After a sunny and fun-filled adventure in Los Angeles, our E3 crew are back on home shores and back in the thick of development, diligently swabbing the Sea of Thieves deck. If you’re not too embroiled in the explosive fun that is Gunpowder Skeletons, our newest Bilge Rat Adventure, why not take some time out to catch up on our E3 videos?

First up we had our latest Tales from the Tavern podcast, which wasn’t hosted in a tavern at all. We considered renaming it the Tales from a Side Room at E3 podcast, but although that was more accurate, it didn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Check in with our E3 team and give it a watch:

Official Sea of Thieves: Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #17

Duration 29:20

All caught up? Good. We’ve got more for you though, so sit back down! This next one is a Developer Roundtable, where our very own Joe and Adam sat down with a bunch of eager fans on the E3 show floor and answered some of their burning questions about ship activities and the expanded Sea of Thieves universe. Dig in:

Sea of Thieves: E3 2018 Developer Roundtable

Duration 26:08

That’s all for now! If you weren’t at E3, we hope that watching these videos helped you stay in the Sea of Thieves loop and maybe even made you feel like you were in the room chatting to the team yourself. Don’t forget to check up on our social media channels for regular updates on all things Sea of Thieves!