Short Haul Video #1 - Instruments

Learn more about Sea of Thieves' instruments in our new one minute video series!

Thirsty for more Sea of Thieves info, but only have a minute to spare? Well, our new Short Haul series is perfect for you! Like a stealthy cup o’ grog in the middle of a shift, these mini-vids on specific game features will leave you feeling satisfied and quench that pesky thirst.

Our first episode is a musical extravaganza! So put that precious minute to good use in the company of Senior Designers Andrew and Shelley Preston as they deliver a crash course in harmonising instruments and selecting the right shanty for your next battle.

Sea of Thieves: Short Haul #1

Duração 1:15

So there you have it! Will your crew be taking the stealthy, silent approach to sailing, or will there be a musical air about your ship? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and in our Forums, and keep an eye out for the next Short Haul coming soon!