My rank in servants and guardians was decreased

  • I don’t know if this is because of the update and it will be fixed? but when I go on the website, it shows my original rank but when I’m actually playing the game, my rank for guardians and servants of the flame have been decreased by over 100 levels One is like level three and the other is level 20 something Please fix this I am a loyal player check my account. I’ve bought almost everything from the shop me and my wife spend a lot time and money with you please fix this and I’m just gonna put this out there if somebody gave me an obsidian capstan I wouldn’t even complain about those problem at all that would definitely make things right if you can’t fix the problem

  • @jallyroger Your Levels are fine. It's a known issue. Something is wrong with the UI. It seems like the hundreds number place has been left out. Otherwise levels track and progress as normal. Rare made a post stating that it's just a visual issue.

  • @cptnpotbeard well that’s very good news. I was kind of hoping that it was gonna be a problem and maybe they would give me an obsidian capstan. Not gonna lie that capstans on my bucket list. And shrouded ghost. But thank you very much for letting me know.

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