The Hoarder’s Hunt

Time to embark on some enigmatic exploration! Can you solve a series of Puzzles and Voyages to ultimately unlock mysterious chests left to the Gold Hoarders? To find out and get to grips with an exciting new Sea of Thieves Mystery, simply log in…

The Hoarder's Hunt is now over

The time-limited Mystery described on this page has come to an end. Check out the Sea of Thieves Events Hub for information on upcoming or active Events, and the Community Hub for regularly updated community resources and creations!

The Concluding Letter

The Letter Says...

The key has turned, the skull revealed in all its golden hues.
Some say I did not want that, but for them I have some news.

This OUTCAST wanted those TWO-FACED Hoarders that you aided
to open that green chest themselves and have their lies paraded

for all to see, the GRUDGE laid bare with greed, the BAIT, to TRAP.
The skull was cursed for Hoarders, wherever on the map.

This Rathbone fake was meant to wound, as his birds had done to me.
Their gold would be removed from flesh – a final ignominy.

But! My rules they BREAK and ask for help. So, the curse is broke.
My shady plan is foiled, and you all now fall within my scope.

I’ll RETAKE the throne that’s vacant now and you will all fall down.
To worship me, just name me as the one who wears that crown...

- Hogarth

How The Hoarder’s Hunt Works

Included in The Hoarder’s Hunt is a series of Puzzles, with clues found on this website and other locations online. Solve a Puzzle and enter the correct answer on this site, and you’ll be able to claim a special Voyage from Larinna when you next play Sea of Thieves. 

This will lead you to more clues scattered across the seas. The Voyage is complete when you unearth a key to the special chests held by the Gold Hoarders. 

A new Puzzle and accompanying Voyage will be released at regular intervals – check the countdown on this site to see when you can expect them to become available. These must be tackled in order, and The Hoarder’s Hunt will only be over when all Puzzles are solved, all Voyages completed and the chests unlocked. Good luck!

Prizes to Be Won

While there are in-game rewards for all pirates who successfully complete Stages of The Hoarder’s Hunt, only the first to the finish line can claim the real-world prizes! In the event of a winning crew, the player who proposes the winning Voyage will be eligible to claim.

Grand Prize

One unique replica Gold Hoarder skull with a detachable ring of keys.

Runner-Up Prizes

10 replica silver keys as reminders of those sought in The Hoarder’s Hunt.

Third Place Prizes

100 replica golden Reaper’s Mark medallions.

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