A Battle at Crow’s Nest Fortress.

  • The other day, me and my first mate were on a sloop, wandering the seas. While we were at Devil’s Ridge, scavenging the island for loot and supplies, we see an Ashen Fort skull, hovering above Crow’s Nest Fortress, very close to where we were. We immediately rush to the fort and begin to fight the skeletons there. We were pretty rusty, as neither of us had a serious combat encounter (PvP or PvE) in months. However, we developed an easy way of defeating the waves of skeletons. One would get onto one of the cannons looking towards the fort, and the other would lead them into the cannon’s range. It was going swimmingly, until I saw a brigantine on the horizon. I alerted my first mate and hopped into game chat. Any attempt to cooperate with them evaporated when they fired chainshot at our mast. It took them a few tries, but they hit eventually, and soon our hull was getting hit with cannonballs. We rushed over to our ship, but we were both quickly killed. Me by a cannon ball as I was on the ship, my crewmate by the other crew members while he was trying to board. This proved to be enough time to sink us. But before I died, I also noticed another sloop on the horizon. Obviously not wanting to give up the situation, and not being too far away from the fort, we went back. Mostly for the fun of it. When we got there, they were on the boss wave fighting Old Horatio. They sunk us again, and we kept coming back until on our fourth time we actually decided to play it smart. We hovered just barely in range, them missing most of their shots. We were able to get some good shots in, and eventually we sunk the brig, which was fighting against us with the sloop, which we then turned our attention to. We were eventually able to sink them after I boarded their ship, and eventually killed both of them (however, I did die because me and the second person on the sloop blunderbussed each other at the same time.) However, we were unable to grab the loot, because by the time we sunk the sloop, the brigantine was already coming back. We decided to fight even though we had less than five cannonballs. Obviously we lost, but we did manage to put up a good fight with what little we had. My crewmate’s internet turned off, and I set a fire on the brigantine as a last hurrah. So in the end, the brigantine and sloop won. Either way, it was a fun encounter, and an interesting battle.

  • Great story! But that was a fort of fortune XD

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