Developer Gameplay Video #3 - "We Look Like a Bunch of Tourists"

Our devs crew up with some brave buccaneers from Xbox including Phil Spencer!

Last week, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer landed at Rare with his entourage in tow. In addition to touring the studio and sampling our exquisite British cuisine (THEY’RE CALLED CHIPS, OKAY?), Phil and his crew went hands-on with the latest version of Sea of Thieves.

Shameless opportunists that we are, we made sure every juicy gameplay moment was captured on video. The result? Our latest and greatest Developer Gameplay video, this time featuring the one and only XboxP3.

Sea of Thieves Developer Gameplay #3 - "We Look Like a Bunch of Tourists"

Duration 9:48

A rollercoaster adventure, this edition features black-powder salvos launched in the dead of night, high-tempo ship boarding (with some attempts more successful than others…) and some good old-fashioned ship sinking. For all this and more (like sword combat! And manual cannon reloading! And bananas!) watch the full episode.

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