Quick question for the community from a newish player

  • So is pvp really unpopular or is it just the servers I'm getting? I've been playing the game for somewhere between 2 or 3 weeks and I keep getting into servers in which even reapers will run away nonstop from a 1 man sloop is this common or is it just bad luck? I'm at the point were I've got most of the cosmetics I want so I'm hoping to enjoy the ship combat but my play sessions keep devolving into a couple of hours of chasing after other reapers or even bigger ships at times. I also heard there used to be a pvp arena I'm kinda sad I missed it.

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  • If all you care about is getting some piratical combat action your best bet is to raise reapers and get to level 5 and wait for server hoppers to find you.

    It's a build it and they will come approach.

    The way hopping works you'll get the best chance by parking your ship around world events specifically fof or fotd because hoppers will see you as "reaper 5 at a fof/fotd" and you can go from there.

    You won't find a lot of combat for treasure without a significant amount of effort but you can get a fight just to fight fairly easily by doing what I described above.

    You'll just have to watch for the stealth plays

  • @grimluck8518 said in Quick question for the community from a newish player:

    ...even reapers will run away nonstop from a 1 man sloop...

    Solo sloopers (Except for me) are terrifying

  • @grimluck8518
    Yes, yes and I'd say more dodged than missed lol.

    I would say a lot of players don't like to pvp.

    You are mostly getting bad luck servers too. If you play on xbox make sure it says Sailing with Everyone so you can get in the PC pools easier.

    Arena was a mess lol.

  • @grimluck8518 Yeah reapers sadly got the reputation of RR's Running Reapers. And with each server for now only having 5 total ships, there issin't mush. I myself do enjoy a good pvp battle.

    What you could do, is become reapers yourself. Get to grade 5 and search for others. Or others may come to you for pvp.

  • A lot of people avoid pvp because they don't want to risk their loot; learning how to chase them down effectively will help though.

    And you can always try putting up a Fort of the Damned or Legend of the Veil to draw in some pvp action

  • You should be thankful you're not finding PvP encounters. I know I would've been.

  • Starters. Is this a story/Tale or feedback?
    I’m confused

    Second, is that all your doing? Hunting for pvp only because way I see it. When you stop looking, you get it.

  • @grimluck8518 My suggestion, enjoy the game for what it is. Don't force elements to it and keep your objective fluid.

    If you are at that point where you need to up the challenge, just get a Reaper's five flag and wait by a FOF. They will come for you.

  • @grimluck8518 yea unfortunately there use to be a pvp only mode that allowed players to pvp all the time. And sadly all the dissolving of arena did was expose the reaper runners lol. There are a few every couple servers I've found that don't run tho. So they're still out there just may take some hunting. There's some good recommendations from others here too like getting reaper 5 yourself to attract others, can raise OG reaper flag cause that ALWAYS brings someone, or do a FoF or FoTD. Those are prolly the quickest ways to get some pvp is that's what you're after!

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