all who enter!

  • 3500 words maximum ( * Whaaahahaaa, you're out Gutter Writer , you can't say hello in 3500 words , it's curtains for you , moron)...Isn't that a bit short to describe a voyage in the SOT realm? But a serious question now ...Can we name or use Friends names or gamertag in the adventure we come across or do we have to make a total new story with some SOT ingredients?

  • @khaleesibot

    Ohhh, very much looking forward to the Q&A, hope my book has arrived by then, fantastic prizes and a wonderful opportunity for all aspiring writers and artists!

  • Mhmmm.. what to write, what to write, what to write..? 🤔

  • Well now, this is going to be a really interesting challenge

  • Awesome!!

    But how much is 2000 and 3500 words on a topic???

  • 3500 words? A SoT adventure deserves more than that lol.

  • A question, this is only valid on Rare country? Or every place?

  • What a wonderful idea for a competition! Looking forward to seeing what this creative community can bring forth! Good luck me mateys!

  • To all those asking about the number of words... 2000 is a LOT! I'm struggling to pad mine out and it's sitting at 456! :O

  • @xphelipe

    Check out the Terms and Conditions page for more specific details around where this is valid and the length of the writing is more than 2k words but less than 3500.... lots of scope there for a really great tale!

  • @khaleesibot I guess this means I need to start going back to old episodes of Keelhauled to find a worthy story to type out.

  • Why would it be non-canon if it stories of things that actually happened in the game?

  • @dekeita because it is not of the official, original storyline. Those stories and tales that people submit may well be part of the Sea of Thieves universe but are not part of the original and official story.

    If there were to be a follow-up Athena's Fortune novel, it would be a complete nightmare to have to consider all submitted tales when deciding what was and wasn't 'canon' and how each would impact the future (or past depending on how tales panned out...)

  • @triheadedmonkey Well I suppose it needs to be considered in a tiered sense like other complex fictional universes. But from watching interviews with Mike Chapman, my understanding of it, is that really what happens in the game itself should be considered the primary canon. With the focus being on the story the players themselves are in. And that's why like Athena's Fortune is about the past. It sets up the background and more details of the current timeline. But it's not the important story of what's happening right now in the SoT. But sure written stuff from rare would also be considered top tier.

    After that you could say player stories don't count as canon if they were just made up, but if they're a story about something that actually happened in the game, then it is something that actually happened in the SoT universe canon.

    And there's issues with this too of course, like Merrick mentions in one of the journals the thousands of conflicting reports about how the Hungering one was defeated. And if you write a short story about how you kill Sticher Jim, that's A something that you can't do in the game anyway, B would conflict with whatever Rare wants to do with him, so sure that would not be considered canon. But to the extent that it doesn't conflict with what Rare writes, and if it actually happened, it should be considered canon.

  • One day sailing on the seas of the shores of plenty near Santuary Outpost I was running some gold Horder voyages in my solo sloop as usual when I had gotten to around the ninth chest on my voyage I noticed a not so distant Brigantine near by me. So, I climb the Crow's nest and try to form an alliance with them only to notice, they aren't slowing down but instead going full sail straight at me. I jump from the Crow's nest and drop the sail and turn to where the wind is in my favor and manover away from the Brigantine as their first volly of cannonballs come my way, one hits but I'm not worried about it yet. I continue toward two sea spires and make a 90 degree turn to try and further manouver away from them and it works! I gain some distance ahead of them but they are gaining.

    A good pirate I know and have done many voyages with then messaged me in the middle of my chase and asked if I wanted to do an Athena's. I told him yes but to join me on my ship because I have a hail of loot and don't want to lose it to these sea rats.

    As my mate is joining me I make a heading straight for the red Sea in a last attempt to chicken them away from me. My mate joined and didn't realize my ruse against them so he turned our sloop back toward the Shores of Plenty and away from the red Sea. As he does this I realize the Brigantine is directly behind us and coming up on our starboard side so I man the cannon with my mate at the helm, I have two limpballs and 10 standard cannons with one already loaded.

