Kraken title

  • So i finally defeated a Kraken in my solo sloop. Alot easier when you don’t run around panicking. I didnt get a title for it. Do you have to defeat it multiple times to get a title?

  • @scoobyd2uk Hi there, if you check in the reputation screen under bilge rats I believe you'll find the page mercenary and in there you should see how many times you gotta defeat it, I believe for the first title you have to do it 10 times and then for legendary title I believe that is 50 times, all the best and good luck out there!

  • killing it 5 times gets you the title 'Kraken Hunter'

    Killing it 10 times gets you the title 'Legendary Kraken Hunter'

  • Don't forget to take the Kraken meat to the Hunters

  • Thank you all.....

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