Galleon Event?

  • So my buddy had logged and started in Ancient Outpost. He stated that when he set sail and started to head north he got a cutscene that appeared and instead of the normal white/blue server merge text, this was green. He didn't get a screenshot and couldn't recall what all it said but something along the lines of "supremacy of the seas" and then there were 4 NPC Galleons that appeared and they were not ghost or skeleton ships. Being on a solo sloop, he ran for it. He later returned only to find a lot of seagulls flying over trash in the water where the boats had appeared. Looking all over the web I cannot find any event described as such. At first I thought he had the skeleton ship event but he said there was not even a cloud in the sky. Any ideas?

  • were they starting a PoTC tall tale and went through the portal?

  • Sorry, forgot about that bit; he said he didn't start any quests either. He did start a typical deliver 6 item merchant run.

  • @daylarfarshot1

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  • @daylarfarshot1 I guess you got trolled...

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