    I fire the first shot but it flies over the back of their ship. The second two shots are the limpballs which both land direct hits on their deck.

    During this my mate is steering us around the front of their ship because they aren't able to move quickly enough to put up resistance or manouver their ship.

    I fire two more shots as we pass the bow of their ship and we make an immediate break for the nearest Outpost with the wind now again in our favor.

    My mate and I both look back and sea the Brigantine sailing deep into the red Sea and eventually sleep beneath the waives taking the crew straight to The Fairy of The Damned.

    At last, we out manouvered and out gunned these pirates this day and saved our booty from falling to sea rats, and we lived to sail another day.

  • Here's my submission. No title. 2,872 words. Some character names are variations of people I played with and can be changed.

    The sea was angry that day my friends. The waves crashed against the side of the boat like a Bilge Rat after too many grogs. You could barely see ahead of the bow and Fluff couldn’t make out the horizon from the crow’s nest had he fallen right on it. A storm brewed to the west, grumbling like your belly after a fortnight at sea. We only had the sounds of the sea to keep us company when ole Bouncer wasn’t striking a tune to raise the crew’s spirits. The Captain made herself scarce most of the way, stepping out from her cabin to bark a few orders and take her charting measurements of the stars.

    We had been sailing blind, using the blackness of night to obscure ourselves from spying eyes as we made our way to Shark Fin Camp. Word around the islands was that the legendary treasure locked below the decaying fortress could be taken, but any that dared to venture forth would face the legendary crew Captained by Shady Jones, one of the fiercest to ever sail the eastern shores. He was as feared as any pirate could be, rumoured to be kin to Davey Jones himself. They had amassed one of the largest fortunes on the Sea of Thieves, sailing from Shark Fin Camp to satiate his thirst for wealth.

    Like any legend, this Captain and his band of thieves and miscreants disappeared. Not a boat, not a blunderbuss, not even a damn boot remained. The camp was deserted when the first ship dared venture to it. What they found was a husk… the remnants of power and the aura of death. Many could see a treasure through the floor boards of the main fort, but not one pirate, cannon or gun powder keg could damage free the fabled loot from its hole. The only way in was through a locked door, marked by a glowing skull. Eventually, everyone tired of trying. The treasure was considered impossible to procure… at least until one fateful night.

    I remember the panicked voices. Many of us do. The yelling, the gun fire, the clash of steel as crew upon crew rushed and fought their way to investigate the glowing skull clouds in the distance. Word was that every man, woman and pirate could see those clouds from any island on the Sea of Thieves, whether they made camp at Shark Bait Cove or were docked at Galleon’s Grave. The Captain was as tough as they came, but she was cut from the cloth of patience, willing to let other crews go first despite Bouncer’s protests and Fluff’s threat of mutiny. I tried talking sense to her to no avail. Not one pirate was pleased with her decision until the first few ships made it back to port.

    I’d never seen anything like it friends. Ships battered and splintered. It was a wonder they could stay afloat. Crews dwindled to nothing and even fewer willing to speak of the horrors they saw firsthand. It was hard to tell what was and wasn’t real. Some claimed to be waylaid by a kraken! They swore on their lives the dreaded beast rose from the waters to crush their ships on the way to Shark Fin. Others scoffed at their stories. But all of them agreed on one truth: Shark Fin Camp was brimming with the undead. And the camp has no time or willingness for mercy. Many fine pirates died that day. Some were good friends of mine. And the world saw the loss of ships like the Howling Beast and Siren’s Gale. As quick as that cloud came, it was gone by the second night. The only evidence being the dead pirates, tattered sails and splintered hulls scattered around Shark Fin Camp for miles.

