October 28th 1.45pm – November 1st 10am UTC

Ready to mark the season of sinister surprises with some special Sea of Thieves initiatives? Tricksters and Treaters are out competing on the seas, while social tricks and treats can be triggered right here. Log in to get started!

This Event Has Ended

Thanks for checking in. Unfortunately, the time-limited Event described on this page is now over. Please visit the main Sea of Thieves Events Hub where you can find out about any imminent or active Events, get an overview of Daily Deeds and more!

Trick or Treat on Twitter! 

There’s gold up for grabs this weekend – but by the very nature of Trick or Treat, it could go either way! It’s the time of year when the Jack O’ Looter, a pilfering trickster from Sea of Thieves folklore, roams the seas in spirit and is ready to toss a coin for anyone bold enough to issue that three-word demand...

You might be treated to a glittering handful of gold, or you might be tricked out of a small amount of the gold you already have. Are you ready to find out which it’ll be?

Step 1: Link Your Account

Sign up to our Social Swag programme by linking the Twitter account you want to use for Trick or Treat!

Step 2: Send Tweet and Share Result

Once your Twitter account is linked, tweet “Trick or Treat” at @SeaOfThieves on Twitter or just use the handy share card you’ll be shown. Wait around 10 minutes for the Jack O’ Looter to consider your request, then refresh this page to see if you’ve been tricked or treated. Your share card will update so that you can share the result with seafaring friends!

Tricksters and Treaters on the Seas

Want to be more active in the tricking and treating? An in-game Event running right now encourages you to join in a friendly fight between Tricksters and Treaters.

Each side is aiming to reach its own cumulative Community Goal before the Event ends, and if successful, all players who’ve contributed enough to that side (use this page to keep track of your own personal contributions) will earn a themed cosmetic reward! You’re free to play for both sides – but as a bonus, if your very first contribution is to the side that hits its Community Goal first, you’ll earn an exclusive Title too.

To contribute to the Treaters’ Community Goal: bury treasure, place treasure maps on the Quest Board or discover items buried by other players!

To contribute to the Tricksters’ Community Goal: bury Gunpowder Barrels, steal Map Bundles from other crews or hit ships with purple Cursed Cannonballs!

While playing, you can find details of this Event on the Special Events menu tab.

Halloween Sale

During the final weekend of October, you can get your claws on some dark and dangerous Emporium items at intimidating discount prices! Ship sets, pets, costumes, weapons and emotes are all in the mix, so skulk in and see what you can find from October 28th to November 1st.