Inn-Side Story #17 - Shipwrecks

Time to dive deep into what makes a Sea of Thieves shipwreck!

Ever since our band of buccaneers spoke about our E3 experiences and showed off all the shiny new features we've added to Sea of Thieves, we've been keen to dive deeper into each one. Last time, we sailed fearlessly into the eye of our storms and found out more about what went into the making of a tempest. But you might've noticed there's still more to explore!

So, this week, with the help of Senior Software Engineer David and Senior Designer Andrew, we're turning our attention below the sea's surface and searching through our shipwrecks! In this Inn-side Story, you'll find plenty to tantalise you and your crew into dipping beneath the depths like a boatload of abandoned barrels, a bounty of floating bananas and perhaps a lost treasure chest or two. But don't make the mistake of thinking you're alone down there...

Inn-Side Story #17 - Shipwrecks

Duration 3:53

Would your crew pass up the promise of undisturbed loot in favour of staying the course? Or could a swarm of seagulls lure you lot into taking risks and seeing what secrets lie below? Let us know by connecting with us on any of our social channels! Until next time...