Twitch Drops - don’t forget! WATCH, ENJOY & GET REWARDED (Dec 2nd - 5th (10am UTC))

  • One week from today you'll be able to acquire four fresh bits of Eastern Winds Sapphire equipment via Twitch Drops. Simply tune in to any Partnered Sea of Thieves streamer and watch for one hour per item between Dec 2nd and 5th (10am UTC). Cheers!

    Twitch Drops run from 10am Dec 2nd – 10am Dec 5th (times UTC). Watch for one hour per item between these dates to claim:

    🥤 Eastern Winds Sapphire Bucket
    🔦 Eastern Winds Sapphire Lantern
    ♠ Eastern Winds Sapphire Shovel
    📢 Eastern Winds Sapphire Speaking Trumpet

  • these look absolutely amazing... and exactly what i'm after :D

  • I am always up for a new lantern. I like the way the new reward system works.

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