The fog is rising! Shrouded Spoils is the fourth free content update for Sea of Thieves, bringing a wealth of improvements and frequently requested new features into the game. If you haven't already, you can learn more by checking out our dedicated Shrouded Spoils page, the latest release notes or this week's Developer Update video. Or just keep on reading for the full lowdown...

As teased by the title, dense sea fog is among the most prominent additions in Shrouded Spoils, giving the game a whole new atmosphere by reducing familiar island skylines to silhouettes and making ambush by sea beasts, skellies or rival pirates a very real possibility. Stationing someone in the crow's nest to call out dangers has never been more important.

Official Sea of Thieves Content Update: Shrouded Spoils

Duration 4:34

Elsewhere, the focus is on scaling up existing threats to sailors on the Sea of Thieves. Hordes of skeletons have made land grabs by occupying more Skeleton Forts across the world, transforming them from abandoned ruins into eminently lootable hives of activity. Out at sea, the patchwork Skeleton Ships that rose from the depths during the events of Cursed Sails can now be encountered anywhere – including the scalding seas of The Devil's Roar. If you're confident in your ability to outpace them, be warned that nimble Skeleton Sloops are now at large too.

Kraken aggression is on the rise as this menace broadens its range of attacks, while a new breed of visually distinct Megalodon marauders join the mix of everyday perils. Combine any of these threats with the limited visibility and oppressive silence that rolls in with a bank of sea fog, and you're in for an encounter to remember. On the bright side, survive one of these encounters and you'll have plenty to show for it, with slain monsters now coughing up some fine treasures.

That's not the only justification for including 'spoils' in the update title. Cursed Mermaid Statues found on the sea bed will surrender precious gems when their curse is broken. Loot from Skeleton Forts can now include Crates of Ancient Bone Dust and monstrously powerful Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels. New Commendations have been introduced just for Pirate Legends – new goals for the most experienced buccaneers on the seas.

And even the humblest pirate's ship can look like a million doubloons with customisation now extended to cover the wheel, capstan and cannons. Equip your favourite livery and see the results for yourself! This also applies to the new Wailing Barnacle set, the only time-limited element of the Shrouded Spoils update.

Finally, some of the more demanding achievement requirements – generally those that require high numbers of rare commodities, as named in this week's release notes – are being reined in as a result of player feedback. This will make them fairer and more attainable for most pirates, but if you did grit your teeth and unlock one of the achievements in question while they were still set at the higher level, expect your efforts to be rewarded in the near future by a special commemorative sail. Meanwhile, anyone who meets the new requirements for an achievement will be able to trigger it by delivering just one more of the relevant items.

That sums up most of the far-reaching improvements introduced in Shrouded Spoils. The update launched on November 28th, so break out your finest livery, check you've packed your spyglass and begin a new phase of atmospheric adventure!