Another Crossover? Maybe?

  • Honestly I would love to see a One Piece x Sea of Thieves collab on some pirate clothes or ships. Sailing around on a galleon painted to look like the Thousand Sunny or the Going Merry would be awesome. Maybe get the cutlass reskinned to look like one of Zoro's swords.

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  • @doctorwhybother there are loads of these types of crossover for ship figureheads and cosmetics. To name a few we have:

    • Banjo Kazooie
    • Battletoads
    • Halo
    • Killer Instinct
    • Ori and the Blind Forest
    • Perfect Dark
    • Viva Pinata

    More than likely we will see more to come!

  • @doctorwhybother Its been asked many, many times before and the summary of the post is just one party liking the idea, and the other truly hating it. I’ve never seen the show so I can’t give my opinion that, but I think the main thing people don’t want is a straw hat.

    Rare would also need certain rights to do something like this, so maybe if they can get those.

  • @aribalam i can understand why some people wouldn't want it in there due to the devil powers in the show but just like a little nod to the longest running pirate anime would be nice.

  • @sshteeve I have seen these and the Killer Instinct one is awesome and i am super tempted to get it. I honestly have loved all the crossovers.

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