    So for a few weeks, the Captain sailed around the islands collecting gun powder kegs. We sailed at night and hid during the day. One man was thrown overboard when the Captain found him smoking his pipe near an uncorked keg. Not a pirate worth their salt questioned the Captain’s actions, until that fateful day she set course toward the glowing cloud and Shark Fin Camp. The Captain was a stout woman at barely two kegs tall and thick, but far fiercer and nimbler than her frame suggested. She had a scarred slit on her lip and wore an eye patch. Only Fluff knew how she earned those scars and neither of them was sharing. She wore a modest coat, home to a few scattered patches showing their age and she favors a black and white striped bandana over a traditional cap. One of the finest I’ve ever sailed with and I doubt there’s anyone better at the helm. She had full support of the crew… always did, but even the most loyal raised an eyebrow at our course, present company included.

    Cannonballs rained down on us as we approached the camp and the Captain managed to navigate the volleys without sustaining much damage. The crew channeled cannon fire on one of the two main towers guarding the beach. The Captain ensured the boat was just obscured enough to avoid the lone tower on the opposite side. Fluff leapt over the side as nimble and graceful as his namesake and made his way to the tower under siege. We halted our assault as Fluff turned the tower’s cannons against the others as the Captain anchored the boat near the center of the two. The debris smattered about the shoreline was a fine reminder of those that weren’t so skilled or lucky. The camp seemed to whisper and the water seemed to groan as if the sea itself strained under what would happen next.

    The Captain and Bouncer organized the crew in pairs, each would carry a gunpowder keg and two pistols. Their goal was to stay clear of the skeletons and instead fire on the kegs as skeletons approached, obliterating them. If a pirate were to fall, then another was expected to push forward until the main fort was breached. Once the keg was delivered and fired on, the pair was to return to the ship for another. The crew executed the orders despite their doubts and I can tell you my friends, the strategy was effective. Explosion after explosion shook the island like a drunken cook banging on his pots. I saw with my own eyes the undead. There were so many of them. Skeletons. Some were adorned in gold, melted and poured over carelessly years ago. Others had various fauna sprouting from their gutless insides. I’d have laughed at one with a flower for an eye patch if it weren’t trying to kill me. The Captain jumped ashore as we neared the fort. Our snipers kept on guard for any creature stupid enough to make way for the cannons. Instead, they opted to throw the fort gate open and attack as a swarm. The blasts and explosions became more frequent, rocking the boat in place and soon, many had to take up arms in the melee.

    But then Captain Shady Jones emerged, his glowing lifeless eyes burning with rage. His tattered captain’s cap clung impossibly to his head. He was fully adorned in clothing with only a faint glow visible where his heart would have been. Even had his hook hand to boot! Had you glimpsed the cursed creature from behind you’d believe him to be alive and well. His gaze landed on our Captain as both crews stopped their assaults. Captain Jones let out a ghastly wail before lunging at the Captain. It was a clumsy dance of steel between the two. No elegance in their strikes or parries. The Captain scored a few hits on Jones to no avail and in return he split her lip, extending it down her chin. She was beginning to tire and Captain Jones never let up until a gunshot rung through the air. Jones stopped cold as his hat sprung from his shattering skull. The Captain reached in to Jones’ chest and pulled a glowing disc out. She turned to one of the cannon towers and nodded as Fluff capped his rifle. Captain Jones let out one meeker wail and the whole lot of the undead fell to the ground and faded into dust. The cloud above the camp dissolved and the world felt just a bit brighter under the full sun.

    The entire crew stood behind the Captain as she approached the vault door and placed the glowing disc in the lock. The island rumbled but the doors gave way to a sight of incredible treasure. We were met with gold overflowed from chests, crates of fine sugar and exotic spice strewn about, the most fascinating trinkets I had ever laid eyes on and the cursed skulls of other fallen captains. We created a chain to move the loot back to the boat as quickly as possible. But, mid way through our looting, the panicked clanging of the ship’s bell rung through the air. A galleon approached and the Captain instructed us to leave the rest and prep the ship. The galleon was far enough away coming in from our port quarter and we managed to get underway just before they reached cannon range.

