So, you've rounded up your crew in the tavern, you've polished off a grog (or three), eaten more bananas than any human should eat and you're now stumbling towards your ship, ready to set sail on the Sea of Thieves. As you leave the tavern, you notice an unusual name carved into a rock. What does it mean?

Is it another pirate who came to the Sea of Thieves and has long since left, or are they still here? Who's that chap in the tent looking all shiny and gold-like? Who's that lady ominously holding a skull in her hand?

Official Sea of Thieves Developer Update: Lore in Sea of Thieves

Duration 3:25

These are just some of the questions you've been asking and that's probably the reason you clicked on this article! So why not watch the video above and let Design Director Mike Chapman regale you with snippets of the rich lore you can expect to encounter when adventuring in our world?

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