NOTE: This article has been retired. For updated information, please see the revised article here.

As well as a shiny new commendation, here's what awaits Pirate Legends who hit 240 Arena wins!

Original story:

We're back with another quick update from the Sea of Thieves team! This time, Producer Jason Cross has some details to share on a rebalance to one of our Pirate Legend Commendations in The Arena. Find out how Pirate Legends can now get their hooks on a special reward…

Over to you, Jason!

Good afternoon to all you glorious Sea Dogs! Jason Cross, Producer on The Arena here with a rebalance update.

We recently realised how difficult it was for Pirate Legends to achieve Grade 5 for the Legendary Sea Dog Commendation. As a result, we have lowered the required number of wins for each grade, making it easier to achieve Grade 5 and earn the Commendation.

However, we have been incredibly impressed by those Legends who have already achieved Grade 5! Therefore, in a patch coming sometime over the next few weeks, any Legend who has already reached 240 wins will be rewarded with a unique weapon cosmetic.

Any Legend looking to claim this unique weapon cosmetic after that point will be able to unlock it with 240 wins, as per the original Commendation target.

The old and new number of wins required are displayed below:


  • Grade 1: 5
  • Grade 2: 15
  • Grade 3: 60
  • Grade 4: 120
  • Grade 5: 240


  • Grade 1: 1
  • Grade 2: 5
  • Grade 3: 25
  • Grade 4: 50
  • Grade 5: 100

Thanks for all your continued support!

- 'Cast Away' Cross