Twitch Drops - WATCH, ENJOY & GET REWARDED - from November 17th-20th (10am UTC).

  • In one week from today, a fresh quartet of Rascal Sea Dog Twitch Drops will be available for all! Simply tune in to any Partnered Sea of Thieves streamer and watch for one hour per item, from November 17th-20th (10am UTC).

    🔗 Link accounts:

    🎵 Rascal Sea Dog Concertina
    🎹 Rascal Sea Dog Hurdy-Gurdy
    🔭 Rascal Sea Dog Pistol
    🔫 Rascal Sea Dog Eye of Reach

    alt text

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  • cool designs imo

    I like them all and the weapons skins are the kind that aren't too bulky for regular use so that's even better

  • Oh I thought it was a new music to learn U_U

  • Thank you! Can we expect Azure scout variants in the future as well? Super excited for blue content, which sadly there isn't enough!

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