In the wake of another epic E3 excursion, our band of brigands has gathered back in our tavern for the 10th episode of our Tales from the Tavern podcast!

This time, hosts Jon and Emma bring in Joe (Executive Producer), Mike (Design Director) and a second Scotsman named John (Junior Video Producer and voice of our E3 2017 trailer) to talk all about E3. Listen in as they share their favourite moments from the show, recount memorable voyages by show attendees and Tech Alpha participants, dish out details about filming our trailer and dive deeper into reactions that surprised us! Like the case of mistaken identity that confused our trailer narrator John with actor Simon Pegg or the number of pirates willing to take on our #BananaChallenge...

Sea of Thieves Tales from the Tavern - Episode 10

Duration 58:48

Though this month's grand plans to regale you with more glorious 4K action were foiled by a mutinous camera, you can still get the audio version of this episode on YouTube, Soundcloud or iTunes!

Until the next time we're together in the tavern, join in the conversation and send us your #TavernTalk questions on any of our social channels.