With Cursed Sails well underway, we're sure many of you have become very familiar with skeleton ships. They rise from beneath the waves, bringing terror to Outposts and battering the hulls of those who wish to defend them with cursed cannonballs.

But how did these skeletal ships come to be? Well, if you tune in to our latest Inn-side Story you can learn all about their development from Senior Designer Andrew Preston and Senior Software Engineer Tom Berry. We've embedded the video for you below, because we're nice like that, so have a watch!

Inn-side Story #30 - Skeleton Ships

Duration 6:18

And there you have it! Developing skeleton ships wasn't easy, but when we knew that was what the community wanted, we got right on it. We just had to code those pesky skellies into obeying us and tweak a bunch of stuff to ensure your framerate wasn't hammered.

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