Remember when the Outposts became riddled with panic because they were being terrorised by skeleton crews? We hope so, it wasn’t that long ago! It was fantastic watching pirates tackle the Cursed Sails campaign to free the Outposts from the skeletal menace. To help cheer them on, we launched the Cursed Sails Challenge!

We asked pirates far and wide to submit Cursed Sails-inspired fan art, video and screenshots. We’ve hand-picked our favourites, so it’s time to reveal who will be taking home 40 Doubloons, a Cursed Sails T-shirt and a Sea of Thieves journal.

Cursed Sails Screenshot Winners:

With sunrise comes a skeletal surprise! By Lolaterale.

This moody shot is the work of LLuber.

Better together – at least TheBrokenCrow thinks so!

Cursed Sails Fan Art Winners:

This violet delight is the work of wasteofspace95.

Never underestimate the might of a bucket! By Tedakin.

Wanda, when she still had something to smile about. By CleverK8.

Cursed Sails Video Winners:

CURSED SAILS: A BRIEF HISTORY - Sea of Thieves Documentary

Duration 5:30

Take a closer look at what's caused all this chaos in the Sea of Thieves from the perspective of Capt FamBeard.

The Cursed Star | Sea Of Thieves | #CursedSoTShot | Short Film

Duration 5:33

Take a seat in the tavern and let HealPleaseHeal tell you the tale of the Cursed Star...

Weapons of the Warsmith

Duration 7:16

Join Smile4theRice and their legendary research team as they set sail on a quest to get to the heart of the recent skeleton invasion.

A huge thank you to everyone who entered, it was a blast looking through your submissions!

Don’t forget to keep tabs on our social media pages as you never know when the next challenge might arise…