If you've ever marvelled at the realism of the effects in Sea of Thieves, from thundering waves and volcanoes all the way down to Merrick's scrappy campfire and the curls of smoke from the Ferryman's torches, this video should bring you eight minutes of joy. Brace yourself for enlightenment and artistic anecdotes as Visual Effects duo Natalie and Andreas Oberg take the stage. Or at least the wobbly tavern table.

This isn't Andreas' first rodeo as he appeared in a Short Haul video back in the mists of ancient Sea of Thieves history, or as it's also known, 2016. But this Inn-side Story lets him share the spotlight with Natalie as they reveal some of their sorcerous VFX secrets, backed up by footage of a field trip to Cornwall – a little coastal slice of this world that's ended up sending far-reaching ripples into Sea of Thieves' own.

Official Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #32: Visual Effects

Продолжительность 8:29

If that video had a positive effect (you're welcome) on your perception of the game, check out the Sea of Thieves YouTube channel for a cavalcade of Inn-side Stories and Behind the Scenes videos stretching way back into the pre-launch days, most of which have their own write-ups right here in our News section. And as always, you can find us on all the social channels below for the good stuff that's still to come!