    They chased us relentlessly. We were all hands on deck. It wasn’t long before other ships joined them in pursuit. As many as seven ships followed. The Captain had been circling the islands of Black Water Enclave to Blind Man’s Lagoon. Then, we heard the sea groan once more. The Captain had us throw the remaining powder kegs off the stern. When the first ship collided to a welcome explosion of wood and bodies, the crew cheered. We lowered the sails just long enough for the first three ships to get within cannon range when the Captain took the vault key and threw it into the water, barking for us to drop sails and turn east for full wind. We didn’t understand her strategy until we heard the groan once more. The water near the key bubbled and as the first few of our pursuers arrived, massive tentacles emerged from the water.

    I tell you this now in earnest truth, for I too laughed at the stories. The kraken is real my friends. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes. The tentacles reached as high as the top of a ship’s mast, the deepest purples like the bruises after a bad brawl. The approaching crews immediately fired on the creature. I saw that kraken crush ship hulls like a crumpled parchment and the crew watched and heard in muted horror the screams as ships fell to the power of the kraken’s blows. Two ships managed to avert annihilation, but were slowed enough for us to escape with our riches. We abandoned our vessel and acquired another and there wasn’t a pirate on that boat who didn’t find their share of the wealth satisfying. We are the first and only crew to loot the riches of Shark Fi…

    “Ye don’t expect these people to believe that dreck do ye Salty?” A voice interrupted.

    The crowd parted to let a black bearded man with a sword in his hand and a compliment of crew in, each with their hands firmly on their holstered pistols.

    “I’ve known ye a long time Salty and I don’t believe fer a minute that ye or any crew that’a take you in would be capable of looting Shark Fin Camp. And do ye really think these people believe that ye survived a fairy tale let alone summoned one? Why not have mermaids rescue overboard ship mates while ye’re at it? Or perhaps tell them how ye served on the Ferry of the Damned too? Ye’re a small man by any standard Salty. Ye have no business with a tale as tall as ye’re telling.” The black bearded man laughed.

    “Captain Williamson,” Salty smiled. “The Captain hoped you would come and find me.”

    “Did she now?” Williamson chuckled. “Yet here I am and she’s nowhere to be found. Fer all of ye’re talk about her, there’s one thing I know fer certain, she’s no better than those sorry excuses fer chickens being peddled at the market.”

    “And why am I graced with your presence?” Salty spat.

    “As unbelievable as ye’re story is, I needed to know fer meself. Ye’re a rat Salty, and a vain one at that. Ye’re story might smell worse than Tess’ outhouse, but ye wouldn’t be boasting from outpost to outpost if ye didn’t score some kind of treasure.”

    “And you’re here to free me of my gold laden burden are you?” Salty surmised.

    “Aye. Me coffers could use some new coin and who better fer Salty’s riches to go to than the Captain and crew of the Shining Glory? The fastest ship on the Sea of Thieves!” Williamson boasted, arms extended, speaking more to the crowd than to Salty.

    “You can have my riches,” Salty replied as he slowly reached into his vest. Williamson’s crew tightened their grips on the pistols and even Williamson himself raised an eyebrow. Salty pulled out a folded parchment and reached out as an offering. “This map will mark where I’ve hidden my share of the riches. I’m too old to spend it anyway.”

    Williamson snatched the parchment out of Salty’s hand. His brow wrinkled as his face scrunched up in confusion. He paused to consider things and raised two fingers. His crew pulled out their pistols as the rest of the crow scattered.
    “Ye’ve been a sly rat Salty, but ye’r tricks won’t work on me this day. Why are ye on this island alone? Where’s the rest of ye’re crew?”

    “I’m too old to continue on the seas. The Captain and I agreed I’d serve her better telling my stories than I would directly on the Dragon’s Breath,” Salty replied.

    “Dragon’s Breath?” Williamson repeated. “Captain Backson would never part with his ship.”

    “Unless he had no choice.” Salty smiled. “Maybe the Captain made him a good offer for the ship. Maybe the Captain knows about the Forsaken Shores.”

    Williamson lurched back, visibly surprised. “It doesn’t matter. The Forsaken Shores are a myth.”

    “The Captain disagrees.” Salty replied.

    “Well ye’re ‘captain’ will never find ‘em.” Williamson shot back.

