It’s been just over a month since the volcanic peaks of The Devil’s Roar first showed up on the horizon. We thought that this spectacular and atmospheric scenery might be just the right material for one of our creative challenges, we were not mistaken! Our Forsaken Challenge literally erupted with stunning fan creations and red-hot creative videos.

The number of entries that landed on our heads would shame even the most furious of volcanoes but that’s exactly what we wanted. It wasn’t easy to pick our favorites; your submissions were outstanding and resonated well with our own inner-pirates. All scorched but with wide grins broadening our faces we’re ready to announce the winners! 

As usual, there is a pile of treasure waiting for them - two sets of gaming peripherals from our friends over at Corsair paired with a red-hot Forsaken Shores T-shirt for the overall winners. Runners-ups won’t come short either and get the same campaign-themed T-shirt and an exclusive Sea of Thieves journal!

So, who will be taking the prizes home?

Forsaken Challenge Fan Creation Winner:

The Charred Parrot Tavern on Morrow's Peak Outpost was hand-crafted by Bbeanasaurus. This literally blew us away. Excellent work!

Forsaken Challenge Fan Creation Runner-Up:

If Stitcher Jim could walk out of the game, he would look just like this! Outstanding work, Sir GoldAnchor.

Forsaken Challenge Video Winner:

The Forsaken Voyage

Duration 4:03

Join Captain Falcore on his perilous Forsaken Voyage!

Forsaken Challenge Video Runner-Up

The Devil's Roar (Sea of Thieves) by Darren Kerwin & Samuel Lidström

Duration 2:22

Relax with this amazing cover version of the Stitcher Jim's shanty. We're raising a tankard of grog to you, darrenkerwin!

We’d like to thank you to everyone who entered, your videos and works of art especially are incredible!

Has seeing this incredible work inspired you? Missed out on this awesome contest and debating putting yourself into the brig as penance? Don’t do that! We’ve got two more contests going on right now. Break out your quill and take part in our Athena’s Fortune Contest where we’re looking for fan fiction and fan art. Or alternatively, go create some content based on our newest Bilge Rat Adventure with our Festival of the Damned Contest!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our social channels. You never know what other contests we’ll be running…