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Leader of the Bilge Rats, and always keen to guide others towards exciting adventures.

A born explorer who gets restless if she stays in one place for too long, Larinna has spent her entire life diving too deep, wandering off the beaten path and trekking to the places that no-one else has been. This natural tendency to push the boundaries led her to the pirate life from a young age, teaching her to be self-reliant, guarded and pragmatic above all else. 

Larinna is leader of the Bilge Rats, a group devoted to encouraging excitement, challenge and adventure to make sure pirates are ready for whatever the Sea of Thieves may have in store. She prefers to loiter outside the tavern, ready to guide pirates towards anything that’s new and dangerous.

By Umbra

My name is Umbra, resident Scribe of the Sea of Thieves. (It’s a real thing, honestly.) I chronicle the myths and legends of its ever-changing waters, so if you’re looking to learn more about those who’ve shaped the history of our pirate paradise, you’ve come to the right place...