A New Update on Captaincy and Milestones

Exciting improvements and rebalancing underway for all you Captains of Adventure!

Ahoy, Pirate Captains! In Season Seven, we introduced the ability to become a Captain in Sea of Thieves. Since then, we’ve really enjoyed seeing all those Captained ships out on the seas and spotting the banners through our spyglass when out adventuring.

We’ve also been listening to player feedback and internally assessing Captaincy and its rewards, and as a result there are some exciting permanent adjustments coming soon.

The changes below are all set to be released in June alongside a Captain’s Week Event. Read on for a summary of what’s coming to the world of Captaincy!

Milestone Balancing Adjustments

A large number of Pirate and Ship Milestones will be rebalanced to make gaining Classes easier. This means that reaching Legendary status in any Milestone Alignment will also be significantly easier, as it will be easier to earn a total of 50 Classes from any of the Milestones within the Alignment.

Any Milestone progress you have already earned will automatically be converted, so you can continue to earn progress and any relevant Milestone Classes will go up when these changes are applied.

Trinket Unlock Adjustments

The number of classes required to buy the four tiers of Trinkets will be significantly reduced. Previously the four tiers were unlocked at Class 10, 20, 50 and 100. These will now be unlocked at Class 5, 10, 20 and 30.

Saving Your Ship Cosmetics

The cost for saving cosmetics to your ship will now be free!

Trinket and Decoration Pricing Adjustments

The gold cost for ship decorations and Trinkets will be significantly reduced.

Captain’s Cosmetics Adjustments

The gold cost for Captain’s ship cosmetics will be significantly reduced. This includes Captain’s Tables, Drapes, Beds, Rugs, Chairs, Chandeliers and Curtains.

Any Captain’s Beds that unlock through Milestones also now unlock at Class 2 instead of Class 5, so you can rest on plush bedding earlier in your journey!

Captain’s Week

All the above adjustments are permanent additions, and they will be introduced in June with a special Captain’s Week Event. During this event, you will be able to earn cosmetic rewards and enjoy a gold multiplier when playing on Captained ships.

Gilded Sovereign Captain’s Table

To honour Captains of high standing, we are awarding an exclusive cosmetic, the Gilded Sovereign Captain’s Table, to any player who accomplishes certain Pirate Milestones before Captain’s Week begins in June.

You will automatically be awarded this exclusive reward if you have earned Class 50 in any individual Pirate Milestone from The Gold Seeker, The Voyager, The Emissary, The Hunter, The Feared, The Guardian or The Servant, with the exception of the following specific Milestones: Nautical Miles Sailed, Days at Sea, Provisions Cooked, Provisions Eaten and Cannons Fired.

We’re giving you advance notice of these changes so you can plan your adventures and spending at the Outposts accordingly!

See you on the seas, Captains!