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Sir Arthur Pendragon

A noble swordsman who found his calling on the Sea of Thieves as the Champion of Souls.

Raised by a powerful and noble family, Pendragon made his mark as an adventurer with a talent for dispatching the undead – a path that eventually led him to a cursed vessel known as the Blackwyche, a ship that would ultimately be bequeathed to Pendragon himself.

Having been pointed to the Sea of Thieves, this gentleman explorer soon found himself in league with the Order of Souls before his own essence was imprisoned during a fateful encounter with the Skeleton Lord Graymarrow. After regaining his freedom for a while, Pendragon put this time to good use by valiantly opposing all threats to the Sea of Thieves, but a desperate gambit to stop the return of Captain Flameheart ultimately saw him banished to the Sea of the Damned once more.

By Umbra

My name is Umbra, resident Scribe of the Sea of Thieves. (It’s a real thing, honestly.) I chronicle the myths and legends of its ever-changing waters, so if you’re looking to learn more about those who’ve shaped the history of our pirate paradise, you’ve come to the right place...