Release Notes Discussion - 1.3.0

  • Release Notes - 1.3.0

    Ahoy pirates!

    This week's update introduces Forsaken Shores, the third free update for Sea of Thieves. A long-lost region has been rediscovered: a perilous land known as The Devil’s Roar! Crew up and go from sea dog to scout in this strange, treacherous place where the world itself is your enemy. Stand fearlessly before The Devil’s Roar as it becomes a permanent new part of your adventure!

    Forsaken Shores

    As The Devil’s Roar opens up to a new wave of pirates, meet a survivor of the last expedition to this perilous region and learn the fate of their crew in the Forsaken Shores campaign.

    This content update also introduces and showcases a raft of new features that will persist in Sea of Thieves beyond the time-limited campaign:

    alt text

    • Devil's Roar Map - Explore the newly emerged lands to the east, where both sea and land provide new hazards for unwary pirates!
    • Volcanoes - Exploding in a fiery inferno, volcanoes rain down hot rocks that damage players and ships. It has never been more important to think carefully about where you anchor!
    • Earthquakes - Tremors forcefully shake the ground and players in the vicinity. Sometimes these earthquakes are isolated, but they may also foreshadow a volcanic eruption…
    • Geysers - Geysers are active in The Devil's Roar and can launch you into the air... so watch where you step!

    alt text

    • Lava Floor - Lava floor zones become active during a volcanic eruption and will cause damage over time if you stand on them. Keep moving!
    • Superheated Water - During a volcanic eruption, the waters around the island become superheated. Damage is not applied to ships, but pirates who opt to stand or swim in the superheated water will find themselves in dire need of a banana. Water in your hull can also become superheated, so have your bucket at the ready!
    • Rowboats - Find these new additions washed up on the islands. They can be pushed into the water and docked to your ship to be transported around the sea.
    • Seaposts - These have appeared across the Sea of Thieves, offering discounts on a selection of items that change over time.

    alt text

    • Commendations - Earn 23 standard Commendations during the first two weeks of Forsaken Shores. Additional commendations are coming as part of weeks three and four. All these Commendations are here to stay!
    • Bilge Rat Titles - Earn two unique Titles introduced during the first two weeks of Forsaken Shores. Equip them straight from the Vanity Chest! Will you be a Devil’s Cartographer or Master Devil's Voyager? Additional Titles are coming later in the Forsaken Shores campaign.
    • Bilge Rat Doubloons - There are 185 Bilge Rat Doubloons available for the Commendations during the first two weeks of Forsaken Shores. Additional Doubloons will be available from week three, alongside the additional Commendations. Each of the Forsaken Shores Commendations on the Bilge Rat progress screen shows the number of Bilge Rat Doubloons it awards.


    alt text

    • Time-Limited Items - The Forsaken Ashes weapons and ship liveries are available throughout the Forsaken Shores campaign. Visit Duke in any tavern and exchange your Doubloons while they are in stock!
    • Forsaken Ashes Clothing and Items - The Forsaken Ashes clothing and items are now stocked on Morrow's Peak Outpost. Only pirates who have dared to explore The Devil's Roar will be able to purchase these items. These are a permanent addition and can be purchased with gold.
    • Ocean Crawler Set - The Ocean Crawler clothing, items, weapons and ship liveries are now stocked in their respective shops on Morrow's Peak Outpost. These can also be purchased with gold.
    • Kraken Set - The Kraken clothing, items, weapons and ship liveries are now stocked in their respective shops on Morrow's Peak Outpost. Save some of your hard-earned gold for this impressive new set!
    • Huntress Figurehead - Now stocked by the Shipwright on Morrow's Peak Outpost. This figurehead was exclusively awarded to players around San Diego Comic-Con and Gamescom 2018, but is now available to all pirates in exchange for gold!

