yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me~

  • Name: Murdoc
    Age: 28yrs old
    Gender/Pronouns: Male (He/Him)

    I'm recently new to the game but I've fallen in love with it immediately with the help of my friends.
    As of lately I've been playing with my friend who lives in Belgium but when he's not around I'd like to play with others who are looking for treasure, experience, and friendships.
    I play on Steam/PC and I'm looking for mostly adults to play meaning 18 and older groups of people. I'm always willing to learn new stuff to help me out in this game too.

    My friend code on steam friend code is 77836488
    but you can also add my gamertag which is MurdocFluxes

    just let me know in a message that you're looking to play together.

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  • @murdocfluxes

    Welcome aboard me matey!

    You sound like you’ve got a fair idea of what yer doing but make sure you check out the Pirate Academy pages for a whole host of hints and tips you might not know yet :D

  • @lizalaroo Thank you, I"ll be sure to check them out :D

  • I'll possibly add you. I hope you sail well :)))

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