Hope all are enjoying the seas!

  • My name is Mike and gamertag is a1askanmike! Look forward to seeing those on the seas, especially if you are on NAW servers.

  • Howdy ahoy

    I love alaska, beautiful area

    I hope you have wonderful adventures, encounter lovely people, and feel welcome around the forums to join in and express your views and share your experiences.

  • Welcome aboard! 🍺 Hope to catch you on the seas.

  • Abhoy and welcome to the seas

  • @a1askanmike glad to have you on the seas brother!!

  • @crowedhunter said in Hope all are enjoying the seas!:

    Ahoy! I'm Hunter.

    If you see the Jackdaw, the Jackdaw's Revenge, or the Errant Gambit out there feel free to sail on over. I'll give you something shiny if you say "parley".

    If you see Drunken Sea Squirrel grab the alliance and go away.



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