    “Unless she has your map, the one in your pillowcase”.

    Williamson’s eyes widened and he spun around to face his ship docked at the pier. As he did, two explosions sounded across the island. He watched his boat lurch side to side as fresh holes dotted the starboard side of his vessel. The Dragon’s Breath came into view from behind the rock croppings on the outskirts of the outpost as he watched cannon ball after cannon ball rain down on his pride. The masts splintered and it was clear this ship would be lost. He turned to cut Salty down but the sly pirate had already fled, his hood crumpled where he had once stood. Williamson screamed as he and the rest of his crew rushed to the pier hoping the impossible, that their vessel could be salvaged.

    Salty quickly made his way to the east shore in the ensuing chaos where Bouncer and a row boat awaited. The two rowed directly away from the shore with haste, stopping when they were clear anything that could ground the Dragon’s Breath. Sure enough, the ship rounded the island sailing alongside slow enough for Bouncer and Salty to climb aboard and hit the open seas as the Shining Glory sunk in a blaze of glory.

    “He won’t soon forget that nor will he ever forgive,” Salty remarked as the Captain approached him.

    “What can he do? Now we have the fastest ship on the Sea of Thieves and a map to the Forsaken Shores”, the Captain shrugged, her grin impossibly wide.

    “How did you know he would come?” Salty inquired.

    “Captain Williamson is shrewd, but his greed is boundless. He can’t resist an easy spoil. I’ll explain tonight when we feast.” She turned to the rest of the crew. “We hold course east, but tap the kegs because we drink tonight!”

    The crew hooted and hollered in agreement. Some broke into song, others in dance. Regardless of pirate, the mood was bright.

    Captain Williamson slumped on a rock as he stared at the black waters of the pier his prized ship once graced. He gritted his teeth and shook his head. He had underestimated this captain of Salty’s. It was a mistake he would never repeat. He knew where the Dragon’s Breath was heading. The Forsaken Shores. He stood up and turned to his crew who had been standing diligently behind him. They stood ready, and his chest swelled with pride at their discipline and patience. He pulled a cloth from a hidden coat pocket, carefully unfolding it to reveal a ragged and faded map.

    “Let’s find us a ship,” he bellowed, his confidence returning. “We will have vengeance on the crew and captain that would dare challenge us. Be ready to leave in the morning for we set sail… to the Forsaken Shores!”

  • @the-detective wrong thread my friend - you need to copy and paste this badboy over to the link at the top in KBOTS post:

    Now here's a question for @Deckhands and @Quartermasters though - do we know if this is still ongoing given Dee's departure?

  • @sshteeve - Yes the contest is still running.

    @The-Detective - please submit/post your story in the dedicated submissions thread.

  • The terms say that our submission needs to contain a certain hashtag, is that only for submissions outside of the forum or does it also pertain to the submissions in the dedicated thread?

  • looks at calender AGH I take a forum hiatus and come back to this!? This type of thing has my name ALL over it....what can I throw together in 2 days...

  • I'm not writing a story about a voyage or a time in SoT, but more like an actual novel with villains and stuff like that. Most of what I will submit most definitely doesn't happen in the game.

  • @sshteeve Thanks everyone. Should be in the appropriate thread now. Any feedback on the story from the peanut gallery though? :P

    The Detective

  • @zubair874 Ya, I can understand. I tried to go for the best of both worlds by setting up some initial characters and writing a self contained story while trying to leave some threads for subsequent stories with the same characters. Even tried to get a bit of world building in there too

