Pirates find themselves at the heart of an expanding storyline as Sea of Thieves continues to grow and change. Game updates have seen formerly friendly characters falling foul of dark curses and the return of old foes, bringing new threats and new types of gameplay to the seas.

As more game features arrive, they’re presented as part of the ever-evolving lore by Larinna and her Bilge Rats, continuing interwoven narrative threads as villainous forces – like Captain Flameheart and his Ashen Lords – fight to claim the seas for themselves.

За горизонтом

Третий сезон положил начало головокружительным приключениям, столкнув два пиратских мира и приведя в Sea of Thieves небезызвестного капитана Джека Воробья.

Сага, в которой вас ждёт множество союзов, пробуждений и бесценных пиратских сокровищ, получила название Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life. Чтобы поучаствовать в ней, нужно заглянуть в лагерь отшельницы на любом из форпостов. Там и начнутся пять новых историй Tall Tales, события которых происходят в мире Sea of Thieves и за его пределами. Если вам понравятся эти истории, то знайте, что в игре есть множество иных историй Tall Tales, оставшихся с былых времён!


Players are the lifeblood of their own Sea of Thieves stories, and their adventures are commemorated by the clothing, weapons and titles they can equip. You can tell at a glance which pirates have faced the Heart of Fire or overcome that most elusive Megalodon, the Shrouded Ghost.

Members of Sea of Thieves’ community also love to speculate on the many unexplained mysteries within the game, crafting stories and videos from in-game footage and using their crews, costumes and emotes to spark the imagination of others.


The story of Sea of Thieves lives on beyond the game, with its characters and past events being explored across multiple forms of media to satisfy even the most tenacious lore-hounds. Whether it’s through books or board games, these further adventures all add to the rich allure of the game’s world.

Players can look back at the early days with Tales from the Sea of Thieves, try out the tabletop RPG, dive into the hidden histories of key characters with free Sea of Thieves comics or enjoy a full-fledged novel, Athena’s Fortune, available in print and free audiobook formats.