Cargo Runs Come to Sea of Thieves

Boost your reputation by safely transporting goods to their destination!

Chasing down chickens, crating up snakes and wrestling pigs is all very well, but sometimes you just don't have time to hunt for resources and you need an alternative means of building your Merchant Alliance reputation. That's the feedback we've heard from Sea of Thieves players, and this week we're bringing you a brand new voyage type designed for that purpose.

Cargo Runs reach Sea of Thieves this week as part of the currently live content update, Forsaken Shores. They'll bestow some variety on your path to Pirate Legend status by offering new ways to rise through the ranks of the Merchant Alliance, one of the game's dominant Trading Companies.

You kick off a Cargo Run by picking up a Merchant Alliance contract, taking it back to your ship and voting on it as usual. This will inform you who's waiting for you with the cargo at an Outpost or one of the newly established Seaposts. Head over there and accept the cargo, read the note attached and that'll tell you where it needs to go!

This recent video in our Behind the Scenes series gave team members Shelley and James a chance to explain the ins and outs of Cargo Runs in more detail:

Official Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes: Cargo Runs

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You'll find that Cargo Runs differ from the usual voyages in a number of ways:

   • Once you have your cargo you can undertake Cargo Runs alongside other active voyages, allowing you to double up on your delivery efforts.

   • You're provided with the specific goods to transport, resulting in less time spent scouring islands to fulfil a quota.

   • Certain factors play into the rewards you get for completing a Cargo Run. Each one is timed, so your payout will take a hit if you arrive late. Merchants also expect the goods to be delivered intact, so turning up with broken rum bottles, valuable cloth ruined by water damage or exotic plants that died of thirst along the way is not quite so good for your pocket.

The other new features of Forsaken Shores play a role in Cargo Runs too: rowboats make all the difference in transporting goods to and from your ship, while goods sourced in The Devil's Roar are, like everything else about that restless region, a little bit harder to handle.

Cargo Runs will be part of your Sea of Thieves experience from October 10th. Excited? Share your thoughts with us and your fellow marine messengers on our social channels below.