Sea of Thieves Design an Achievement Contest

In case you needed one more reason to take part in the Closed Beta!

Not a day goes by here at Rare where I don’t hear someone playing Sea of Thieves shout “that should be an achievement!”

This is a sentiment shared by our community. Even just a cursory glance at the Forums offers a wealth of threads detailing cool stories that have actually happened during our Technical Alpha, or general ideas around what would make for a great achievement in the future. This gave us an idea: what if we invited YOU, the community, to join us in the Closed Beta and (with your best thinking hooks on) help us create a new achievement!

When the Closed Beta kicks off TODAY, January 24th at 12pm GMT, we’ll be opening a Forum thread to gather up all your best ideas. When the Closed Beta ends on Wednesday January 31 st, we’ll close the Forum thread and lock ourselves in the brig until we’ve picked our four favourite achievement ideas. Once we’ve gathered those four, hopefully someone will let us out of the brig and we can pass the list back to the community to let you vote on your favourite!

Now onto the rewards! The winning achievement idea will become a fully realised Sea of Thieves achievement in the future, PLUS the winner will win an exclusive piece of signed artwork. As if that wasn’t enough, the winner will also win a whole bunch of Sea of Thieves booty!

To enter, please read the T&Cs linked at the end of this announcement and post your entry in this Forum thread using this template:

Achievement Name: No more than 44 characters – e.g. “Bone-Cronch”

Achievement Description: No more than 100 characters – e.g. “Kill a skeleton while it’s ‘cronching’ on a banana.”

(Optional): A suggested image for the achievement

Ready to enter? You can find the full T&Cs here:

Thanks and good luck to all the pirate achievers out there!