I am unable to email support?

  • I am a father of a 1 year old son. I enjoy Sea of Thieves and weekends are when I can enjoy the game. I have spent over 9 hours today trying to catch the snow wrecker for the stupid Gold Hoarders fishing rod. A player I was playing with told me it was a rare fish and to hold it out so he can take a screen shot of me holding it. Somehow it ended up being eaten and I was only holding LT! I have video evidence! I am trying to contact support to get this fixed! But there is no option to submit a ticket! So I am asking for support to reach out to me to restore the fish or unlock the gold hoarders fishing rod i have invested over a week trying to catch all the wreckers only to have the last one glitched out by holding it??!! It makes no senselink text

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  • If there were any animals around, they eat food if you hold it out like that.

    If you're teammate had an animal, they probably asked you to do so just so their animal could eat it.

    Because pirates.

  • @requiem0fwar those pets be vicious.

  • @requiem0fwar


    This will take you where you can submit a support ticket.

  • @pithyrumble Thank you

  • I was able to submit a ticket. I was completely unaware that pets would eat your food. Luckily I caught a snow wrecker this morning after a couple hours and immediately turned it in. I’m a proud owner of my new gold hoarders fishing rod.

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