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Join your fellow pirates over the next few weeks to tackle Trials and Deeds, find lost shipments for the Merchant Alliance, embark upon new Events and claim dozens of rewards!


The new year ushers in new ways of ensuring players always have things to do in Sea of Thieves. Our first Season delivers a new route to earning rewards by building your Renown, a trove of Trials and Deeds to tackle along the way, a permanent new Voyage type for the Merchant Alliance, new and returning time-limited Events, more freebies to grab through Twitch Drops and fresh Pirate Emporium stock including the Plunder Pass!


Seasonal play introduces Renown, which you can earn by simply living the pirate life and accomplishing things naturally. Reach new Renown levels within each Season to unlock rewards including cosmetics, gold, Doubloons and Ancient Coins! There are even ways to accelerate this: Trials are themed sets of Deeds that will test your adventuring, exploring and battling capabilities and speed your progress towards ever more enviable rewards.


Unrest is rife within the Merchant Alliance as many important cargo deliveries are failing to reach their destinations – and worse still, the ships and their crews are vanishing without trace. To help untangle the mystery, Senior Trader Mollie turns to the Sea of Thieves’ network of well-travelled pirates. Can you follow the trade route clues to find missing shipments, recover the lost Manifests and maybe, just maybe make off with some choice salvage as a finder’s fee?


In addition to the Trials that allow you to speed up your progress towards Season rewards, new time-limited Events will come and go every month. You might be thrown into a battle between Trading Companies, get involved in a worldwide skeleton crackdown… or just spend a lot of time fishing. Check out the Events Hub for dates and details of these one-off Events (alongside some of your favourite recurring Events) as they go live!


Bold choices abound as Sea of Thieves marks its third year of adventure! The Reaper’s Mark Sails return for a limited time, while the Sea of Sands collection sweeps in with fierce desert elegance for your ship, crew and weapons. Adopt a Gold Curse Macaw or Alsatian as a treasured pet, or strike Showboater Weapon Poses to scare off your foes. Plenty more to discover too, including the Plunder Pass for boosting those Seasonal rewards!

Plunder Pass Rewards

Season One’s Plunder Pass offering includes the debut of the intimidating Dark Warsmith Blunderbuss, Eye of Reach, Pistol and Cutlass along with the grand Silver Skull Sails – none of which are yet in stock at the Pirate Emporium. Other unlockables include the Ruby Splashtail Monarch Costume and Fishing Rod, the Crab Dab and Mysteriously Casual emotes, the Bear & Bird Wheel and the stunning Collector's Night Wulf Figurehead!

Plunder Pass Explained

For pirates ready to conquer Season One’s Trials and claim every reward, the Plunder Pass will make success taste all the sweeter. Pay once and the Plunder Pass sends even more treasures cascading into the pool of Seasonal rewards obtainable by raising your Renown. This includes brand new items ahead of their Emporium debut, so you could lay your hands on freshly forged treasures before your rivals get the chance!


This time-honoured method of snagging free stuff continues into Seasons. When Twitch Drops are live, just make sure your Sea of Thieves and Twitch accounts are linked, settle back and spend some time watching one of our splendid streaming Partners to pick up daily cosmetic drops for use in your own adventures. Keep an eye on Sea of Thieves’ social channels to see when Twitch Drops are active and what’s on offer!


If you want even more detail on everything brought in by the latest update, whether you’re after specifics on freshly introduced features, quality of life and accessibility improvements or tweaks to tidy up known issues, you’ll find all those and more in our release notes that go live on the day of each content update!

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