They added stools? New to s7.

  • Hey all, quick filler post/ question regarding season 7. I’ve been seeing posts regarding these new, portable stools that have been added along with captaincy?

    Do I find this washed up on islands? And can these be sold? (I likely wont sell them much since they sound like a fun feature, but still, just curious) Unless these are a new type of trinket, or something similar.

    TL:DR: They added portable stools?? Where do I find these?

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  • @sprucecosmic Ahoy matey!

    You can find them washed up on beaches and randomly on islands. You can pick them up and take them on your journey so you can take a seat wherever you want.

  • They are around. I always forget to look for them.

    If you find one, be sure to sit on it. I put one along the railing of my crow's nest for some awesome 3rd person panoramic views, only for it to disappear after a bit of not sitting in it.

  • I have yet to find a single stool, and im not the only one of my friends with that issue, im not sure if they just dont respawn after they are sold or lost, but they have been nowhere i look. The first adventure i was going to do on my ship was to hoard all the stools i could find, but after about 4 or 5 islands, i gave up.

  • Make sure to screen shot your stool samples and submit them.😛😈

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