    Barrel Improvements

    After feedback shared with us about the changes made to barrels and inventory management in Patch 1.2.4, we improved the stocking-up speed which will significantly reduce the number of button presses required. We will continue to monitor feedback, and you can read Design Director Mike Chapman’s further insights into what the future holds for these systems.

    • Barrel Take/Store All - Players can now take and store stacks of resources with a single button press.
    • Barrel Auto-Advance - When removing resources from barrels, if all items in a stack are removed, the next stack with remaining resources will automatically be selected.
    • Resource Capacity - When carrying the maximum number of a specific resource in your inventory, this resource will clearly be marked red in any barrels to indicate that you can't carry any more.
    • UI Close Delay - The short animation of UI closing has been disabled, so players resume control of their pirate immediately. This impacts the closing of all full-screen UI, from shops and barrels to settings and crew menus.


    • Bilge Rat Shop - The Bilge Rat shop now has tabs so that time-limited items appear on a separate page to the Letters of Recommendation and gold bags.
    • Maps in Barrels - Similar to messages in bottles, maps can now be found within barrels.
    • Map Radial - Voyage maps which have been purchased and voted upon will now appear in front of all the emergent message in a bottle/barrel maps, so the most important maps are always easiest to find.

    Performance Improvements

    • Multiple memory improvements.
    • Multiple server and client crashes have been resolved.
      We are constantly reviewing the performance and stability of each patch and providing performance optimisations and stability improvements..

    Fixed Issues

    • Gold Skeletons are now appropriately rusted by buckets of water.
    • Players' levels of reputation with each Trading Company are now correctly displayed on the reputation screen.
    • NPC dialogue will no longer get stuck on-screen when players are attacked by skeletons.
    • Barrel names on the ships are now correctly localised.
    • The animation for reloading the pistol will now appear consistently.
    • It is no longer possible to drop a chest between the deck and the side of the Galleon at the front, making it impossible to pick up.
    • Players holding a Chest of a Thousand Grogs will no longer become permanently drunk, even after dropping the chest.
    • The Lowly Merchant Watch no longer appears closed when you show it to other players.
    • Previewing items in the clothing shops on Outposts in The Shores of Plenty will now correctly display the item you have selected.
    • Items you store in the first slot of a barrel which you previously looted will no longer be invisible.
    • The effects that appear after digging no longer appear to have lines running through them.
    • "Back" and "Discard" tooltips are no longer missing from the voyages inventory.
    • It is no longer possible to clip into the mountain/rocks on Ancient Spire Outpost.
    • Looking up with an item equipped will no longer cause your hand to appear invisible.
    • Light emitted onto the sea from a lantern no longer causes a pixelated effect.

    Known Issues

    • Oars can appear to disconnect from the Rowboat along with the player, only visible in third-person.
    • Mermaid Statues have been temporarily disabled due to performance issues.
      Improvements to this are being investigated, and the intention is to re-enable these as soon as possible.
    • Merchant Alliance crates on board a ship that sinks will not float to the surface and cannot be picked up.
      We have identified the issue and we are working on a fix.
    • Walking on a Rowboat can appear jittery.

    Download size:

    Xbox One: 4.86GB
    Xbox One X: 4.86GB
    Windows 10: 5.53GB

    Xbox Installation Instructions can be found here.

    PC Installation Instructions can be found here.

    Looking For Crew?

    alt text

    Looking for new crewmates? We've got a bunch of places you can visit to seek out like-minded pirates, so sail on over to these official Sea of Thieves hangouts:

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  • So many new things to explore. But Forza Horizon 4 Releases tomorrow. FML.

  • @khaleesibot Wow this update has sooo much goodness in it I don't know where to start... other than by saying...

    Congratulations Rare

    This is one epic, feature rich update!

    It's also good news for those people after the Huntress Figurehead :D I know a few pirates have been after this for a while now.

