Do you get Wraith Balls after every OOS Ghost Ship voyage?

  • Ahoy thar mateys,

    I’m trying to complete the OOS commendation “Hit another crew with a Wraith cannonball”.

    I’ve once or twice got the crate with them in after completing the OOS Ghost Ship Voyage, but many times I’ve completed it the crate hasn’t spawned in the loot pile.

    I’m trying to work out if it should spawn every time or is it RNG? If it is RNG that is so annoying as you were guaranteed to get one in the old flameheart days!

    If anyone can help with this or has any other way of cheesing this commendation, please holler!

    Fair winds and following seas me hearties!

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  • It’s RNG. But that’s okay in my opinion. A guaranteed crate of wraithballs after each and every ghost ship voyage would be too overpowered. I mean, Flamehearts event came up random too, if you think about it. There was no guarantee to encounter him.

  • If you're doing Level 75 voyages and the final ship is the Burning Blade, you should get a crate. I don't know if the non-Blade finales have a chance at a crate or not.

  • @ageinglime
    Nope, only when the Burning Blade appears.

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