New/old player looking for a crew

  • I started playing on release then stopped started playing here and there but now im so close to hitting 50 on my last emissary but my crew mate has decided to stop playing again so needing a crew to hit my last then start on my PL once i start that and help with what i need to do ive been solo slooping to get closer to my target but lookong for like minded people to chill and loot with im UK based so play most evening for 3 to 4 hours a night

  • Welcome! See you on the seas! ♥

  • @beardedxdragoon I'm basically very new at this game having just bought it in mid sept of this year (2023) Trying to find some shipmates to sail the seas with. Are you still looking for crew mates?

  • @lonewolf0583579 i am as just hit pirate legend and now have no crew mates i play uk times

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