July had many great things going on: our team sailed over to San Diego Comic-Con to take part in a special panel with Sea of Thieves superfan Freddie Prinze Jr, we dropped The Sunken Curse Bilge Rat Adventure, and of course our free Cursed Sails content update was unleashed upon the Sea of Thieves.

However, Sea of Thieves creators may remember that we also asked our community to get involved in our Shark Week Challenge. The winners of this would take home loot in the form of a Sea of Thieves Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller, The Hungering Deep Unisex T-shirt and 40 Bilge Rat Doubloons, while the runners-up would bag themselves a T-shirt and 40 Bilge Rat Doubloons!

We were on the lookout for quality content in the following categories:

Best Shark Shot
Best Shark Mockumentary
Best "See It To Believe It" Moment

And like sharks to some tasty chum, you came out in droves! We hunkered down in our tavern and in true shark style sunk our teeth into all the submissions we received. After hours of deliberation, laughter and one or two jump scare-related incidents, we're pleased to say that we've found our winners! 

Best Shark Shot winner:

You've got to keep your eyes on the prize - in this case it's being taken in the most literal sense. (WTFisDAVY)

Best Shark Shot runners-up:

You all know how terrifying the red water is. Imagine throwing a Megalodon into the mix! (xxpopxroksxx)

Nice day for a quick bite to eat? (The Heichou)

Best Shark Mockumentary winner:

Discover The Shark

Duration 4:14

Legends say that the monkeys rule the sea. It's true? (Captain Falcore)

Best Shark Mockumentary runners-up:

Oceanic Predator - A Sea of Thieves Narration

Duration 5:18

Join Captain Attenborough on a voyage of narration and discovery. (LordVader1O1)

Myth of the Megalodon

Duration 6:23

Follow this brave and fearless research team as they uncover the 'myth' of the Megalodon... (Smile4theRice)

Best “See It to Believe It” Moment winner:

Karma is never far behind, as this Ill-mannered Sloop crew would soon learn. (ROX Ballzonia)

Best “See It To Believe It” Moment runners-up:

Alright! I Finished My Commen... OH DEAR GOD!

Duration 0.18

It's time to celebrate... or is it? Nope, maybe not. (Chiguy8)

Last but not least, click here for proof that the sea always has your back! (Aran Bailey)

A big thank you to everyone who entered! The competition was as fierce as the Hungering One itself.