Looks got a guild

  • Me and my buddy are looking to join a guild, looking to make some new friends, have some laughs and make some money! Lol
    We like to get loot!! Need that coin, do some tall tails and if its chill just some good old fashion fishing :)
    Im not good at pvp but my buddy and i are interested in some pvp battles!

    Plz send a guild request and let's make a good crew friendship

  • you can join me, i just created a guild and looking to build it up

  • @ladytankz

    I sent you a friend request and a guild invitation. I play often after work in the evenings (Central standard time - us Midwest) and on the weekends. You can try to join me anytime, if you can't join when I am sailing I probably have a full crew. Hop to sail with you soon!

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