With captaincy brings a new groups

  • Soo with the addition of ship names. Could we start some bounty hunting communities? Where people can post bounties on ships and their captains. In trade for loot. Or even a Facebook page where there is list of bad/toxic pirate captains to avoid. Much like how fallout 76 has bounty pages and trading blacklist.

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  • Oh you mean a name and shame witchhunting group?

    That's against forum rules.

  • Whilst it is against our rules on our platforms... I can imagine there will be posts on social media warning players of captins and ships.

  • The captain of the Unsinkable II is really toxic and deserves to be banned, shouldn't be too hard to narrow down should it?!

  • @wsurftvveeds That assumes that all ship names are unique, which they are not.

  • @jmcafreak that was the joke about how overused unsinkable is

  • @aowsaladfingerz the issue is people define toxic very differently. I enjoy pvp, I don't apologise for it, I'm chill in my interactions though and offer a well played whether I win or lose. So many people I attack hurl abuse, slurs, all kinda stuff at me.
    In my opinion these people are toxic, their expectations of this game are the issue, however I'm sure they'd all say I'm toxic because I've attacked them.

    I've had people banned before for the slurs etc they've sent my way, just saying any system like this based on subjective voting is too open to abuse

xbox onequestioncommunityjust for fun
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