  • @khaleesibot Great update! Love to see all of those bug fixes as well as barrel improvements. As well as the new region, rowboats, and cosmetics. Can't way to get on in 10 hours... D;

    Overall, looks great, can't wait until Cargo Runs come out!

  • See bugs I experienced during a three hour session on Friday, a three hour session on Saturday and a three hour session on sunday. Forsaken shores was in development for 6 months? Rare you need to fix the below issues. Are you not embarrassed by this oversight?

    Unknown 'Known' issue:
    1) Merchant alliance npc missing from dock area at morrow's peak outpost. this makes it very difficult to turn in merchant items that are found through out zone. Can we get the merchant alliance npc at the devil's roar outpost. ugh... (New bug)

    1. Loot falling through rowboat when attempting to place it in rowboat. Actually the loot completely disappeared when attempting to place goblet in rowboat to take to ship. Found said loot stuck in bottom of row boat when mounted to sloop. Wedged on the outside of the hull. Come on guys.. (New bug)
    2. Still glitch/pause when entering water from land.
    3. Silent repair bug when right clicking during ship repair. (Cursed Sails)
    4. Inventory menu disappears while dropping off cannon balls on ship, while ship is moving.
    5. Placed skull on front deck of sloop and it slid across deck and off the boat and into the water behind the boat.
    6. Game minimizes if you move your mouse too quickly after leaving inventory screen. How is this game still starting in windows mode still?
    7. Plank barrel inventory screen on boat displays user inventory instead of boat barrel contents. At one point the plank barrel was a mirror image of my pirate's inventory. Do y'all ever test this?
    8. No ashen version for chest of sorrows or chest of a thousand grogs?
    9. Character turns into green skeleton. people can't see your cosmetics, which this game is completely based on cosmetics.
    10. Clip thru walls of volcano and get stuck inside volcano. Only way out is to kill oneself
    11. After earthquake screen shake persists until death or take a mermaid... This bug really really sucks.
    12. Alliance flag disappears while in alliance... leaving no flag on the flag pole....
    13. Attaching a rowboat to a galleon gives you a black screen then teleports you to your rowboat... keep in mind i was attaching my row boat to an enemy ship... and my sloop was all the way across the map... do ya'll even test this stuff... really? seriously...
    14. Character spawns into the game inclined. Only way to cure it is to enter and exit a cannon.
    15. upon returning from ferry of the damned.. places u in water or on a island instead of ur boat..... Take mermaid second time... Gets u to ur boat....
    16. finishing voyage does not count towards commendations.
    17. Arrive to an island and it doesn't render so I'm unable to get onto island... look behind me and my boat is floating in the air. Can't get on it.... then when i leave and come back island erupts.... fix the not rendering bugs...
    18. Infinite black loading screen after returning from the ferry of the damned. stop skipping maintenance days and fix this... what is wrong with your company... seriously.

    Soooo many bugs. How hard is it?

  • This is the first patch I’ve commented on and can’t play the game until tonight, but I must say what I read sounds promising, glad you fined tuned the barrel system and thank god the gold skeletons can be affected by tossed water again lol. I will say great patch though. Also the disabling the animation so we can now move immediately after exiting barrels etc was probably my favorite. A side note though, as it wasn’t mentioned. I know you guys said you fixed it, but I’am and some others I know are still having issues with accessing the cannon barrel(other barrels too maybe, but I only notice it with the cannon) at least on the sloop, while in the middle of sailing. I submitted a bug ticket a few days ago, but figured you guys might read this and would mention it again.

  • Enjoy everyone! This is a great update!

  • So excited to explore the world like a newb again 😁

  • Historically, there has always been some release issues. I have taken the day off a few times to play and have been unable to play, sometimes until I could have been back home and not used leave lol. I have the option of leaving work but need to hear it is functioning before I make any plans. Anyone know how it is going?

  • Epic update...Indeed! Bring me that fire-filled horizon! :-D

  • @cg-i-simple Smooth sailing matey! Not a bug on the horizon....