  • The Drunkard, The Englishman, and The Fleet

    Captain C. Crasher, and his partner in plunder, Sneaky Ferris, had scheduled a battle with the notorious Crew of The Treacherous Bounty on the day of it's arrival. Castle Crasher, an American with the blood of his ancestors running through him, and Sneaky Ferris, a respectable, charming lad, and chill sailor on the Seas, from the United Kingdom of Tea and Crumpets! Yar har! While they are very different in some aspects, they still be a very dynamic duo, whom have sailed these seas for as long as they can remember. But alas, the duo had no luck in finding any present ships to assist them in their great assault against the Fleet of Captain Flameheart. But, they would not let this misstep halt their plans, and decided to give it a test run to see what these bag of bones were capable of. Upon approach, the Skeletal fleet rose from the depths, and unleashed their mighty fiery upon the two soon-to-be-Legends! Throughout the battle, the Sloop had run dry of supplies. Thus, they had to resort to ramming, boarding, barrel bombing and stealing their skeletal adversary's supplies. Sneaky Ferris dedicated everything to ensuring the ship stayed afloat. Needless to say, he may have grown a close relationship with his bucket that day. Captain Crasher was in charge of everything else, putting his skills to the test! Unfortunately, the Sloop's triumphant assault ended in failure, and slowly met it's watery grave.

    Now, ye may think this that's where our tale comes to a close, but I'm pleased to say it is not! Sneaky Ferris had swam onto a nearby rock, and being the brainless skellies they are, they went right for him, crashing straight into the rocks! Whilst Ferris kept 'em distracted, Captain Crasher returned to their vessel, and hurried off to save his mate, and continue their attack! As Captain Crasher returned, Ferris hopped aboard, and gave their all to take down these resilient numbskulls! The Captain of the fleet emerged spiteful and filled with rage, giving the Sloop every ball of cursed iron it had! But the skeleton stood no chance, their luck ran out, and their treachery came to an end! Captain Crasher dived below and brung the booty aboard while Sneaky Ferris was stuck on bailing duty again, and sailed off as fast as they could to a nearby island for supplies. With no planks, and the waves becoming overwhelming, it sunk their vessel once more. The two were in distraught, extremely paranoid of slimy bilge rats attempting to steal their well deserved haul. They scurried the loot out of the ocean and onto the island, Old Salts Atoll. Ferris watched over the treasure, and spent some more quality time with his bucket, as Captain Crasher retrieved the sloop one last time. He came back with no trouble, and helped load up the treasure, then set off to the outpost! The Duo celebrated their bittersweet victory, and had a celebratory grog! At least, Captain Crasher did, Sneaky Ferris was just dumbfounded that they had succeeded at all. Captain Crasher gave the ship's bell his signature ring as they arrived to the Outpost, turning in their fortune! Both the companies, and the duo were appeased by their new earnings. With their pockets full, and ship docked, they called it a night, and got some shut eye before starting a new voyage. Their tale will forever be remembered amongst their crew, and it will pay as a great reminder that anything is possible on the seas. Truly, it is a tale of Legends, Legends of the Sea of Thieves!

    -By the Legendary, bloodthirsty drunkard, Captain C. Crasher!

  • @khaleesibot kh
    I just learned about this competition from today's upload of Tavern Tales on youtube. Fortunately I had previously uploaded a fanfiction on the Sea of Thieves forums just after the release of Cursed Sails. Unfortunately that short story is just over 4800 for word count. The contest ends in just over 2 hours and I am at work for the next hour and a half. I submitted the full 4800 word short story and hereby requesting either an exception from the 3500 word cap or a brief extention so I can cut out 1300 words from my story. I really hope you understand. Thank you.

    EDIT: Well I managed to edit out basically an entire chapter.

  • @castlecrasher61

    Ye might want to be moving yer story to the dedicated submissions thread which can be found here :)


  • Behold Athena's Fortune contesters,

    We've scrutinised the fan fiction and art entries (including those from the extended period) and agreed upon the winners!

    So without further due, congratulations to:

    @LongLiveCayde6 for winning the short story category,
    @MageSentron and @KattTruewalker - the runner-ups in the short story category!

    @Kvernknurr from Twitter has taken the 1st place in the fan art category
    with @artyojimbe and @libby_sharp being the honoured runner-ups!

    Please check your private messages here on the Forums and respond to my message. :)

    I'd recommend you to sail over here and check out all the amazing winning entries.
    Thanks to everyone who entered for your great submissions, keep your eyes peeled for more contests in the future!

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