  • @bababooey said in Release Notes Discussion - 1.3.0:

    A side note though, as it wasn’t mentioned. I know you guys said you fixed it, but I’am and some others I know are still having issues with accessing the cannon barrel(other barrels too maybe, but I only notice it with the cannon) at least on the sloop, while in the middle of sailing. I submitted a bug ticket a few days ago, but figured you guys might read this and would mention it again.

    Yes, I would like some confirmation about this one as well. It is currently impossible to grab resources while on a sloop at sea.

  • Is the PC download size really just about 1 GB?

  • @crimsonraziel Ahoy matey.

    It should be around 5GB, are you not seeing that in the store?

  • I dont see the mention of the new scars/tattoos

  • @musicmee I just read the patchnotes and it said:

    "Download size:
    Xbox One: 4.86GB
    Xbox One X: 5.53GB
    Windows 10: 1.18GB"

  • @crimsonraziel said in Release Notes Discussion - 1.3.0:

    Is the PC download size really just about 1 GB?

    It was a typo its been update to 5.53GB
    this what it shows me in this topic
    Download size:

    Xbox One: 4.86GB
    Xbox One X: 4.86GB
    Windows 10: 5.53GB

  • @musicmee said in Release Notes Discussion - 1.3.0:

    @cg-i-simple Smooth sailing matey! Not a bug on the horizon....

    Doubt 🤨 lol 😂

  • @khaleesibot yayay :D

  • @metal385masher Sounds more realistic.

    Still shows me this:

    But might be some cache issue. Thanks.

  • @musicmee On that note, I informed my supervisor I would be leaving at noon and would be off tomorrow as well. See you on the high seas. Woo Hoo!

  • I haven't been playing at all the past few weeks largely due to the horrible implementation of the new barrel system and the removal of the noteworthy achievements. Well the achievements still need a real replacement (these bilgerat achievements are hardly noteworthy) BUT it looks like you all did a great job fixing the barrel system. I'll be back to check it out and of course the new region. Excited for the row boat as well.

    Edit: Barrel changes not as good as I thought. I assumed (incorrectly) that we would be able to store all/take all without having to open barrel UI.

  • I can't wait to jump in and explore this tonight. Well done Rare.
    My only complaint is, I wish items & figureheads gained through special events would remain unique. Oh well though, at least I got to show off the huntress for a couple of months for it was available to the masses. Loving everything in the update though. Safe sailing, everyone

  • I gotta get sailing!

  • "Oars can appear to disconnect from the Rowboat along with the player, only visible in third-person."

    How you can switch to third-person in rowboat? I would love to have this option as the field of view in rowboat is not ideal.

  • How on Earth do you dock a rowboat to your ship? I've been trying for an hour.

  • @bellamythe13th Ahoy matey!

    You need to row the rowboat up as close as you can to your ship/brig/sloop and then a prompt will come up when you are n longer rowing and stood up to dock your rowboat.

  • @musicmee I just figured it out. Turns out it docks to the stern of the Sloop, in case anyone else needs to know.

  • Looking forward to my crew and I singing row, row, row your boat as we haul tons of loot back to our ship and checking out the list of barrel changes as we conquer all the Forsaken Shores has to offer. Thank you for this fully loaded update!

  • i keep finding row boats i push into the water but they have no paddles do i need to find them or are they bugged?

  • @shrek-t-t Ahoy matey!

    After pushing your rowboat out to sea, once you stand on a rowboat and look down at the seat on the right side you should see a prompt to Use Oars, that should get you rowing in no time matey!

  • how do we dock the row boat to the galleon?

  • I hope that one day I can see this :

    "Known Issues

    • Unable to text chat on Xbox systems."

    One man can dream I guess ...

  • It's Matt Berry!

  • @shrek-t-t You need to row it up close to the side of the galleon matey and you should see a prompt to dock your rowboat.

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